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Today's Date: 23 May 2022

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Under 15 Girls
(We have been advised by UKA that performances in mixed gender events are not eligible for record purposes nor as qualifying performances for championships.
Therefore we will show such performances in italics with an mx suffix. Please note that this does not apply to the Under-13 Age Groups because there are no records for them.)

Athletes are requested to ensure that their county affiliation is shown correctly on Power of Ten.
 100 Metres (Standard: 13.80 )
 12.41ADavina BoatengSouth LondonCouldson22 Aug
 12.43/+1.69r1Lakeisha Owusu-Junior Herne Hill HTooting Bec4 May
 12.52AMariam Ojobowale Croydon HGuildford17 May
 12.51APippa Earley Kingston & PolyGuildford17 May
 12.52AChyna Russell Sutton&DistrictPortsmouth18 Jul
 12.6/-3.01Georgia PearsonCamberley&DistPortsmouth13 Jun
 12.61ARhiannon Gayle Croydon HWalton27 Jun
 12.66/-2.51r2.3Angel Asare Herne Hill HNewham9 Aug
 12.72AMarcia Sey Croydon HBromley30 May
 12.70/+1.51Olivia Sinclair Herne Hill HBattersea Park13 Jun
 12.74/+1.52Ore Adamson Herne Hill HBattersea Park13 Jun
 12.83ATallulah McKinlay Guildford&GPortsmouth21 Jun
 12.85/-0.91Safyre Forrester JacksonSutton&DistrictWoking6 Sep
 12.901BMarcey WinterGuildford&GPortsmouth21 Jun
 12.96/-0.93Tumininu Araga Woking ACWoking6 Sep
 13.01nsElla Dennis Herne Hill HGuildford6 Jun
 13.001BChira Hussey Herne Hill HGuildford4 Jul
 13.01nsEmily Read Woking ACPortsmouth18 Jul
 13.07/+1.73r5Manon-Suzanne Bukasa-Muteba Herne Hill HLee Valley27 May
 13.09/+1.62BInes-Karel Zepa-D'AbouiCroydon HCroy18 Jul
 13.13AHollie Heapes Walton ACCarshalton2 May
 13.12BKatie Simpson Guildford&GGuildford17 May
 13.13AIsabel Hornung Reigate PrioryGuildford17 May
 13.11ns2Kayla Bowley Croydon HBromley30 May
 13.12AMallory CluleyHerne Hill HWalton27 Jun
 13.18/+1.64r9Barbara Folayan Herne Hill HTooting Bec4 May
 13.22nsMary Beth YeboahCroydon HGuildford17 May
 13.22BAmelia Bell Kingston & PolyGuildford17 May
 13.22BJasmine Woodroffe Kingston & PolyGuildford30 May
 13.23India DimentBelgrave HMile end16 Jun
 13.23AIndia DryburghWalton ACHorsham21 Jun
 13.21BHolly PattenAldershotF&DPortsmouth5 Jul
 13.24AAmy Braid Woking ACPortsmouth18 Jul
 13.33nsEsinam Dake Croydon HGuildford17 May
 13.31ns1Serena MitchellCroydon HBromley30 May
 13.31BSaffron TuckSouth LondonCouldson22 Aug
 13.36/-1.92Nayana BrownCroydon HAshford13 Jun
 13.38/-1.02ns2Chloe Howard Croydon HCroydon18 Jul
 13.43Dana Frankland Walton ACTooting Bec10 May
 13.44nsRenae Jenoure-JacksonCroydon HGuildford17 May
 13.44BEleanor BartleKingston & PolyPortsmouth21 Jun
 13.48/-2.67s1Ayse Hussein Belgrave HKingston24 May
 13.48/+2.04AEvelyne Adu-PokuBelgrave HMile End21 Jun
 13.482r2Freya ChallisWoking ACWoking12 Aug
 13.55ACorinna Smith Camberley&DistBracknell12 Apr
 13.53ALeah ChristmasEpsom&EwellGuildford17 May
 13.53ns1Maia AndersonGuildford&GGuildford4 Jul
 13.52ns1Pollyanna Wright Guildford&GGuildford4 Jul
 13.55AZoraya AleyideinoBelgrave HParliament Hill18 Jul
 13.54BAimee MattingleyWoking ACPortsmouth18 Jul
 13.52ns1Shanelle WalkerHerne Hill HEton22 Aug
 13.52BJess GilliverAldershotF&DEton12 Sep
 13.56/+1.34r5Olivia ChessellSutton&DistrictCrawley15 Jul
 13.59/+1.42h3Samara InnverarityHerne Hill HKingston24 May
 13.62ns5Elle Borissow Guildford&GGuildford10 May
 13.64ANicole CowleyWalton ACGuildford17 May
 13.65AMaddy NunanHolland SportsGuildford24 May
 13.64ATina Bonsu Sutton&DistrictAldershot30 May
