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Today's Date: 23 May 2022

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Under 17 Women
(We have been advised by UKA that performances in mixed gender events are not eligible for record purposes nor as qualifying performances for championships.
Therefore we will show such performances in italics with an mx suffix. Please note that this does not apply to the Under-13 Age Groups because there are no records for them.)

Athletes are requested to ensure that their county affiliation is shown correctly on Power of Ten.
 100 Metres (Standard: 13.50 )
 11.84/+0.91Charmont Webster-Tape Sutton&DistrictGateshead11 Jul
 12.12w/+4.03ALucy Hoad Sutton&DistrictLittle Marlow19 Jul
 12.21/+0.95Lucy Hoad Sutton&DistrictGateshead11 Jul
 12.27w/+2.41ATosin Salami Croydon HReading16 May
 12.32ATosin SalamiCroydon HHarrow18 Apr
 12.32ANatasha Alfred Herne Hill HEton25 Apr
 12.33AMegan Hildrew Guildford&GGuildford6 Jun
 12.42BJemma Wood Guildford&GGuildford6 Jun
 12.47w/+2.62h1Kristal AwuahHerne Hill HKingston23 May
 12.52AEleanor Grove Guildford&GBracknell12 Apr
 12.52BRezan Lawal Sutton&DistrictPortsmouth31 May
 12.53/-1.94Olivia OkoliGuildford&GKingston13 Jun
 12.59/+0.95Kristal AwuahHerne Hill HKingston23 May
 12.71BDenisha Marshall-Brown Herne Hill HTooting Bec10 May
 12.74AAmy BrownWoking ACPoole16 May
 12.71nsSophia HenlonSutton&DistrictPortsmouth31 May
 12.74w/+2.22h2Nicole OkologumeSutton&DistrictKingston23 May
 12.78/-0.61BSophie Elliss Croydon HCroydon28 Jun
 12.81BNicole OkologumeSutton&DistrictAldershot15 Aug
 12.83w/+2.64h1Emily HornungWindsorSE&HKingston23 May
 12.84w/+2.63AChrissy-Marie Nangban Croydon HReading 16 May
 12.95/+1.13Devon MatherAldershotF&DBasingstoke22 Jul
 13.02BChrissy-Marie Nangban Croydon HHarrow18 Apr
 13.03nsEmily HornungWindsorSE&HGuildford6 Jun
 13.04w/+2.65h1Stephanie FisherHolland SportsKingston23 May
 13.05/+1.31r2Millie Jones Crewe&NantBirmingham26 Apr
 13.12BMichaela Green South LondonTooting Bec10 May
 13.11/+1.42BNaomi Hoosang-RobinsonCroydon HReading16 May
 13.132r1Rebecca DaviesWoking ACWoking12 Aug
 13.14/-0.53r1 Sonyce Archer Croydon HWimbledon12 Apr
 13.17/+1.84h3Paris JosephGuildford&GKingston23 May
 13.21ALohita Allen-AigbodionSouth LondonCarshalton25 Jul
 13.22mx/-1.01r6Linann ShawSouth LondonBromley10 Aug
 13.32BChloe Roddy Woking ACSouthampton18 Apr
 13.32Koni OloweunattachedEton3 Jun
 13.32ARhianna ReynoldsKingston & PolyCarshalton25 Jul
 13.30mx/0.07r4Freya JhugrooDorkingMVCrawley15 Jul
 13.42aStephanie FisherHolland SportsGuildford17 May
 13.41BOla Olufemi-KrakueCroydon HCarshalton25 Jul
 13.4mx5r2Katy-Ann McDonaldBlkhth&BromWimbledon Park5 Aug
 13.47w/+2.25h2Agatha Farlow-HoareGuildford&GKingston23 May
 13.53AEleanor GurrCamberley&DistWoking5 Jul
 13.51nsChanice GordonCroydon HCarshalton25 Jul
200 Metres (Standard: 28.00 )
