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Today's Date: 9 August 2022

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Under 15 Boys
(We have been advised by UKA that performances in mixed gender events are not eligible for record purposes nor as qualifying performances for championships.
Therefore we will show such performances in italics with an mx suffix. Please note that this does not apply to the Under-13 Age Groups because there are no records for them.)

Athletes are requested to ensure that their county affiliation is shown correctly on Power of Ten.
 100 Metres (Standard: 13.00 )
 11.51Kyle Reynolds-Warmington Belgrave HMile End16 Jun
 11.53mx1r1.7Rami MillerSouth LondonLee Valley19 Aug
 11.61ATom Darcy Sutton&DistrictHorsham21 Jun
 11.60/0.04r2.10Rami Miller South LondonLee Valley19 Aug
 11.71r1Dylan BaldockSutton&DistrictWimbledon Park6 Sep
 11.74w/+2.12r7Jamel Powell HerculesWimbTooting Bec4 May
 11.80/+1.61h1Harry GrindleBelgrave HKingston23 May
 11.82ADylan Da CostaSouth LondonWalton12 Jul
 11.81/-0.13Joshua RowlandsHerne Hill HBattersea Park13 Jun
 11.83/+0.41James BotterillFullbrook SchKingston10 Jun
 11.83w/+2.13r7Michael Miller Herne Hill HTooting Bec4 May
 11.85/-0.11BAmanfi Aggrey Croydon HErith20 Jun
 11.89/+1.92Michael MillerHerne Hill HKingston23 May
 11.92r1Ethan Murray South LondonTooting Bec10 May
 11.91Oscar BlanchardStMRichmondTwickenham23 Aug
 11.97/+1.01h2Jamel PowellHerne Hill HKingston23 May
 12.04ASheyon Sinclair Croydon HReading21 Jun
 12.09w/+2.14r7Sufian Ssali Herne Hill HTooting Bec4 May
 12.13r1Shemar Ferguson Sutton&DistrictTooting Bec10 May
 12.12/+0.43Nathanael MarshallCroydon HKingston13 Jun
 12.15/-0.73r3Bronson PowellHerne Hill HTooting Bec29 Aug
 12.22ASam BishopWalton ACCoulsdon14 Jun
 12.22BJoel FaganHerne Hill HEton18 Jul
 12.22w/+3.32h3Ayo Daniel Croydon HKingston23 May
 12.246h1Sufian SsaliHerne Hill HBattersea Park13 Jun
 12.25/+1.95Luke Mulley South LondonKingston23 May
 12.26/+1.34AAyo DanielCroydon HCroydon18 Jul
 12.29/+0.44Lewis Herzog Camberley&DistKingston13 Jun
 12.32ARyan LongmanReigate PrioryAldershot30 May
 12.33BIsrael OspinaCroydon HReading21 Jun
 12.31BJosh HathawayWalton ACHorsham21 Jun
 12.34ARyan LeesWoking ACHorsham21 Jun
 12.31AEzra RodriquesCroydon HWalton12 Jul
 12.35ASteve Tone BiHerne Hill HEton18 Jul
 12.33/+0.47Luciano SilanoSutton&DistrictKingston13 Jun
 12.364r6George Mears Guildford&GWoking12 Aug
 12.37/+1.34Thomas HandleyCamberley&DistWoking6 Sep
 12.40/+1.35Alex HansonWoking ACWoking6 Sep
 12.47/+1.34r2Belmiro Costa HerculesWimbWimbledon Park12 Apr
 12.56AAlexis OdusoleGuildford&GGuildford30 May
 12.52BSong HigginsonGuildford&GGuildford30 May
 12.55AEuan Murray Camberley&DistPortsmouth21 Jun
 12.53AArchie CarpenterGuildford&GWalton12 Jul
 12.52/+0.61r7Joshua Loach Crawley ACCrawley5 Apr
 12.62BGeorge Simmonds Camberley&DistWinchester14 Jun
 12.622Amari NationSouth LondonWatford27 Jun
 12.72AEmmanuel Afrifa Woking ACSandown26 Apr
 12.73AJoe Harmsworth Sutton&DistrictCarshalton2 May
 12.71ns1Reuben VaughanCroydon HBromley30 May