 13.6/-0.95h1Annalise Cogoli-BelKingston & PolyKingston13 Jun
 13.65AEleanor ChurchKingston & PolyPortsmouth21 Jun
 13.63ns1Rosa WebbCamberley&DistPortsmouth21 Jun
 13.69/-0.85h5Darcy Bourne Kingston & PolyKingston24 May
 13.73BAmy Counihan Kingston & PolyUxbridge2 May
 13.71ns8Sophie Dove Camberley&DistGuildford10 May
 13.77nsMonique AkinbileCroydon HGuidlford17 May
 13.76APoppy RussellDorkingMVGuildford31 May
 13.72BMegan FrenchSouth LondonWalton27 Jun
 13.71ns4Jasmine JenkinsGuildford&GGuildford4 Jul
 13.796h2Lara DaviesGuildford&GBirmingham24 Jun
200 Metres (Standard: 29.00 )
25.41/+1.21Rhiannon Gayle Croydon HKingston23 May 
26.02ALakeisha Owusu-Junior Herne Hill HCrawley2 May 
26.01ADavina BoatengSouth LondonCoulsdon22 Aug 
26.32/+0.63AKayla BowleyCroydon HCroydon18 Jul 
26.41AChyna Russell Sutton&DistrictCarshalton25 Jul 
26.41AAlex Shaw Guildford&GBasingstoke2 Aug 
26.51BMarcia Sey Croydon HGuildford17 May 
26.62ATumininu AragaWoking ACPortsmouth18 Jul 
26.67/+1.23Chira HusseyHerne Hill HKingston23 May 
26.71BMariam Ojobowale Croydon HSouthampton2 May 
26.71AZoe Macrae Guildford&GGuildford17 May 
26.71AIndia Dryburgh Walton ACWalton27 Jun 
26.71BBarbara FolayanHerne Hill HEton18 Jul 
26.81r2Safyre Forrester JacksonSutton&DistrictHorsham9 Aug 
26.87/+1.25Nayana BrownCroydon HKingston23 May 
26.88/+1.22s2Isabel Hornung Reigate PrioryKingston23 May 
26.901ns2Ella Dennis Herne Hill HGuildf13 Jun 
26.92AAmelia Bell Kingston & PolyPortsmouth21 Jun 
26.92ATina Bonsu Sutton&DistrictWalton27 Jun 
26.91BAngel Asare Herne Hill HGuildford4 Jul 
27.03ALucy TunnacliffeKingston & PolyCarshalton25 Jul 
27.12BKatie Simpson Guildford&GGuildford17 May 
27.11BDana Frankland Walton ACHorsham21 Jun 
27.12BAmy Braid Woking ACPortsmouth18 Jul 
27.25/-1.91h2Hollie HeapesWalton ACKingston13 Jun 
27.311R4Emily ReadWoking ACWoking12 Aug 
27.33w/+3.03r4Manon-Suzanne Bukasa-MutebaHerne Hill HLee Valley27 May 
27.42BManon-Suzanne Bukasa-Muteba Herne Hill HGuildford6 Jun 
27.42Sophie DoveCamberley&DistPortsmouth21 Jun 
27.44AHolly Patten AldershotF&DPortsmouth18 Jul 
27.41nsMarcey WinterGuildford&GKingston29 Aug 
27.55AIsabella Bretherton Camberley&DistUxbridge2 May 
27.571h3Grace CromptonSutton&DistrictBirmingham24 May 
27.64AMegan FrenchSouth LondonCarshalton25 Jul 
27.75ACiara Mussey Herne Hill HEton18 Dec 
27.83BMaia AndersonGuildford&GGuildford4 Jul 
27.993r2Freya Challis Woking ACWoking12 Aug 
28.03BAmy Counihan Kingston & PolyUxbridge2 May 
28.02nsEsinam DakeCroydon HGuildford17 May 
28.05AMaddy Nunan Holland SportsWalton27 Jun 
28.02nsAimee MattingleyWoking ACWoking5 Jul 
28.12BJasmine WoodroofeKingston & PolyGuildford30 May 
28.12ACorinna Smith Camberley&DistWinchester14 Jun 
28.11ns4Jasmine JenkinsWaverley HGuildford4 Jul 
28.13BEleanor McDonnellKingston & PolyCarshalton25 Jul 
28.12BSaffron TuckSouth LondonCarshalton25 Jul 
28.11/-1.75h1Lara Benkert Guildford&GKingston13 Jun 
28.13/-2.15h3Jess GilliverAldershotF&DKingston23 May 
28.22BTallulah McKinlay Guildford&GUxbridge2 May 
28.26AEbube AkojieSutton&DistrictHorsham21 Jun 
28.21nsMonique Akinbile Croydon HWalton27 Jun 
28.32nsPollyanna Wright Guildford&GWalton27 Jun 
28.31nsDarby Begley-JonesWalton ACWalton27 Jun 
28.43nsOlivia ChessellSutton&DistrictWalton27 Jun 
28.41/0.03h1Elle BorissowGuildford&GKingston23 May 
28.54nsAntigone TymensWalton ACWalton27 Jun 
28.52Sophie GeeSutton&DistrictCarshalton23 Aug 
28.69AEleanor ChurchKingston & PolyBedford4 Jul 
28.63ns Freya SmithCamberley&DistWoking5 Jul 