25.01AJemma WoodGuildford&GCarshalton25 Jul 
25.01ATosin Salami Croydon HKingston29 Aug 
25.15/-1.61h2Charmont Webster-TapeSutton&DistrictKingston24 May 
25.18/-1.01Eleanor Grove Guildford&GKingston24 May 
25.25/-0.22ALucy Hoad Sutton&DistrictLittle Marlow19 Jul 
25.59/-0.91r5Natasha Alfred Herne Hill HTooting Bec25 Jul 
25.91AOlivia OkoliGuildford&GHastings20 Jun 
25.92ARezan Lawal Sutton&DistrictPortsmouth4 Jul 
26.23AElectra Lanyon Belgrave HCambridge31 May 
26.21AChrissy-Marie NangbanCroydon HCarshalton25 Jul 
26.34ASophie Elliss Croydon HHarrow18 Apr 
26.41/-1.06Nicole OkologumeSutton&DistrictKingston24 May 
26.51AJade Lindo Guildford&GSouthampton18 Apr 
26.52AMica Powell Kingston & PolyPoole16 May 
26.53/-0.84h1Kristal Awuah Herne Hill HKingston24 May 
26.54/+1.84r1Millie Jones Crewe&NantBirmingham26 Apr 
26.63ADevon MatherAldershotF&DHorsham31 May 
26.71BSophia Henlon Sutton&DistrictHastings20 Jun 
26.7/1.2HStephanie Fisher Holland SportsReading27 Jun 
26.79/-0.33ASonyce Archer Croydon HReading16 May 
26.93AChloe Roddy Woking ACSouthampton18 Apr 
27.01AAmy Brown Woking ACSalisbury12 Jul 
27.061r2Katy-Ann McDonaldBlkhth&BromWimbledon5 Aug 
27.13ACarla Doukrou Belgrave HEastbourne25 Apr 
27.12ATahirah Pearson-ThomasHerne Hill HWalton27 Jun 
27.11ALohita Allen-Aigbodion South LondonCouldson22 Aug 
27.12/+1.81Lucy SumnerHolland SportsCarshalton12 Sep 
27.21BLois Drummie E GrinsteadHastings25 Apr 
27.21BChanice GordonCroydon HCarshalton25 Jul 
27.28/-2.52h2Maeve McMillanunattachedKingston13 Jun 
27.33BNaomi Hoosang-Robinson Croydon HHarrow18 Apr 
27.30/+0.64BGodgift Nnadozie Cambridge HReading16 May 
27.55/0.27r4Hannah TompkinsHerne Hill HWatford29 Jul 
27.59HAlexa EichelmannWoking ACBedford19 Sep 
27.623Amelia Thorpe Walton ACCrawley5 Apr 
27.65/+1.12r6Catrin MurphyBlkhth&BromTooting Bec27 Jul 
27.66/+1.8HRhianna ReynoldsKingston & PolyCarshalton12 Sep 
27.74AAgatha Farlow-HoareGuildford&GPoole16 May 
27.84BOla Olufemi-Krakue Croydon HHarrow18 Apr 
27.81AParis JosephGuildford&GGuildford17 May 
27.81Michaela GreenSouth LondonKingston29 Aug 
27.85/+1.14r6Denisha Marshall-Brown Herne Hill HTooting Bec25 Jul 
27.9/+1.4HSophie DowleCrawley ACReading27 Jun 
27.96/+1.9HMilla MckenzieBelgrave HCarshalton12 Sep 
28.0/+1.4HOlivia DowleCrawley ACReading27 Jun 
28.04BEleanor GurrCamberley&DistKingston28 Jun 
28.00mx/+0.95r3Kate PurserBlkhth&BromBromley10 Aug 
 300 Metres (Standard: 45.50 )
 39.31AEleanor Grove Guildford&GBasingstoke2 Aug
 39.491AJemma WoodGuildford&GLittle Marlow19 Jul
 41.483Mica Powell Kingston & PolyKingston13 Jun
 41.761r3Lucy Hoad Sutton&DistrictCrawley21 Mar
 41.943AKaty-Ann McDonaldBlkhth&BromHendon28 Jun
 42.21AJade Lindo Guildford&GSouthampton18 Apr
 42.22AChrissy-Marie Nangban Croydon HCrawley26 Jul
 42.93Devon MatherAldershotF&DReading13 Jun
 43.04Lohita Allen-Aigbodion South LondonTooting Bec10 May
 43.15Electra Lanyon Belgrave HTooting Bec10 May