 12.73AThomas HughesDorkingMVWalton12 Jul
 12.74AJosh WatsonHolland SportsLewes18 Jul
 12.70mx/-1.91r9Chi BalamweziHerne Hill HTooting Bec25 Jul
 12.72/+1.63h1Daniel AjayiOvGrSKingston23 May
 12.74mx/+1.31r5Adam Hawkins Herne Hill HTooting Bec29 Aug
 12.85h1Rhys Blake-ButlerHerne Hill HCrystal Palace5 Jul
 12.93ASam Mace Walton ACCarshalton19 Apr
 12.92Adam HawkinsHerne Hill HWimbledon Park2 Aug
 13.05AJoshua Dodson Guildford&GUxbridge2 May
 13.02ns1Sam WhiteheadCamberley&DistGuildford30 May
 13.03r1Chi BalamweziHerne Hill HWimbledon Park6 Sep
200 Metres (Standard: 27.00 )
23.21AAdam Bator-BrownGuildford&GGuildford7 Jun 
23.491h1Harry GrindleBelgrave HHendon9 Jun 
23.70/+0.44h1Anthony SteerBelgrave HBedford30 Aug 
23.74/+1.92r4Rami Miller South LondonTooting Bec25 Jul 
23.79w/+3.11AKyle Reynolds-WarmingtonBelgrave HMile End21 Jun 
23.93AMichael Miller Herne Hill HEton18 Jul 
24.01ATom Darcy Sutton&DistrictHorsham21 Jun 
24.01/-1.82AEzra RodriquesCroydon HCroydon18 Jul 
24.11ADylan Da CostaSouth LondonWalton12 Jul 
24.16/+0.13Joshua RowlandsHerne Hill HBattersea Park13 Jun 
24.17/-0.63Shemar FergusonSutton&DistrictKingston24 May 
24.23AOscar BlanchardStMRichmondHemel Hempstead18 Jul 
24.31BGeorge Mears Guildford&GGuildford7 Jun 
24.42/-0.62h1Rhys Blake-ButlerHerne Hill HBattersea Park13 Jun 
24.53AJamel Powell Herne Hill HCrawley2 May 
24.56/-1.42BOrin Mafuta Belgrave HEltham2 May 
24.58mx/+1.51r7Kyle Reynolds-Warmington Belgrave HTooting Bec4 May 
24.61h4Ethan Murray South LondonCrystal Palace5 Jul 
24.83ALewis Herzog Camberley&DistBasingstoke26 Apr 
24.82Israel OspinaCroydon HWimbledon Park2 Aug 
24.92ARyan LongmanReigate PrioryAldershot30 May 
25.01Matthew de Rossi Belgrave HCoulsdon18 Apr 
25.03AJosh Hathaway Walton ACPortsmouth18 Jul 
25.01/-1.62h1Theseus Ricketts Sutton&DistrictKingston24 May 
25.04/-2.32BSheyon Sinclair Croydon HCroydon18 Jul 
25.11BGeorge Simmonds Camberley&DistWinchester14 Jun 
25.14/-1.86Archie CarpenterGuildford&GKingston13 Jun 
25.293r7Alex HansonWoking ACWoking12 Aug 
25.31BSam BishopWalton ACHorsham21 Jun 
25.42BAyo DanielCroydon HBromley30 May 
25.40/-0.53Thomas Handley Camberley&DistWoking6 Sep 
25.52AEmmanuel Afrifa Woking ACSandown26 Apr 
25.52AJosh Watson Holland SportsCoulsdon14 Jun 
25.53BJaden EdwardsHerne Hill HEton18 Jul 
25.59/+1.53r3Belmiro Costa HerculesWimbWimbledon Park12 Apr 
25.72ns1Alexis Odusole Guildford&GGuildford7 Jun 
25.93AThomas HughesDorkingMVWalton12 Jul 
25.951AAmari NationSouth LondonWatford27 Jun 
26.14AMatthew DyerEpsom & EwellCoulsdon14 Jun 
26.134h1James HansonWoking ACWoking6 Sep 
26.32BJoshua PearsonWindsorSE&HUxbridge9 May 
26.42BLuke Mulley South LondonCarshalton19 Apr 
26.54Peter Shodipe South LondonCoulsdon18 Apr 
26.54BDaniel LecoutreGuildford&GPerivale18 Jul 
26.56/-1.65h1Sam WhiteheadCamberley&DistKingston24 May 
26.57/-1.34h3Joe HarmsworthSutton&DistrictKingston24 May 
26.72BKieran Lowe Woking ACSandown26 Apr 
26.77ABenjamin AshmoreKingston & PolyPortsmouth21 Jun 
26.75/-1.55h2Ugo AjehCroydon HKingston24 May 
26.83BRyan Lees Woking ACCarshalton2 May 