28.64nsElena BarkatullahCamberley&DistWoking5 Jul 
28.76APoppy RussellDorkingMVGuildford17 May 
28.83BAbbie OwenReigate PrioryGuildford17 May 
28.86BKatie SadlerGuildford&GPortsmouth21 Jun 
28.94BKeely ElgarSutton&DistrictGuildford17 May 
28.94BTennessee ThresherSutton&DistrictHorsham21 Jun 
28.94BGeorgia Buchanan-RobinsonGuildford&GCarshalton25 Jul 
28.91BFelicity BrownEpsom&EwellKingston29 Aug 
28.91/-1.96h2Eleanor BartleKingston & PolyKingston13 Jun 
28.975r3Annabel HobdayKingston & PolyCrawley31 Aug 
 300 Metres (Standard: 47.00 )
 40.91AAlex ShawGuildford&GGuildford30 May
 41.221ARhiannon GayleCroydon HCroydon18 Jul
 43.21BNayana BrownCroydon HSouthampton2 May
 43.21AEmily ReadWoking ACPortsmouth18 Jul
 43.21BZoe MacraeGuildford&GBasingstoke2 Aug
 43.42ASophie DoveCamberley&DistPerivale18 Jul
 43.73AAnna BrophyGuildford&GStreet17 Jun
 43.73AAmelia BellKingston & PolyPerivale18 Jul
 43.91ADarby Begley-JonesWalton ACHorsham21 Jun
 44.21nsKatie HopkinsWoking ACWoking7 Jun
 44.34APollyanna Wright Guildford&GPerivale18 Jul
 44.54AAnnabel HobdayKingston & PolyGuildford30 May
 44.62BCharlotte Vaughan Walton ACPortsmouth18 Jul
 44.83AAntigone TymensWalton ACPortsmouth18 Jul
 45.191AEimear GriffinHerne Hill HLee Valley21 Jun
 45.26ALara Benkert Guildford&GPortsmouth21 Jun
 45.22BJemma HollandCamberley&DistPerivale18 Jul
 45.31BZindzi WilliamsCroydon HReading21 Jun
 45.32BJasmine JenkinsGuildford&GPortsmouth21 Jun
 45.43AEmily ReadWoking ACCarshalton2 May
 45.61ns1Elena Barkatullah Camberley&DistWoking5 Jul
 45.74AAlexandra Brown Herne Hill HEton18 Jul
 46.04BEleanor McDonnellKingston & PolyGuildford30 May
 46.15ATina BonsuSutton&DistrictCarshalton2 May
 46.22BJess GilliverAldershotF&DAldershot30 May
 46.43BEleanor BartleKingston & PolyUxbridge2 May
 46.52BFreya ChallisWoking ACCarshalton2 May
 46.54AKayah WilksHerne Hill HCrawley2 May
 46.64BMartine ScottGuildford&GPerivale18 Jul
 46.78Amelia GummerSutton&DistrictTooting Bec10 May
 46.84BAbigail WhiteAldershotF&DGuildford10 May
 46.92ns1Claudia Lance Jones Guildford&GGuildford10 May
 46.944BIsabella SetyabuleHerne Hill HLee Valley21 Jun
800 Metres (Standard: 2:40.00 )
2:09.302Alex Shaw Guildford&GBedford30 Aug 
2:13.369Kayah Wilks Herne Hill HEltham24 Jun 
2:15.81AEimear Griffin Herne Hill HStreet17 Jun 
2:18.61ACharlotte Vaughan Walton ACPortsmouth18 Jul 
2:18.92AClaudia Lance Jones Guildford&GGuildford6 Jun 
2:19.51AAlexandra Brown Herne Hill HEton18 Jul 
2.20.51AElsa PalmerDorkingMVCarshalton25 Jul 
2:20.67pPippa EarleyKingston & PolyBedford20 Sep 
2:20.861BSophie Dove Camberley&DistErith20 Jun 
2:21.494Darby Begley-Jones Walton ACKingston24 May 
2:24.144h1Abbie Owen Reigate PrioryKingston13 Jun 
2:24.26Olivia Stillman Sutton&DistrictTooting Bec10 May 
2:24.707Annabel Hobday Kingston & PolyKingston24 May 
2:25.81AKatie HopkinsWoking ACWoking7 Jun 
2:25.8911r8Amelia Casey HerculesWimbWatford15 Jul 
2:26.12ARachel Pharaoh Walton ACCarshalton25 Jul 
2:26.41nsLilyella Harland-FairweatherGuildford&GGuildford17 May 
2:26.731nsEloise O'ShaughnessyHerne Hill HLee Valley21 Jun 
2:27.01AClara SawickiWalton ACWalton27 Jun 
2:27.02AEllie Sakaria Guildford&GWalton27 Jun 
2:27.22APoppy Wardley Reigate PrioryGuildford17 May 
2:27.52BMartine Scott Guildford&GBracknell12 Apr 
2:27.53h3Antigone Tymens Walton ACKingston23 May 
2:27.852BClarissa NichollsHerne Hill HLee Valley21 Jun 
2:28.12rBKatriona Brown AldershotF&DAldershot30 May 
2:28.63ADominique CorradiSutton&DistrictGuildford17 May 
2:28.63PAmelia Clark South LondonCarshalton13 Sep 