 43.302Hannah Tompkins Herne Hill HBattersea Park13 Jun
 43.41AFrancesca Forbes Sutton&DistrictCarshalton25 Jul
 43.434Maddie Shaw Herne Hill HTooting Bec4 May
 43.461BCatrin MurphyBlkhth&BromBromley26 Jul
 43.515h1Freya JhugrooDorkingMVKingston23 May
 43.73AAimee Earlam Guildford&GGuildford10 May
 43.782r3Nicole Okologume Sutton&DistrictCrawley21 Mar
 43.93ARezan LawalSutton&DistrictKingston29 Aug
 44.02AStephanie FisherHolland SportsDartford26 Jul
 44.091BNaomi Hoosang-RobinsonCroydon HCroydon28 Jun
 44.162Sophie DowleCrawley ACCrawley31 Aug
 44.45Georgia Langfield Guildford&GKingston28 Jun
 44.43BIsabella Busa Kingston & PolyKingston28 Jun
 44.64AAgatha Farlow-Hoare Guildford&GPoole16 May
 44.74AHebe Morley-FletcherHerne Hill HBedford4 Jul
 44.72ARachel WoodsWoking ACSalisbury12 Jul
 44.745Laura SmithSutton RCrawley31 Aug
 44.85Eleanor GurrCamberley&DistPortsmouth13 Jun
 44.994r3Sophia Henlon Sutton&DistrictCrawley21 Mar
 45.01ACharlotte DannattCamberley&DistWoking5 Jul
 45.044R2Kate Purser Blkhth&BromTonbridge31 Aug
400 Metres (Standard: 67.00 )
57.91mx2r2Katy-Ann McDonaldBlkhth&BromBromley10 Aug 
58.883AKaty-Ann McDonaldBlkhth&BromStevenage18 Apr 
59.10mx1r2Eleanor GroveGuildford&GWoking12 Aug 
60.24mx3r3Mica PowellKingston & PolyMile End3 Aug 
60.51AMica PowellKingston & PolyWimbledon20 Jun 
61.14AAimee EarlamGuildford&GEton25 Apr 
62.01BDevon MatherAldershotF&DAldershot28 Jun 
62.373AJoanna BoxallCrawley ACReading16 May 
62.61BZoe TompkinsHerne Hill HGuildford6 Jun 
62.62Isabella BusaKingston & PolyEwell22 Jul 
63.23AChrissy-Marie NangbanCroydon HDartford15 Aug 
64.62AAmelia MaguireKingston & PolyKingston15 Aug 
65.39mx3r1Anousha WardleyReigate PrioryTonbridge7 Jul 
65.43Rebecca KeddieKingston & PolyWalton3 Jun 
65.51nsSecoura GrimEpsom & EwellEwell22 Jul 
65.65mx1r4Laura SmithSutton&DistrictCrawley15 Jul 
65.94AAlexa EichelmannWoking ACHarrow31 May 
66.71BNia KellyWoking ACHarrow31 May 
 800 Metres (Standard: 2:35.00 )
 2:06.451Katy-Ann McDonaldBlkhth&BromEltham24 Jun
 2:13.601Mollie O'SullivanKingston & PolyAshford16 Aug
 2:14.09mx4r2Saskia MillardHerne Hill HTooting Bec25 Jul
 2:16.3610r1Saskia MillardHerne Hill HBromley8 Jun
 2.16.74BMaddie Shaw Herne Hill HTooting Bec10 May
 2:17.51ATabitha Bowden AldershotF&DAldershot28 Jun
 2:18.31ACharlotte Dannatt Camberley&DistBasingstoke2 Aug
 2:20.263Sophie DowleCrawley ACErith20 Jun
 2:20.71AJoanna Boxall Crawley ACPortsmouth25 Apr
 2:21.55mx2rHZoe TompkinsHerne Hill HEltham22 Jul
 2:22.224Zoe Tompkins Herne Hill HBattersea Park13 Jun
 2:23.25AAimee Earlam Guildford&GGuildford4 Jul
 2:23.71BKate Brown Herne Hill HGuildford4 Jul
 2:24.22ABea AllanDorkingMVWalton27 Jun
 2:24.53AAmy Morphy Guildford&GGuildford10 May
 2:24.81AHannah TompkinsHerne Hill HCarshalton25 Jul
 2:25.122ACharlotte CloverNewburyAldershot19 Jul
 2:25.197Evie Higton AldershotF&DErith20 Jun