26.88ATiago BeltraoKingston & PolyGuildford30 May 
26.93ns1Barnaby KingGuildford&GGuildford7 Jun 
 300 Metres (Standard: 44.00 )
 36.022Adam Bator-BrownGuildford&GGateshead11 Jul
 37.772George Mears Guildford&GKingston23 May
 37.843Shemar FergusonSutton&DistrictKingston23 May
 38.314Turkay Korkmaz Herne Hill HKingston23 May
 38.88mx2r1Lloyd SmithHerculesWimbTooting Bec25 Jul
 38.92AEzra Rodriques Croydon HBromley30 May
 39.152h1Josh Hathaway Walton ACKingston23 May
 39.353Israel OspinaCroydon HKingston13 Jun
 39.61AArchie CarpenterGuildford&GPortsmouth21 Jun
 39.73AJoshua Pearson WindsorSE&HCrawley2 May
 40.054h1James Trustram EveHerne Hill HKingston23 May
 40.11AMatthew Dyer Epsom & EwellCoulsdon14 Jun
 40.21BAyo Daniel Croydon HSouthampton2 May
 40.22AKaleem BrownCroydon HCoulsdon14 Jun
 40.35ALewis HerzogCamberley&DistPerivale18 Jul
 40.535h2Joshua LoachCrawley ACKingston23 May
 40.63AMohamed Mohamud Herne Hill HCoulsdon14 Jun
 40.61AJosh Watson Holland SportsCoulsdon14 Jun
 40.725Joe HarmsworthSutton&DistrictKingston13 Jun
 40.82AGianluca ErcolanoSouth LondonCoulsdon14 Jun
 40.93AJoe JennerReigate PrioryHorsham21 Jun
 41.01ASam Shaw Kingston & PolyWalton12 Jul
 41.126h1Daniel RoffeyEpsom & EwellKingston23 May
 41.34ASam BishopWalton ACPortsmouth18 Jul
 41.366h2Jack BroughtonReigate PrioryKingston23 May
 41.61BSol Harris-Woodfin Kingston & PolyWalton12 Jul
 41.797h2Sebastian Fallowfield Herne Hill HKingston23 May
 41.84AGeorge Simmonds Camberley&DistBasingstoke26 Apr
 41.85BYoshua BrownHerne Hill HEton18 Jul
 41.861Adam HawkinsHerne Hill HWoking6 Sep
 42.01AEmmanuel Afrifa Woking ACWoking7 Jun
 42.13BBarnaby KingGuildford&GGuildford30 May
 42.32BAdam CoatesEpsom & EwellWalton12 Jul
 42.53AThomas HandleyCamberley&DistWoking5 Jul
 42.51APeter ShodipeSouth LondonWalton12 Jul
 43.25AHenry FisherHolland SportsGillingham21 Jun
 43.43BJoseph FosterCamberley&DistUxbridge2 May
 43.45BTiago BeltraoKingston & PolyGuildford30 May
 43.51nsOwen WhiterCamberley&DistWoking5 Jul
 43.51BCharlie StewartSouth LondonWalton12 Jul
 43.71BEthan KendallCamberley&DistWoking5 Jul
 43.92nsJack MawerCamberley&DistWoking5 Jul
 44.03nsLuke MannCamberley&DistWoking5 Jul
800 Metres (Standard: 2:28.00 )
1:58.334Turkay Korkmaz Herne Hill HGateshead11 Jul 
2:05.037r21Max Heyden Camberley&DistWatford15 Jul 
2:05.51AMohamed Mohamud Herne Hill HCoulsdon14 Jun 
2:06.174Sam Shaw Kingston & PolyErith20 Jun 
2:06.711AMatthew de RossiBelgrave HMile End21 Jun 
2:07.175r19Aaron Enser Bracknell ACWatford15 Jul 
2:08.43Lloyd Smith HerculesWimbCrystal Palace5 Jul 
2:09.22AArchie Carpenter Guildford&GPortsmouth21 Jun 
2:09.333r2Sol Harris-Woodfin Kingston & PolyCrawley24 Jun 
2:09.68mx7r16Owen Whiter Camberley&DistWatford15 Jul 
2:10.212h1James Lewis StMRichmondKingston23 May 
2:10.424r2Ewan Bate DorkingMVCrawley24 Jun 
2:10.645r1Oscar Millard Herne Hill HHendon27 Jun 
2:11.15mx11r10Luke van Oudtshoorn AldershotF&DWatford20 May 
2:11.33AMatt Oakley AldershotF&DGuildford7 Jun 
2:11.746Jack Broughton Reigate PrioryKingston13 Jun 
2:11.82AJordan O'Dongo Croydon HWalton12 Jul 