2:28.71rAAbigail White AldershotF&DAldershot23 May 
2:29.26PAnna Brophy Guildford&GBedford20 Sep 
2:30.11Jessica MooreCroydon HCarshalton23 Aug 
2:31.02BOlivia McDonaldGuildford&GGuildford4 Jul 
2:31.51BMadeleine Pullen Reigate PrioryCarshalton25 Jul 
2:31.573r1Madeleine Orenstein HerculesWimbWimbledon12 Apr 
2:31.826h1Daisy CorbettGuildford&GKingston13 Jun 
2:31.848r5Ellie Monday AldershotF&DWatford17 Jun 
2:32.010Katie Balme Herne Hill HTooting Bec10 May 
2:32.31nsAoife Russell Moore Guildford&GGuildford30 May 
2:32.507h1Gabrielle IcmatStragglersKingston13 Jun 
2:33.43AIsabella Setyabule Herne Hill HWalton27 Jun 
2:33.52nsLola Wright Guildford&GGuildford30 May 
2:33.81PLucy Tunnacliffe Kingston & PolyBedford18 Jul 
2:34.34ASaffron Lewis-CollymoreEpsom & EwellWalton27 Jun 
2:35.563r2Florence BaulkWoking ACBracknell28 Apr 
2:37.11BZindzi WilliamsCroydon HReading 21 Jun 
2:37.43BNiamh CareyWoking ACHorsham21 Jun 
2:37.54bJosephine GristStMRichmondWinchester21 Jun 
2:37.857r5Marli Anderson Herne Hill HTooting Bec4 May 
2:38.213r2Kathryn BeckettCamberley&DistWatford20 May 
2:38.43BKathryn BartleKingston & PolyGuildford30 May 
2:38.8PGeorgia DuthieSutton&DistrictReading28 Jun 
2:39.37h1Sophie GeeSutton&DistrictKingston23 May 
2:39.4PGina MarchandHerne Hill HBracknell1 Apr 
 1500 Metres (Standard: 5:25.00 )
 4:35.172Alexandra Brown Herne Hill HGateshead11 Jul
 4:35.213Claudia Lance Jones Guildford&GGateshead11 Jul
 4:40.591h1Elsa PalmerDorkingMVGateshead10 Jul
 4:44.55mx9Lucy Olsen Herne Hill HTooting Bec4 Apr
 4:49.314Lucy OlsenHerne Hill HKingston24 May
 4:49.495Olivia Stillman Sutton&DistrictKingston24 May
 4:53.91ACharlotte Vaughan Walton ACWalton27 Jul
 4:55.103AKayah WilksHerne Hill HLee Valley21 Jun
 4:55.916Poppy Wardley Reigate PrioryKingston24 May
 4:56.14h1Dominique Corradi Sutton&DistrictKingston23 May
 4:56.52ALilyella Harland-Fairweather Guildford&GUxbridge2 May
 4:56.563r1Emily RoeGuildford&GKingston13 Jun
 4:57.418Katriona Brown AldershotF&DKingston24 May
 4:58.809Clarissa Nicholls Herne Hill HKingston24 May
 4:58.853h2Olivia McDonald Guildford&GKingston23 May
 4:59.25mxAbigail White AldershotF&DWatford1 Jul
 5:00.071Isabel AtkinsRanelagh HHendon9 Jun
 5:00.11AKatie Hopkins Woking ACPortsmouth18 Jul
 5:00.92ARachel Pharaoh Walton ACPortsmouth18 Jul
 5:02.3111Ellie Monday AldershotF&DKingston24 May
 5:03.306h2Katie Balme Herne Hill HKingston23 May
 5:03.674r2Charlotte Griffiths Guildford&GBirmingham24 Jun
 5:03.73AEmelye Kenyon-Brown Reigate PrioryPortsmouth18 Jul
 5:08.32ACharlie Holden Camberley&DistCarshalton5 Jul
 5:08.32AKathryn BartleKingston & PolyPerivale18 Jul
 5:09.32BEllie Sakaria Guildford&GPortsmouth21 Jun
 5:10.01AAmelia CaseyHerculesWimbKingston29 Aug
 5:10.32BLily Newton Herne Hill HCrawley2 May
 5:11.32AEloise O'ShaughnessyHerne Hill HCarshalton25 Jul
 5:12.56AJessica MooreCroydon HReading21 Jun
 5:16.73AMaddy PullenReigate PrioryGuildford17 May
 5:18.01BLola Wright Guildford&GUxbridge2 May
 5:18.51BThea WardleyReigate PriorygGuildford17 May
 5:19.02AIsobel StockleyEpsom&EwellCarshalton25 Jul
 5:19.51BLaura HowleyEpsom&EwellCarshalton25 Jul
 5:19.98h1Becky Storer Camberley&DistKingston23 May
 5:21.41nsPippa Marie WondersReigate PrioryGuildford17 May
 5:22.73AMartine ScottGuildford&GCarshalton25 Jul
 5:23.51BAoife Russell Moore Guildford&GWalton27 Jun
 5:23.88Sofia De CarloHerne Hill HMile End16 Jun
75 Metres Hurdles (76.2cm) (Standard: 14.00 )
10.86/+0.2PPippa EarleyKingston & PolyBedford20 Sep 
11.05/+1.83Marcia Sey Croydon HGateshead11 Jul 