 2:25.41BLowri Morris DorkingMVWalton27 Jun
 2:26.02AIsabelle EllisHerculesWimbCarshalton25 Jul
 2:26.17Julia Tomczak South LondonTooting Bec10 May
 2:27.12AIsabella Busa Kingston & PolyCarshalton25 Jul
 2:27.524r2Anousha Wardley Reigate PrioryEton4 Apr
 2:27.603Clara Grinyer Reigate PrioryCrawley5 Apr
 2:28.084Olivia DowleCrawley ACCrawley5 Apr
 2:29.112h1Amelia MaguireKingston & PolyKingston23 May
 2:29.454Sarah HeddleAldershotF&DKingston13 Jun
 2:29.69Rebecca Keddie Kingston & PolyTooting Bec10 May
 2:30.08HAlexa EichelmannWoking ACBedford9 Aug
 2:30.824h1Emma JardineEpsom & EwellKingston23 May
 2:31.42BSorcha Taylor Guildford&GGuildford10 May
 2:31.82BMorgan MorrisonEpsom & EwellPerivale15 Aug
 2:32.955h1Eloise BullReigate PrioryKingston23 May
 2:33.25HStephanie FisherHolland SportsCarshalton13 Sep
 2:33.365Naomi WittsEpsom & EwellKingston13 Jun
 2:34.056Charlotte ColeGuildford&GKingston13 Jun
 2:34.61HMilla Mckenzie Belgrave HCarshalton13 Sep
 2:34.83AFiona WilsonSutton&DistrictWalton27 Jun
1500 Metres (Standard: 5:25.00 )
4:22.964BKaty-Ann McDonald Blkhth&BromWatford27 Jun 
4:34.452Niamh BrownAldershotF&DSolihull22 Aug 
4:38.331Eugenie CockleAldershotF&DKingston23 May 
4:39.731Mollie O'SullivanKingston & PolyKingston12 Jun 
4:41.3410CTabitha BowdenAldershotF&DWatford27 Jun 
4:43.713Charlotte Dannatt Camberley&DistKingston23 May 
4:50.91BCharlotte CloverNewburyParliament Hill20 Jun 
4:54.394Kate Brown Herne Hill HKingston23 May 
4:55.29mx8r4Zoe TompkinsHerne Hill HWimbledon Park5 Aug 
4:58.91ABeatrice AllanDorkingMVCarshalton25 Jul 
4:59.074Jessica RobinsonGuildford&GKingston13 Jun 
5:01.52BEvie Higton AldershotF&DAldershot28 Jun 
5:02.033Isabelle Ellis HerculesWimbWimbledon12 Apr 
5:03.02Maddie Shaw Herne Hill HCoulsdon18 Apr 
5:06.31ASarah HeddleAldershotF&DSwindon7 Jun 
5:06.936Morgan MorrisonEpsom & EwellKingston23 May 
5:08.41ALowri MorrisDorkingMVCoulsdon22 Aug 
5:12.46AAmy MorphyGuildford&GGuildford6 Jun 
5:13.527Sammy Bonny AldershotF&DKingston23 May 
5:13.676Julia Tomczak South LondonWimbledon12 Apr 
5:13.846Tabatha DaveyAldershotF&DKingston13 Jun 
5:14.02ARebecca KeddieKingston & PolyCarshalton25 Jul 
5:14.118Amy RatcliffeAldershotF&DKingston23 May 
5:16.40mx5r2Isabella BusaKingston & PolyWimbledon Park5 Aug 
5:16.547Amaya JonesEpsom & EwellKingston13 Jun 
5:16.938Eleanor KeelerunattachedKingston13 Jun 
5:20.42AEloise BullReigate PrioryWalton27 Jun 
5:21.049Tatiana CookeHerne Hill HKingston23 May 
5:24.744r3Olivia DowleCrawley ACCrawley31 Aug 
 3000 Metres (Standard: 13:00.00 )
 9:54.392Niamh BrownAldershotF&DSolihull29 Aug
 10:10.221Eugenie Cockle AldershotF&DKingston24 May
 10:20.1013r1Charlotte Dannatt Camberley&DistWatford1 Jul
 10:33.51Charlotte CloverunattachedBracknell15 Jul
 10:43.753Jessica Robinson Guildford&GErith20 Jun
 11.02.42ANancy ScottAldershotF&DAldershot28 Jun
 11:06.45Bea Allan DorkingMVLittle Marlow5 Jul