2:13.33AOliver Coppellotti Walton ACWalton12 Jul 
2:13.61AGianluca ErcolanoSouth LondonCoulsdon14 Jun 
2:14.41nsJosh Hathaway Walton ACWalton12 Jul 
2:14.94AFred Geen DorkingMVWalton12 Jul 
2:15.41BEitan Orenstein HerculesWimbWalton12 Jul 
2:15.72ACallum HockleySouth LondonWalton12 Jul 
2:15.71Joshua Genco-Russo AldershotF&DAldershot29 Aug 
2:15.853h2Dario Kan Sutton&DistrictKingston23 May 
2:15.881BSoloman SalakoCroydon HCroydon18 Jul 
2:15.9PLuke Mann Camberley&DistReading13 Sep 
2:16.33Sam Barker HerculesWimbWimbledon Park6 Sep 
2:17.447r2Ben Tatters HerculesWimbTooting Bec4 May 
2:17.65AEthan Kendall Camberley&DistPerivale18 Jul 
2:17.635Sebastian Fallowfield Herne Hill HBattersea Park13 Jun 
2:18.13AHenry Fisher Holland SportsGillingham21 Jun 
2:19.1PAdam Hawkins Herne Hill HReading27 Jun 
2:19.326h2Joseph Jakubait AldershotF&DKingston13 Jun 
2:19.321Ben Collier Kingston & PolyWoking6 Sep 
2:19.354h2Thomas Hardman Guildford&GKingston23 May 
2.19.42PMatthew DyerEpsom & EwellCarshalton12 Sep 
2:20.12ns1Daniel Roffey Epsom & EwellCoulsdon14 Jun 
2:20.25ABenjamin Rolfe Woking ACWoking5 Jul 
2:21.02BSylvester Simon HerculesWimbCoulsdon14 Jun 
2:21.37mx6r3Zachary Purnell HerculesWimbTooting Bec4 May 
2:22.22BEoin Canning AldershotF&DHorsham21 Jun 
2:22.3PSam Bishop Walton ACCrawley27 May 
2:22.33BCallum Burnip Guildford&GGuildford7 Jun 
2:22.71BJorge Beltrao Kingston & PolyCoulsdon14 Jun 
2:22.84Henry SilversteinHerculesWimbWimbledon Park6 Sep 
2:23.05Ifetobi SalakoCroydon HWimbledon Park6 Sep 
2:23.73AEdward Dawson Walton ACPortsmouth18 Jul 
2:23.785h2Matthew Cecil Kingston & PolyKingston23 May 
2.23.82BThomas HandleyCamberley&DistPoole12 Jul 
2:23.92BBen Marks Walton ACWalton12 Jul 
2:24.03ATom Boret DorkingMVCoulsdon14 Jun 
2:24.011ns1Israel Ospina Croydon HCroydon18 Jul 
2:24.822r1George Mears Guildford&GBracknell28 Mar 
2:25.36mx7r2Edward Downs HerculesWimbWimbledon Park29 Apr 
2:25.75BMatthew Clutterbuck WindsorSE&HCrawley2 May 
2:25.75ALewis Chouls Epsom & EwellWalton12 Jul 
2:26.195h1Matt Waters HerculesWimbKingston23 May 
2:26.5PJoshua Loach Crawley ACCrawley23 May 
2:26.53BAdam Coates Epsom & EwellWalton12 Jul 
2:26.71nsJames Hoare Camberley&DistGuildford7 Jun 
2:26.796h2James Forde HerculesWimbKingston23 May 
2.26.90PJosh WatsonHolland SportsCarshalton12 Sep 
2:26.91mx1r6Daniel Illis HerculesWimbTooting Bec4 May 
2:26.966h1Tyler Simms Oxted SchoolKingston23 May 
2:27.02nsMatthew HallKingston & PolyGuildford30 May 
2:27.14AGuy Tucker AldershotF&DPortsmouth18 Jul 
2:27.307h2Luke Lawrence Oxted SchoolKingston23 May 
2:27.397h1Jack Mellor Camberley&DistKingston23 May 
2:27.846h3Harry McAllister Herne Hill HKingston23 May 
 1500 Metres (Standard: 5:10.00 )
 4:12.103r12Max Heyden Camberley&DistWatford3 Jun
 4:12.573Mohamed Mohamud Herne Hill HGateshead11 Jul
 4:21.37mx1r1Turkay KorkmazHerne Hill HBromley8 Jun
 4:21.65mx4r11Zak WortKingston & PolyWatford3 Jun
 4:21.751r1Turkay Korkmaz Herne Hill HWimbledon Park12 Apr
 4:23.375Oscar Millard Herne Hill HAshford16 Aug
 4:23.93AZak Wort Kingston & PolyGuildford30 May