11.33/-1.02Marcey Winter Guildford&GKingston13 Jun 
11.48/+0.73h1Isabella Bretherton Camberley&DistGateshead11 Jul 
11.77/+1.4PAyse Hussein Belgrave HBedford18 Jul 
11.84/-1.03Pollyanna Wright Guildford&GKingston13 Jun 
12.185Anna Brophy Guildford&GExeter20 Jun 
12.21AGeorgia Duthie Sutton&DistrictCarshalton2 May 
12.23ALucy Tunnacliffe Kingston & PolyKingston29 Aug 
12.23ALara Benkert Guildford&GEton12 Sep 
12.41BSerena Mitchell Croydon HSouthampton2 May 
12.41BFreya Smith Camberley&DistGuildford10 May 
12.51nsJasmine WoodroofeKingston & PolyKingston29 Aug 
12.512h2Amelia WatsonReigate PrioryBirmingham24 Jun 
12.63BLara Davies Guildford&GBedford4 Jul 
12.60/+0.81Mallory CluleyHerne Hill HTooting Bec29 Aug 
12.63/0.71h2Isobel NewboldHerne Hill HBattersea Park13 Jun 
12.79/+0.7PIsabel King Reigate PrioryCarshalton13 Sep 
12.81BGeorgia Buchanan-RobinsonGuildford&GCarshalton25 Jul 
12.82nsMartine Scott Guildford&GKingston29 Aug 
12.812Darcy BourneKingston & PolyEton12 Jun 
12.91AEbube AkojieSutton&DistrictPortsmouth18 Jul 
12.91/-1.06Elena Barkatullah Camberley&DistKingston13 Jun 
12.98/+0.18Louisa StoneyKingston & PolyKingston23 May 
13.02ADarby Begley-Jones Walton ACPortsmouth18 Jul 
13.12BCorinna Smith Camberley&DistPoole12 Jul 
13.16/+0.83h1Similda TurayHerne Hill HBattersea Park13 Jun 
13.26AElla Dennis Herne Hill HCrawley2 May 
13.23BKayla BowleyCroydon HReading21 Jun 
13.31/-0.76h1Sarita HarrisHerculesWimbKingston13 Jun 
13.31/+0.1PAmelia ClarkSouth LondonCarshalton13 Sep 
13.4/+0.5PAlexandra RoeGuildford&GCrawley27 May 
13.4/0.01BJosephine GristStMRichmondWinchester21 Jun 
13.42AHelene DavisStMRichmondHemel Hempstead18 Jul 
13.52BDavina BoatengSouth LondonWalton27 Jun 
13.54/+1.91BElizabeth MitchellBelgrave HMIle End21 Jun 
13.61BAntigone TymensWalton ACHorsham21 Jun 
13.64BHannah LesterKingston & PolyPeribale13 Jul 
13.7PMaya RaghavanBelgrave HLee Valley21 May 
13.72BTandia PritchardGuildford&GBasingstoke2 Aug 
13.8POre AdamsonHerne Hill HLee Valley21 May 
13.84AElla Price South LondonCarshalton25 Jul 
13.83BAlice Hillary Guildford&GBracknell12 Dec 
 High Jump (Standard: 1.35m )
 1.63PAnna Brophy Guildford&GStreet26 Apr
 1.571Bella Gibbon Herne Hill HBattersea Park13 Jun
 1.511BElla Dennis Herne Hill HGuildford6 Jun
 1.511AZoraya Aleyideino Belgrave HParliament Hill18 Jul
 1.503AKaitlin Lawrence Guildford&GEton25 Apr
 1.501BJess Collins Herne Hill HEton25 Apr
 1.502Olivia Chessell Epsom&EwellTooting Bec4 May
 1.501AJasmine Woodroffe Kingston & PolyGuildford17 May
 1.501AMartine Scott Guildford&GEton22 Aug
 1.482AHollie Heapes Walton ACCarshalton2 May
 1.487Natalya RobinsonReigate PrioryErith7 Jun
 1.484Britley FrancisHerne Hill HBattersea Park13 Jun
 1.482ATandia Pritchard Guildford&GPerivale18 Jul
 1.47PGeorgia Duthie Sutton&DistrictCarshalton13 Sep
 1.462AHelene Davis StMRichmondHemel Hempstead18 Jul
 1.452AEbube Okojie Sutton&DistrictGuildford17 May
 1.45PMaya RaghavanBelgrave HLee Valley21 May
 1.45PMallory Culley Herne Hill HLee Valley21 May
 1.45PPippa EarleyKingston & PolyReading28 Jun
 1.453ASerena Mitchell Croydon HCroydon18 Jul
 1.451h1Maia AndersonGuildford&GEton12 Sep
 1.421Amelia WatsonReigate PrioryEton8 Jun
 1.41PAmelia ClarkSouth LondonCarshalton13 Sep
 1.408Jessica Goveia-SlatterSouth LondonKingston24 May
 1.408Shanelle WalkerHerne Hill HBattersea Park13 Jun
 1.407Florence BarkerHerne Hill HAshford13 Jun
 1.404Danielle HendersonHerne Hill HMIle End16 Jun
 1.401nsRio ScottGuildford&GWalton27 Jun
 1.404ARebecca Hales Woking ACSalisbury12 Jul