 11:16.58mx17Daisy Setyabule Herne Hill HTooting Bec4 Apr
 11:16.95mx18Tatiana Cooke Herne Hill HTooting Bec4 Apr
 11:27.125Sarah Heddle AldershotF&DKingston24 May
 11:37.51Morgan MorrisonEpsom & EwellEwell24 Jun
 12:10.22Amaya JonesEpsom & EwellEwell24 Jun
 12:28.21AScarlett WalkerKingston & PolyKingston28 Jun
1500 Metres Steeplechase (Standard: 7:30.00 )
5:38.904AOlivia DowleCrawley ACReading16 May 
5:57.362BSammy BonnyAldershotF&DLittle Marlow16 May 
6:50.02BRachel WoodsWoking ACWorthing4 Jul 
 80 Metres Hurdles (76.2cm) (Standard: 14.00 )
 11.28/+1.21Sophie EllissCroydon HAshford16 Aug
 11.51AMegan Hildrew Guildford&GGuildford10 May
 11.92/+1.24Lohita Allen-Aigbodion South LondonAshford16 Aug
 12.24/1.83ASonyce Archer Croydon HReading16 May
 12.34w/+2.62Amelia ThorpeWalton ACBracknell28 Mar
 12.38/+0.12Amelia ThorpeWalton ACKingston23 May
 12.42/-0.5HAlexa EichelmannWoking ACBedford19 Sep
 12.51ALois Drummie E GrinsteadSouthampton18 Apr
 12.72ALucy Sumner Holland SportsCarshalton25 Jul
 13.01ARhianna Reynolds Kingston & PolyWalton27 Jun
 13.0/+1.3HRebecca LoomesDorkingMVReading27 Jun
 13.1PStephanie FisherHolland SportsCrawley27 May
 13.15/-2.1HMilla McKenzie Belgrave HBedford8 Aug
 13.22ANia KellyWoking ACPoole16 May
 13.42Anousha WardleyReigate PrioryKingsotn29 Aug
 13.52/-1.23h2Jessie TaylorAldershotF&DKingston23 May
 13.71AKyah Ellis Woking ACSandown26 Apr
 13.92Secoura Grim Epsom & EwellTooting Bec10 May
300 Metres Hurdles (76.2cm) (Standard: 60.00 )
46.82Amelia Thorpe Walton ACErith20 Jun 
47.132Lois Drummie E GrinsteadKingston13 Jun 
48.143BKate PurserBlkhth&BromBromley26 Jul 
48.73AAgatha Farlow-HoareGuildford&GGuildford4 Jul 
49.21ALohita Allen-AigbodionSouth LondonGuildford17 May 
49.31ASecoura GrimEpsom & EwellKingston29 Aug 
49.41AEmily Planeta PaineEpsom & EwellWalton27 Jun 
49.51AAnousha Wardley Reigate PrioryCarshalton25 Jul 
49.604Rachel WoodsWoking ACKingston24 May 
50.42AAmy Morphy Guildford&GGuildford17 May 
50.51ALucy SumnerHolland SportsGuildford17 May 
52.503BSonyce Archer Croydon HHarrow18 Apr 
52.626Zara HashmiHerculesWimbKingston24 May 
53.134AJessica TaylorAldershotF&DHorspath18 Apr 
53.557Monika Dochan AldershotF&DKingston24 May 
54.93ASophie HayCamberley&DistBasingstoke2 Aug 
55.52BLeila LegrisKingston & PolyWalton27 Jun 
59.22AJessica WestleyKingston & PolyGuildford17 May 
59.34AEllie HopkinsWalton ACGuildford17 May 
 400 Metres Hurdles (76.2cm) (Standard: 85.00 )
 71.632B Kate PurserBlkhth&BromBirmingham6 Sep
 73.52ASecoura GrimEpsom & EwellPerivale15 Aug
 74.93ARachel WoodsWoking ACWorthing4 Jul
 76.831BEmma JardineEpsom & EwellHendon20 Jun
 79.43AMaya MagnayKingston & PolyTwickenham25 Apr
High Jump (Standard: 1.40m )
1.63HAlexa Eichelmann Woking ACReading27 Jun 
1.62HMilla Mckenzie Belgrave HBedford8 Aug 
1.601Breagha Campbell Herne Hill HWimbledon12 Apr 
1.591Rhianna Reynolds Kingston & PolyTooting Bec4 May 