 4:24.292Matthew KossatzStragglersKingston13 Jun
 4:24.453Aaron EnserBracknell ACKingston13 Jun
 4:28.104Luke Van OudtshoornAldershotF&DKingston13 Jun
 4:28.31AEwan BateDorkingMVWalton12 Jul
 4:30.31BSam Shaw Kingston & PolyGuildford30 May
 4:33.69mx4r9Marcus ShantryAldershotF&DWatford1 Jul
 4:34.678Fred Geen DorkingMVKingston24 May
 4:34.94mx6r9Ben TattersHerculesWimbWatford1 Jul
 4:35.66Eitan Orenstein HerculesWimbCrystal Palace5 Jul
 4:36.91AOwen WhiterCamberley&DistPerivale18 Jul
 4:37.12ANathan Janmohamed Guildford&GPerivale18 Jul
 4:37.25Morrison CleaverKingston & PolyReading13 Jun
 4:37.87mx7r5Sam BarkerHerculesWimbWimbledon Park5 Aug
 4:37.98mx1r11Joshua Genco-RussoAldershotF&DWatford29 Jul
 4:38.22AJack Broughton Reigate PrioryHorsham21 Jun
 4:38.75AJoseph Jakubait AldershotF&DGuildford7 Jun
 4:39.13ALuke Mann Camberley&DistPortsmouth21 Jun
 4:41.40mx2r4Zac PurnellHerculesWimbWimbledon Park5 Aug
 4:41.92ABen BishopWoking ACSalisbury12 Jul
 4:42.51AZac Purnell HerculesWimbWalton12 Jul
 4:42.914h2Oliver Coppellotti Walton ACTonbridge6 Apr
 4:43.1010Henry Silverstein HerculesWimbKingston24 May
 4:43.31BJack JohnsonCamberley&DistPerivale18 Jul
 4:43.62ASam Bishop Woking ACCarshalton2 May
 4:45.32BCharlie Kershaw AldershotF&DGuildford7 Jun
 4:45.62AMatt Oakley AldershotF&DBasingstoke26 Apr
 4:46.14BJoseph Downs Epsom & EwellCarshalton19 Apr
 4:46.277r1Daniel Craig-McFeely Herne Hill HWimbledon Park12 Apr
 4:47.910Dario Kan Sutton&DistrictCrystal Palace5 Jul
 4:48.75ABen Collier Kingston & PolyPerivale18 Jul
 4:49.32BBenjamin RolfeWoking ACSalisbury12 Jul
 4:50.49mx11r12Matthew Clutterbuck WindsorSE&HWatford29 Jul
 4:50.62BThomas Dennis Guildford&GWalton12 Jul
 4:51.71ABen Tatters HerculesWimbCarshalton19 Apr
 4:53.72Zayd Addicott Belgrave HMile End16 Jun
 4:54.02BEoin Canning AldershotF&DUxbridge9 May
 4:54.13AHarry SmithSouth LondonWalton12 Jul
 4:55.72BJames HoareCamberley&DistReading13 Sep
 4:56.15ABen MarksWalton ACHorsham21 Jun
 4:56.318h2Patrick Florida-JamesReigate PrioryKingston23 May
 4:56.76nsMatt WatersHerculesWimbCoulsdon14 Jun
 4:57.65BJonathan ThomasHerne Hill HCrawley2 May
 4:58.19mx2r2Cameron Smith DorkingMVCrawley5 Apr
 4:58.21BMohammed Ali Herne Hill HCarshalton19 Apr
 4:58.33BSamuel SheppardSouth LondonWalton12 Jul
 4:58.57mx2r2Daniel IllisHerculesWimbTooting Bec29 Aug
 4:59.18mx8r1Alexander AbrahamHerculesWimbTooting Bec29 Aug
 4:59.44ACharlie Woodman Walton ACWalton12 Jul
 5:00.05nsSylvester SimonHerculesWimbWalton12 Jul
 5:00.10mx3r3Kieran DesmondStragglersWatford1 Jul
 5:01.029h2Matthew HallKingston & PolyKingston23 May
 5:01.43ANicholas JohnEpsom & EwellCoulsdon14 Jun
 5:02.2110h2Alexander AbrahamHerculesWimbKingston23 May
 5:03.043ABen TinkerGuildford&GAldershot23 Aug
 5:04.046h1Daniel IllisHerculesWimbKingston23 May
 5:04.13Daniel Weston AldershotF&DBasingstoke4 Apr
 5:04.31nsJack MellorCamberley&DistWoking5 Jul
 5:05.438h1Kieran Desmond StragglersKingston23 May
 5:05.56AThomas HardmanGuildford&GPortsmouth21 Jun
 5:05.74AGeorge Thomas South LondonCarshalton19 Apr