 1.3911Lucy Tunnacliffe Kingston & PolyBedford18 Jul
 1.38PAyse Hussein Belgrave HCarshalton13 Sep
 1.371AAnna GivenSouth LondonKingston29 Aug
 1.351AJessica Lawrence StMRichmondTwickenham2 May
 1.352nsLauren Sawa Guildford&GGuildford10 May
 1.353ADarby Begley-JonesWalton ACAldershot30 May
 1.353AKatie HopkinsWoking ACWoking7 Jun
 1.351BElla Price South LondonCarshalton25 Jul
 1.354ALouisa StoneyKingston & PolyCarshalton25 Jul
Pole Vault (Standard: 1.80m )
2.806BGeorgia Duthie Sutton&DistrictAldershot30 May 
2.801Tait Jones Walton ACWoking6 Sep 
2.502AKatie Hopkins Woking ACWalton22 Jul 
2.2010Katherine LileyWalton ACWoking12 Aug 
2.101AJessica Lawrence StMRichmondHemel Hempstead18 Jul 
2.0313Sophia Hepher Sutton&DistrictBromley18 May 
2.002ADarcy BourneKingston & PolyGuildford30 May 
1.904AAmelia WatsonReigate PrioryAldershot30 May 
1.805nsIsabel Johnston Guildford&GBracknell12 Apr 
1.801BMarcey WinterGuildford&GGuildford30 May 
 Long Jump (Standard: 4.25m )
 5.73/+0.8PPippa EarleyKingston & PolyBedford20 Sep
 5.661Ore Adamson Herne Hill HTooting Bec25 Jul
 5.22/+2.0PAyse HusseinBelgrave HBedford12 Jul
 5.18/-0.73Darcy BourneKingston & PolyKingston23 May
 5.053AKayla Bowley Croydon HReading21 Jun
 5.011Nicole Borgers Belgrave HWimbledon12 Apr
 4.962Adahna EkokuunattachedKingston13 Jun
 4.821ARhianna LevySouth LondonLittle Marlow6 Jun
 4.761Olivia ChessellSutton&DistrictWoking6 Sep
 4.72PAnna Brophy Guildford&GYeovil28 Jun
 4.691Lara Davies Guildford&GBedford4 Jul
 4.675ATallulah McKinlay Guildford&GGuildford4 Jul
 4.652AMaddy Nunan Holland SportsLewes18 Jul
 4.64/+2.06Louisa StoneyKingston & PolyKingston23 May
 4.643BMarcia Sey Croydon HReading21 Jun
 4.645ACorinna Smith Camberley&DistBasingstoke2 Aug
 4.611ALeah ChristmasEpsom&EwellCarshalton25 Jul
 4.604AKatie Sadler Guildford&GPortsmouth21 Jun
 4.5911Lucy Tunnacliffe Kingston & PolyBedford18 Jul
 4.582AIsabel KingReigate PrioryPortsmouth18 Jul
 4.526AIsabella BrethertonCamberley&DistGuildford30 May
 4.501Leila Ayimba-Golding DorkingMVCoulsdon18 Apr
 4.491BFelicity BrownEpsom&EwellKingston29 Aug
 4.47PGeorgia Duthie Sutton&DistrictBedford18 Jul
 4.45/-0.59Dana Frankland Walton ACKingston23 May
 4.452AGeorgia Buchanan-RobinsonGuildford&GCarshalton25 Jul
 4.443AElla PriceSouth LondonCarshalton25 Jul
 4.412BRio ScottGuildford&GEton22 Aug
 4.402AHollie Heapes Walton ACCarshalton2 May
 4.403ASamara InnverarityHerne Hill HLee Valley21 Jun
 4.393APoppy RussellDorkingMVGuildford17 May
 4.39/+0.3PMartine ScottGuildford&GCarshalton13 Sep
 4.382BAmy Counihan Kingston & PolyUxbridge2 May
 4.373BPollyanna Wright Guildford&GUxbridge2 May
 4.3610Safyre Willden-PitterBelgrave HCrystal Palace5 Jul
 4.35/-0.2PAmelia ClarkSouth LondonCarshalton13 Sep
 4.344ARebecca Hales Woking ACBracknell28 Mar
 4.332Mallory CluleyHerne Hill HWimbledon6 Sep
 4.302ANicole CowleyWalton ACGuildford17 May
 4.29pAlexandra RoeGuildford&GCrawley27 May
 4.2913Tina BonsuSutton&DistrictCrystal Palace5 Jul
 4.273BAmy VallintineKingston & PolyPerivale18 Jul
 4.262ANatalya RobinsonReigate PrioryCarshalton25 Jul
 4.263Anna GivenSouth LondonWimbledon6 Sep
 4.253AAimee Mattingley Woking ACBracknell28 Mar
Shot Put (3kg) (Standard: 7.00m )
10.9813Nicole Borgers Belgrave HGateshead11 Jul 
10.821Britli FrancisHerne Hill HBattersea Park13 Jun 
10.681Lia AndersonWoking ACWoking12 Aug 
10.401Nicola Bell Walton ACWalton27 Jun 
10.261Felicia Nwosu Harrow ACKingston13 Jun 
10.07PPippa EarleyKingston & PolyBedford20 Sep 
9.864ARenae Jenoure-Jackson Croydon HCroydon18 Jul 