1.551ACarys Aspden Camberley&DistWinchester14 Jun 
1.551ARebecca LoomesDorkingMVCarshalton25 Jul 
1.551ALucy SumnerHolland SportsCarshalton25 Jul 
1.513Florie CraddockHerne Hill HKingston23 May 
1.511APaige HewittWoking ACWoking5 Jul 
1.502Olivia DowleCrawley ACReading16 May 
1.501BLeila LegrisKingston & PolyWalton27 Jun 
1.471Alex LavanunattachedKingston13 Jun 
1.47HAnousha WardleyReigate PrioryCarshalton12 Sep 
1.454Holly Blackburn Camberley&DistBasingstoke4 Apr 
1.452BChloe EdwardsGuildford&GGuildford4 Jul 
1.432AStephanie FisherHolland SportsBracknell20 Jun 
1.406Jessie TaylorAldershotF&DEton4 Apr 
1.402AAmelia MaguireKingston & PolyCarshalton25 Jul 
 Pole Vault (Standard: 1.80m )
 3.701Shaye EmmettSutton&DistrictLee Valley16 May
 3.406Alexa Eichelmann Woking ACWoking12 Aug
 3.102AGemma Everson Guildford&GGuildford10 May
 3.001AMadeleine SketchleySutton&DistrictWalton27 Jun
 2.802Olivia DowleCrawley ACKingston24 May
 2.753Maryanne EveWoking ACKingston28 Jun
 2.651Florie Craddock Herne Hill HTooting Bec4 May
 2.505Hannah Gleed Herne Hill HKingston24 May
 2.504Anousha WardleyReigate PrioryWoking6 Sep
 2.401AJessica Westley Kingston & PolyTwickenham25 Apr
 2.306Alice Smith Camberley&DistKingston28 Jun
 2.201BMaya Magnay Kingston & PolyTwickenham25 Apr
Long Jump (Standard: 4.40m )
5.331AMegan Hildrew Guildford&GBracknell12 Apr 
5.221ARhianna Reynolds Kingston & PolyLewes31 May 
5.17HAlexa Eichelmann Woking ACReading28 Jun 
5.121ASonyce Archer Croydon HEltham20 Jun 
5.061Emily HornungWindsorSE&HKingston13 Jun 
4.971AOla Olufemi-Krakue Croydon HKingston12 Aug 
4.961Kyah Ellis Woking ACBracknell28 Mar 
4.89/+0.3HLucy SumnerHolland SportsCarshalton13 Sep 
4.85/+0.4HMilla Mckenzie Belgrave HCarshalton13 Sep 
4.81/+0.3HRebecca LoomesDorkingMVCarshalton13 Sep 
4.79PStephanie Fisher Holland Sportscrawley27 May 
4.752Jessie TaylorAldershotF&DKingston13 Jun 
4.74POlivia DowleCrawley ACCrawley27 May 
4.701AMaryanne EveWoking ACSalisbury12 Jul 
4.663Chloe HarvellCamberley&DistKingston13 Jun 
4.652APetra KoneKingston & PolyKingston28 Jun 
4.603AChloe Roddy Woking ACSouthampton18 Apr 
4.602Koni OloweunattachedEton3 Jun 
4.543Amelia Thorpe Walton ACBracknell28 Mar 
4.524Chantal MurphyunattachedKingston13 Jun 
4.494ADevon MatherAldershotF&DBracknell12 Apr 
4.48/+1.3HSecoura GrimEpsom & EwellCarshalton13 Sep 
4.464AHolly Blackburn Camberley&DistGuildford10 May 
4.451BPaige HewittWoking ACWoking5 Jul 
4.445AKristen Roche Camberley&DistBracknell12 Apr 
4.444ASky Udondem Herne Hill HGuildford6 Jun 
4.415AAgatha Farlow-Hoare Guildford&GEton25 Apr 
 Triple Jump (Standard: 8.00m )
 11.371ARhianna Reynolds Kingston & PolyHendon1 Aug
 11.331AMegan Hildrew Guildford&GEton25 Apr
 10.63/+0.72Kyah Ellis Woking ACKingston24 May
 10.462Ola Olufemi-KrakueCroydon HKingston29 Aug
 10.213AJulia Doukrou Belgrave HEastbourne25 Apr
 10.161Godgift Nnadozie Cambridge HHarrow18 Apr