 5:06.52BMichael CotterillWalton ACPortsmouth18 Jul
 5:08.84AAlfie Jones Epsom & EwellCarshalton19 Apr
 5:09.46AHugo HewittHolland SportsGillingham2 May
3000 Metres (Standard: 11:30.00 )
9:07.82mx7r1Max HeydenCamberley&DistBasingstoke22 Jul 
9:24.5118r2Aaron EnserBracknell ACWatford1 Jul 
9:29.4m7Sam ShawKingston & PolyWimbledon Park5 Aug 
9:40.83mx3r1Turkay Korkmaz Herne Hill HTooting Bec4 Apr 
10:02.088Henry SilversteinHerculesWimbBedford18 Jul 
10:08.96mx17r1Matthew Clutterbuck WindsorSE&HWatford22 Apr 
10:10.90mx5Ewan BateDorkingMVCrawley31 Aug 
10:24.261Charlie KershawAldershotF&DKingston24 May 
10:26.022Eoin CanningAldershotF&DKingston24 May 
10:27.173Charlie WoodmanWalton ACKingston24 May 
10:47.24mx13r1Mohammed Ali Herne Hill HTooting Bec4 Apr 
11:08.47mx14Cameron Smith DorkingMVCrawley21 Mar 
11:10.19mx15r1Alex Ferri Herne Hill HTooting Bec4 Apr 
11:29.074Ned CraddockHerne Hill HKingston24 May 
 80 Metres Hurdles (84.0cm) (Standard: 15.50 )
 11.53w/+3.7PJosh Watson Holland SportsCarshalton12 Sep
 11.66/-2.92Ezra Rodriques Croydon HHendon23 Aug
 11.73/-2.51Josh WatsonHolland SportsKingston13 Jun
 11.92ADylan Da CostaSouth LondonCoulsdon14 Jun
 12.22ABeckett Whiting Kingston & PolyWalton12 Jul
 12.26/+0.1PAdam Hawkins Herne Hill HBedford19 Sep
 12.55/+2.06Joe Hubbard Walton ACAshford15 Aug
 12.6PJoshua Loach Crawley ACCrawley27 May
 13.06/-1.74h2Finn BlakeneyHerculesWimbKingston13 Jun
 13.21BTolu Ayo-Ojo Camberley&DistPerivale18 Jul
 13.22AOwen Heard Camberley&DistPerivale18 Jul
 13.8/-0.12AKyle Reynolds-Warmington Belgrave HEltham2 May
 13.8PSam Bishop Walton ACCrawley27 May
 14.01Israel Ospina Croydon HCarshalton23 Aug
 14.13AJonathan Efedje Woking ACAldershot30 May
 14.11nsRoss Jackson Camberley&DistPoole12 Jul
 14.22ACallum Holder Sutton&DistrictCarshalton2 May
 14.41w/+3.7PHenry FisherHolland SportsCarshalton12 Sep
 14.51BTom Cursons Walton ACCoulsdon14 Jun
 14.60/+1.2PTom HandleyCamberley&DistCarshalton12 Sep
 14.91BRuben Rea Herne Hill HWalton12 Jul
 15.14ACallum Burnip Guildford&GGuildford30 May
 15.10/+2.0PLuke MannCamberley&DistCarshalton12 Sep
 15.11/+2.0PMatthew DyerEpsom & EwellCarshalton12 Sep
 15.13/+1.2PAdam CoatesEpsom & EwellCarshalton12 Sep
 15.18w/+3.7PDaniel RoffeyEpsom & EwellCarshalton12 Sep
 15.24BJack Westley Kingston & PolyPortsmouth21 Jun
 15.29/+1.2PJack MawerCamberley&DistCarshalton12 Sep
 15.34BGbolahan Jimoh Herne Hill HEton18 Jul
 15.36w/+3.7PJoseph FosterCamberley&DistCarshalton12 Sep
 15.43AJohnny AdamsBelgrave HParliament Hill18 Jul
High Jump (Standard: 1.37m )
1.761AMatthew de Rossi Belgrave HParliament Hill30 May 
1.751AJoe Hubbard Walton ACWalton12 Jul 
1.651Ryan Lees Woking ACWoking6 Sep 
1.633Adam Hawkins Herne Hill HKingston13 Jun 
1.634Kian White Woking ACKingston13 Jun 
1.604AJonathan Hodson Kingston & PolyGuildford30 May 
1.601BJoshua Loach Crawley ACHorsham5 Jun 
1.581Amari Nation South LondonWatford27 Jun 
1.563ALuke Mann Camberley&DistWoking5 Jul 
1.56PJosh Watson Holland SportsCarshalton12 Sep 
1.553Ugo Ajeh Croydon HKingston24 May 
1.551AGianluca Ercolano South LondonWalton12 Jul 