9.551AEsther-Ebony DwemohCroydon HKingston29 Aug 
9.512Sadia Kabeya South LondonCoulsdon18 Apr 
9.262ALucy Tunnacliffe Kingston & PolyKingston29 Aug 
8.755AInes-Karel Zepa-D'Aboui Croydon HSouthampton2 May 
8.742Ayse Hussein Belgrave HKingston23 May 
8.63PAnna Brophy Guildford&GBedford20 Sep 
8.532AAmba Hill Woking ACAldershot30 May 
8.367Georgia Duthie Sutton&DistrictWimbledon12 Apr 
8.272AIndia Rapela Woking ACWoking5 Jul 
8.238Jade McFarlane Sutton&DistrictWoking6 Sep 
8.20POre AdamsonHerne Hill HLee Valley21 May 
8.163Tait Jones Walton ACWoodford18 Apr 
8.113AFrancesca FornasieroGuildford&GKingston29 Aug 
8.091AJoanna BarnabySouth LondonKingston29 Aug 
8.012Zoraya Aleyideino Belgrave HTooting Bec4 May 
7.844AAmelia Watson Reigate PrioryPortsmouth18 Jul 
7.744AOlivia Bingham Guildford&GWalton27 Jun 
7.58PAlexandra RoeGuildford&GCrawley27 May 
7.572BShanyle BryanHerne Hill HGuildford4 Jul 
7.571Keely ElgarSutton&DistrictCarshalton23 Aug 
7.542BBreanna FrancisCroydon HCarshalton25 Jul 
7.5310Eimear Griffin Herne Hill HStreet17 Jun 
7.412Safyre Forrester JacksonSutton&DistrictCarshalton23 Aug 
7.354ARhianna GraingerCamberley&DistWoking5 Jul 
7.334Leah Smith Walton ACWoodford Green18 Apr 
7.313Amelia ClarkReigate PrioryCarshalton23 Aug 
7.237AImogen Molloy Guildford&GBasingstoke2 Aug 
7.221BRhianna LevySouth LondonErith4 Jul 
7.154ALara BenkertGuildford&GEton22 Aug 
 Discus (1kg) (Standard: 17.00m )
 34.532Tait Jones Walton ACHendon23 Aug
 31.173Lia AndersonWoking ACWoking6 Sep
 30.271Nicola Bell Walton ACGillingham5 Sep
 26.731BLeah Smith Walton ACPortsmouth18 Jul
 25.211AFelicia Nwosu Herne Hill HLee Valley21 Jun
 25.081ABritli FrancisHerne Hill HCarshalton25 Jul
 24.047Katie LyonsunattachedErith20 Jun
 23.471AJoanna BarnabySouth LondonKingston29 Aug
 23.151ATandia Pritchard Guildford&GKingston29 Aug
 22.223AZoe Macrae Guildford&GWalton27 Jun
 21.902AIndia RapelaWoking ACHorsham21 Jun
 21.611AAmba Hill Woking ACWoking5 Jul
 19.727Rhianna Grainger Camberley&DistWoking6 Sep
 19.275ARenae Jenoure-Jackson Croydon HCroydon18 Jul
 19.264Marisse CatoSouth LondonKingston24 May
 18.591nsElle BorissowGuildford&GGuildford17 May
 18.192AMerle Redhead Ling South LondonGuildford17 May
 17.872Lucy Tunnacliffe Kingston & PolyWalton27 Jun
 17.772AEvelyne Adu-PokuBelgrave HMile End21 Jun
Hammer (3kg) (Standard: 14.00m )
41.083Anastasia BanburyWalton ACHendon23 Aug 
38.241Nicola BellWalton ACGillingham5 Sep 
38.161AJessica Pelham Guildford&GWal27 Jun 
35.261BTandia Pritchard Guildford&GWalton27 Jun 
32.422AIndia Rapela Woking ACCarshalton2 May 
29.621BLeah Smith Walton ACAldershot30 May 
28.626Renae Jenoure-Jackson Croydon HKingston24 May 
25.751AZoraya Aleyideino Belgrave HParliament Hill30 May 
22.492AJessica Lawrence StMRichmondHemel Hempstead27 Jul 
21.494AFelicia Nwosu Herne Hill HEton18 Jul 
21.222B Tait JonesWalton ACPortsmouth18 Jul 
20.872B Esther-Ebony DwemohCroydon HCroydon18 Jul 
20.092BAmba HillWoking ACAldershot30 May 
19.093BRukiya EllisHerne Hill HLee Valley21 Jun 
18.332AHetty Arnfield Kingston & PolyGuildford17 May 
17.736AAmelia BellKingston & PolyGuildford30 May 
17.453BOlivia BinghamGuildford&GGuildford30 May 
17.161BLucy WestGuildford&GKingston29 Aug 
16.223AEleanor BartleKingston & PolyKingston29 Aug 
15.204BInes-Karel Zepa-D'Aboui Croydon HSouthampton2 May 
 Javelin (500g) (Standard: 17.00m )
 40.931Paula HolguinSt. MarkGateshead10 Jul
 39.741Nicola Bell Walton ACWoking6 Sep
 36.141AZoe Macrae Guildford&GKingston29 Aug
 33.491ADanielle HendersonHerne Hill HGuildford6 Jun