 10.101BSky Udondem Herne Hill HWalton27 Jun
 9.973AMaryanne EveWoking ACBrighton26 Jul
 9.933Lauren Hunt-WilliamsunattachedKingston13 Jun
 9.904Hebe Morley-FletcherHerne Hill HBedford4 Jul
 9.582BEmily HornungWindsorSE&HGuildford6 Jun
 9.57w/+3.15Jessica RobinsonGuildford&GKingston24 May
 9.50/+0.87Agatha Farlow-Hoare Guildford&GKingston24 May
 9.501Amaya JonesEpsom & EwellEwell24 Jun
 9.474ACarys Aspden Camberley&DistBasingstoke2 Aug
 9.411AJessica RobinsonGuildford&GGuildford17 May
 9.384Kitty WaterworthunattachedKingston13 Jun
 9.253Alice SmithCamberley&DistPoole16 May
 9.163Sophie DimblebyKingston & PolyKingston29 Aug
 9.085Hatty TagartReigate PrioryKingston13 Jun
 8.822BMorgan MorrisonEpsom & EwellPerivale15 Aug
Shot Put (3kg) (Standard: 7.00m )
12.936Denisha Marshall-Brown Herne Hill HGateshead10 Jul 
12.411Sophie Mace Walton ACGilliingham18 Apr 
12.06HAlexa Eichelmann Woking ACBedford19 Sep 
11.472Godgift Nnadozie Cambridge HReading16 May 
10.972Jody Edwards Kingston & PolyTooting Bec4 May 
10.632Charlotte AdcockunattachedKingston13 Jun 
9.923Emily ThompsonHolland SportsKingston13 Jun 
9.743AEleanor Grove Guildford&GBracknell12 Apr 
9.731Amelia Thorpe Walton ACCrawley21 Mar 
9.734Philippa JohnstonHorshamBSHKingston24 May 
9.632Anya VlassakWoking ACWoking12 Aug 
9.541ACoralie MidoCroydon HKingston29 Aug 
9.493Aliyah Headley Croydon HCroydon28 Jun 
9.324Sophie O'NeillGuildford&GKingston13 Jun 
9.291AEmily PorterGuildford&GGuildford17 May 
9.133Saskia Millard Herne Hill HTooting Bec4 May 
8.933Elizabeth Joannides-GrayWoking ACWoking6 Sep 
8.725Shula NormanunattachedKingston13 Jun 
8.662ALohita Allen-Aigbodion South LondonGuildford17 May 
8.64HRebecca LoomesDorkingMVReading27 Jun 
8.623AKyah Ellis Woking ACSandown26 Apr 
8.374BJemma Wood Guildford&GGuildford10 May 
8.371BJade LindoGuildford&GGuildford17 May 
8.354Lucy Sumner Holland SportsGilliingham18 Apr 
8.237AMegan Mawer Camberley&DistGuildford10 May 
8.20HLeila LegrisKingston & PolyCarshalton12 Sep 
8.19HMilla MckenzieBelgrave HBedford8 Aug 
8.075Maddie Shaw Herne Hill HCoulsdon18 Apr 
8.065Jessie TaylorAldershotF&DAldershot28 Jun 
8.017Eleanor Frame Guildford&GSouthampton18 Apr 
7.828Tori Rose EllisWoking ACBournemouth13 Sep 
7.45HAnousha WardleyReigate PrioryCarshalton12 Sep 
7.38HStephanie FisherHolland SportsReading27 Jun 
7.133AAlexandra WoodsGuildford&GKingston29 Aug 
7.036Ailish StraverWoking ACWoking6 Sep 
 Discus (1kg) (Standard: 18.00m )
 47.351Sophie Mace Walton ACAshford16 Aug
 32.941Denisha Marshall-Brown Herne Hill HTooting Bec27 Sep
 31.922Frankie PettitunattachedKingston13 Jun
 27.472Philippa JohnstonHorshamBSHHorsham9 Aug
 25.904Olayemi FoworaunattachedKingston13 Jun
 25.292AElizabeth Joannides-GrayWoking ACWoking15 Aug
 24.246Katie RichardsunattachedKingston13 Jun
 23.845AMegan Mawer Camberley&DistBracknell12 Apr
 22.721AAnya Vlassak Woking ACWoking7 Jun