1.53PDaniel Roffey Epsom & EwellCarshalton12 Sep 
1.512ABradley Lewis Waverley HWoking7 Jun 
1.502AAlex Burrows Kingston & PolyCarshalton19 Apr 
1.501BHarry Asprey AldershotF&DCarshalton2 May 
1.505ACallum Holder Sutton&DistrictCarshalton2 May 
1.504AReuben Vaughan Croydon HWalton12 Jul 
1.503ABeckett Whiting Kingston & PolyWalton12 Jul 
1.504AMiles Davis Camberley&DistPerivale18 Jul 
1.501Jack Ennis Croydon HCarshalton23 Aug 
1.49PTolu Ayo-Ojo Camberley&DistCrawley27 May 
1.46POwen Heard Camberley&DistCrawley27 May 
1.451BSam Bishop Walton ACCarshalton19 Apr 
1.451BAmanfi Aggrey Croydon HSouthampton2 May 
1.458Edward Dawson Walton ACKingston24 May 
1.457James Trustram Eve Herne Hill HKingston24 May 
1.451BAyo Daniel Croydon HBromley30 May 
1.451BCharlie Stewart South LondonWalton12 Jul 
1.452AHenry Fisher Holland SportsWalton12 Jul 
1.452Oscar MillardHerne Hill HTooting Bec25 Jul 
1.41PMatthew DyerEpsom & EwellCarshalton12 Sep 
1.404AEzra Rodriques Croydon HCarshalton19 Apr 
1.401AOscar Loughlin South LondonCarshalton19 Apr 
1.401BEuan Murray Camberley&DistUxbridge2 May 
1.402Fred Geen DorkingMVTooting Bec4 May 
1.409Sam Whitehead Camberley&DistKingston24 May 
1.401BOrin Mafuta Belgrave HParliament Hill30 May 
1.401BMatthew Hall Kingston & PolyGuildford30 May 
1.403AJoe Jenner Reigate PrioryCrawley24 Jun 
1.403ADaniel Edwards Guildford&GWalton12 Jul 
1.38PJack MawerCamberley&DistCarshalton12 Sep 
 Pole Vault (Standard: 2.00m )
 3.451Lewis HerzogCamberley&DistErith20 Jun
 3.101ATolu Ayo-Ojo Camberley&DistPortsmouth21 Jun
 3.002=Jack Westley Kingston & PolyHendon23 Aug
 2.701BOwen Heard Camberley&DistUxbridge2 May
 2.403ARyan LeesWoking ACWalton22 Jul
 2.202BSam Shaw Kingston & PolyUxbridge2 May
 2.001ACharlie WoodmanWalton ACHorsham21 Jun
Long Jump (Standard: 4.60m )
5.841Ryan Longman Reigate PrioryKingston13 Jun 
5.771Ryan Lees Woking ACWoking6 Sep 
5.692Matthew de Rossi Belgrave HBattersea Park13 Jun 
5.67/-1.91Joshua Loach Crawley ACKingston24 May 
5.491AAdam Hawkins Herne Hill HEton18 Jul 
5.441Kyle Reynolds-Warmington Belgrave HCrystal Palace5 Jul 
5.36w/+2.5PJosh WatsonHolland SportsCarshalton12 Sep 
5.35/+1.52Sam Bishop Walton ACKingston24 May 
5.335Jude Williams Guildford&GKingston13 Jun 
5.31/+1.1*Josh WatsonHolland SportsCarshalton12 Sep 
5.28w/+2.5PDaniel Roffey Epsom & EwellCarshalton12 Sep 
5.271AEuan Murray Camberley&DistPerivale18 Jul 
5.17/-1.24Jamel PowellHerne Hill HKingston24 May 
5.16/+0.15Sam Whitehead Camberley&DistKingston24 May 
5.144AReuben Vaughan Croydon HReading21 Jun 
5.093Lewis HerzogCamberley&DistTooting Bec25 Jul 
5.064AAlexis Odusole Guildford&GAldershot23 Aug 
5.028Theseus Ricketts Sutton&DistrictKingston13 Jun 
4.963ADaniel RoffeyEpsom & EwellCoulsdon14 Jun 
4.90/+1.1PJack MawerCamberley&DistCarshalton12 Sep 
4.865AJack Broughton Reigate PrioryHorsham21 Jun 
4.841BSebastian Rapela Woking ACCarshalton2 May 
4.84/+1.5PTom HandleyCamberley&DistCarshalton12 Sep 
4.811BSid DanielsHerne Hill HCoulsdon14 Jun 
4.791BOrin Mafuta Belgrave HParliament Hill30 May 