 32.281Florence Baulk Woking ACPortsmouth12 Sep
 29.391AIsabella Bretherton Camberley&DistWinchester14 Jun
 27.182ATait Jones Walton ACHorsham21 Jun
 27.174ABecky Storer Camberley&DistGuildford10 May
 25.338Rosa Webb Camberley&DistQWoking6 Sep
 24.883Merle Redhead Ling South LondonBattersea Park13 Jun
 23.461AElla Price South LondonErith4 Jul
 23.384Grace Thompson Herne Hill HBattersea Park13 Jun
 23.343AEbube AkojieSutton&DistrictCarshalton2 May
 22.602Eleanor BartleKingston & PolyCleckheaton7 Jun
 22.034ALucy West Guildford&GEton12 Sep
 21.571nsMolly-Jo GibbonsGuildford&GWalton27 Jun
 21.521BNiamh Carey Woking ACCamberley5 Jul
 20.803ABritley FrancisHerne Hill HWalton27 Jun
 20.794ASaffron Lewis-CollymoreEpsom&EwellWalton27 Jun
 20.184AHannah WilliamsHolland SportsWalton27 Jun
 20.027ADarcy Bourne Kingston & PolyUxbridge2 May
 19.811nsFlorence NiemyGuildford&GGuildford17 May
 19.763AAmy WickhamReigate PrioryWalton27 Jun
 19.296AFelicia Nwosu Herne Hill HGuildford4 Jul
 18.993Sarah EveWoking ACWoking6 Sep
 18.612AMegan DriverCroydon HGuildford17 May
 18.475APolly Downes Guildford&GBracknell12 Apr
 18.182BElena BarkatullahCamberley&DistCamberley5 Jul
 18.106ASerena MitchellCroydon HBromley30 May
 17.761nsRio ScottGuildford&GKingston29 Aug
 17.693BJasmine Backhurst Sutton&DistrictCarshalton2 May
 17.378Eloise O'ShaughnessyHerne Hill HBattersea Park13 Jun
 17.072nsJessica PelhamGuildford&GGuildford17 May
Pentathlon (Standard: 1500pts )
3462pts1Pippa EarleyKingston & PolyBedford20 Sep 
2985pts12Anna BrophyGuildford&GBedford20 Sep 
2658pts9Ayse Hussein Belgrave HBedford19 Jul 
2656pts11Lucy Tunnacliffe Kingston & PolyBedford18 Jul 
2543pts2Martine ScottGuildford&GCarshalton13 Sep 
2531pts11Georgia DuthieSutton&DistrictReading28 Jun 
2482pts4Amelia ClarkSouth LondonCarshalton13 Sep 
2372pts1Ore AdamsonHerne Hill HLee Valley21 May 
2167pts7Isabel KingReigate PrioryCarshalton13 Sep 
2141pts4Maya RaghavanBelgrave HLee Valley21 May 
2104pts3Alexandra RoeGuildford&GCrawley27 May 
2068pts10Katie HopkinsWoking ACCarshalton13 Sep 
2057pts9Eimear GriffinHerne Hill HBracknell1 May 
1943pts8Avery Louis London CityLee Valley21 May 
1903pts10Jacinda FinniganHerne Hill HLee Valley21 May 
1875pts4Ella PriceSouth LondonCrawley27 May 
1727pts5Olivia ChessellEpsom & EwellCrawley27 May 
1708pts11Jessica Goveia-SlatterSouth LondonCarshalton13 Sep 
1702pts12Florence BaulkWoking ACCarshalton13 Sep 
1629pts13Hannah LesterKingston & PolyCarshalton13 Sep 
 Pentathlon (Under-15 events)
 3462pts1Pippa EarleyKingston & PolyBedford20 Sep
 2985pts12Anna BrophyGuildford&GBedford20 Sep
 2658pts9Ayse Hussein Belgrave HBedford19 Jul
 2656pts11Lucy Tunnacliffe Kingston & PolyBedford18 Jul
 2543pts2Martine ScottGuildford&GCarshalton13 Sep
 2531pts11Georgia DuthieSutton&DistrictReading28 Jun
 2482pts4Amelia ClarkSouth LondonCarshalton13 Sep
 2372pts1Ore AdamsonHerne Hill HLee Valley21 May
 2167pts7Isabel KingReigate PrioryCarshalton13 Sep
 2141pts4Maya RaghavanBelgrave HLee Valley21 May
 2104pts3Alexandra RoeGuildford&GCrawley27 May
 2068pts10Katie HopkinsWoking ACCarshalton13 Sep
 2057pts9Eimear GriffinHerne Hill HBracknell1 May
 1903pts10Jacinda FinniganHerne Hill HLee Valley21 May
 1875pts4Ella PriceSouth LondonCrawley27 May
 1727pts5Olivia ChessellEpsom&EwellCrawley27 May
 1708pts11Jessica Goveia-SlatterSouth LondonCarshalton13 Sep
 1702pts12Florence BaulkWoking ACCarshalton13 Sep
 1629pts13Hannah LesterKingston & PolyCarshalton13 Sep

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