 22.564Jody Edwards Kingston & PolyKingston24 May
 20.425AMegan RabyCamberley&DistPoole16 May
 20.273ARianna Saunders Sutton&DistrictPortsmouth31 May
 20.241BLeila LegrisKingston & PolyKingston15 Aug
 20.075ARachel Woods Woking ACSouthampton18 Apr
 19.712Saskia Millard Herne Hill HCoulsdon18 Apr
 19.591BRhianna Reynolds unattachedLewes31 May
 19.517Sophia FreeKingston & PolyBattersea Park13 Jun
 19.481AParis Joseph Guildford&GGuildford17 May
 19.272BJessie Walters Sutton&DistrictPortsmouth31 May
 18.412BAlexa EichelmannWoking ACPoole16 May
 18.325Tori Rose EllisWoking ACWoking12 Aug
Hammer (3kg) (Standard: 15.00m )
54.371ASophie Mace Walton ACHendon1 Aug 
36.616Aliyah Headley Croydon HErith20 Jun 
35.632Jody EdwardsKingston & PolyKingston24 May 
35.515Eleanor Frame Guildford&GSouthampton18 Apr 
34.922Jessica Westley Kingston & PolyKingston11 Apr 
29.031Phoebe EmbureySouth LondonTooting Bec29 Aug 
27.124Elizabeth Joannides-GrayWoking ACKingston13 Jun 
26.113Stephanie FisherHolland SportsDartford26 Jul 
24.015Ailish StraverWoking ACBrighton26 Jul 
23.836Zoe OshilajaCamberley&DistBracknell28 Mar 
21.262ARianna Saunders Sutton&DistrictGuildford17 May 
21.115Sophie DimblebyKingston & PolyPoole16 May 
21.114Tori Rose EllisWoking ACBournemouth13 Sep 
21.061BJessie WaltersSutton&DistrictKingston29 Aug 
19.921BRebecca KeddieKingston & PolyCarshalton25 Jul 
17.061ASophie Hay Camberley&DistEton12 Sep 
16.633nsAbigail BullEpsom & EwellEwell22 Jul 
15.052BAdana Iweanya WindsorSE&HGuildford10 May 
 Javelin (500g) (Standard: 20.00m )
 34.791BRachel Woods Woking ACSouthampton18 Apr
 33.50HAlexa Eichelmann Woking ACReading28 Jun
 33.052AEmily Porter Guildford&GBracknell12 Apr
 32.982Sophie Dimbleby Kingston & PolyKingston13 Jun
 29.552Tatiana FoggittHerne Hill HBattersea Park13 Jun
 29.053Issy Powell-DiamanounattachedBattersea Park13 Jun
 29.054Emma LawrenceSutton&DistrictKingston13 Jun
 28.773AAlexandra Woods Guildford&GBasingstoke2 Aug
 28.071ARianna Saunders Sutton&DistrictKingston29 Aug
 27.833Amelia Thorpe Walton ACBracknell28 Mar
 26.746Lois Drummie E GrinsteadSouthampton18 Apr
 25.251BJessica RobinsonGuildford&GGuildford17 May
 23.945Holly CastleunattachedKingston13 Jun
 23.111Denisha Marshall-Brown Herne Hill HTooting Bec10 May
 22.6814Sophia FreeKingston & PolyBedford14 Jul
 21.962Florie Craddock Herne Hill HTooting Bec4 May
 21.33HRebecca LoomesDorkingMVReading28 Jun
 20.653Saskia Millard Herne Hill HTooting Bec4 May
 20.454BKyah EllisWoking ACLittle Marlow18 Jul
Heptathlon (U17 events) (Standard: 2750pts )
4544pts1Alexa EichelmannWoking ACReading28 Jun 
3541pts18Milla MckenzieBelgrave HBedford9 Aug 
3361pts16Rebecca LoomesDorkingMVReading28 Jun 
3335pts18Stephanie FisherHolland SportsReading28 Jun 
3257pts20Olivia DowleCrawley ACReading28 Jun 
2965pts22Sophie DowleCrawley ACReading28 Jun 

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