4.754ABeckett Whiting Kingston & PolyPortsmouth21 Jun 
4.747ALuke Mann Camberley&DistGuildford7 Jun 
4.74w/+2.1PTolu Ayo-OjoCamberley&DistCarshalton12 Sep 
4.701BOwen Heard Camberley&DistUxbridge9 May 
4.69/+0.38Joe Hubbard Walton ACKingston24 May 
4.684ACallum Holder Sutton&DistrictCarshalton2 May 
4.675ADaniel Edwards Guildford&GPerivale18 Jul 
4.642BConor Martin Walton ACCoulsdon14 Jun 
4.632BJonathan Efedje Woking ACSalisbury12 Jul 
 Triple Jump (Standard: 9.50m )
 13.052Reuben CollinsDorkingMVKingston13 Jun
 11.35/+0.25Joshua LoachCrawley ACKingston24 May
 11.131ACharlie StewartSouth LondonWalton12 Jul
 11.063Jamel Powell Herne Hill HBattersea Park13 Jun
 10.521ADaniel Roffey Epsom & EwellCoulsdon14 Jun
 10.032ASinduso WeirHerne Hill HCoulsdon14 Jun
 9.661BMatt Dyer Epsom & EwellCarshalton19 Apr
 9.652BMohamed Mohamud Herne Hill HCarshalton19 Apr
Shot Put (4kg) (Standard: 8.00m )
13.561Sam Mace Walton ACWoking6 Sep 
13.021ABen Porter Camberley&DistReading13 Sep 
12.851Luke Green Belgrave HHendon9 Jun 
12.691APhilip Bartlett South LondonWalton12 Jul 
11.571Reuben Vaughan Croydon HTooting Bec27 Sep 
11.291Adam Hawkins Herne Hill HTooting Bec29 Aug 
10.941AJoshua Dodson Guildford&GPortsmouth21 Jun 
10.791AJames Lancaster Blkhth&BromSouthampton2 May 
10.432ARhys Timms Sutton&DistrictHorsham21 Jun 
10.232nsKyle Reynolds-Warmington Belgrave HParliament Hill30 May 
10.101ABeckett Whiting Kingston & PolyWalton12 Jul 
10.073Matthew VarcoeHolland SportsBirmingham22 Jun 
9.958Luke BaumkotterSutton&DistrictCrystal Palace5 Jul 
9.923BTiarnan Matthews Herne Hill HEton18 Jul 
9.781BMarcus Romilly South LondonWalton12 Jul 
9.673Jake Webb Woking ACWoking6 Sep 
9.649Rami MillerSouth LondonCrystal Palace5 Jul 
9.33PMatthew DyerEpsom & EwellCarshalton12 Sep 
9.222AHarry Williams Guildford&GWalton12 Jul 
9.202AMatthew de Rossi Belgrave HMile End21 Jun 
9.152BDaniel Ingram Camberley&DistAldershot23 Aug 
9.137Max Brett Holland SportsKingston13 Jun 
9.01PJack Mawer Camberley&DistCarshalton12 Sep 
9.002Matthew TweedWoking ACWoking12 Aug 
8.86PSebastian Fallowfield Herne Hill HLee Valley21 May 
8.751BLewis Herzog Camberley&DistBasingstoke26 Apr 
8.74PJoshua Loach Crawley ACCrawley27 May 
8.592BUgo Ajeh Croydon HBromley30 May 
8.565Joseph ThomasWoking ACWoking6 Sep 
8.353AJoe Jenner Reigate PrioryAldershot30 May 
8.331BAdam Bator-Brown Guildford&GGuildford30 May 
8.013ASamuel Ofei-kwatia Sutton&DistrictWalton12 Jul 
8.00PJosh WatsonHolland SportsCarshalton12 Sep 
 Discus (1.25kg) (Standard: 20.00m )
 47.911Sam Mace Walton ACBedford30 Aug
 44.531Philip Bartlett South LondonGateshead10 Jul
 40.451Ben PorterCamberley&DistWoking12 Aug
 34.773Reuben VaughanCroydon HKingston13 Jun
 34.202AJake Webb Woking ACHorsham21 Jun
 34.183AJames Lancaster Blkhth&BromBirmingham5 Sep
 32.241BJoseph Thomas Woking ACHorsham21 Jun
 29.481AMatthew de RossiBelgrave HMile End21 Jun
 28.581Adam Hawkins Herne Hill HTooting Bec29 Aug
 28.192AJoshua Dodson Guildford&GAldershot23 Aug
 25.684AMatt Dyer Epsom & EwellCoulsdon14 Jun
 24.181BDaniel Ingram Camberley&DistGuildford30 May
 23.411nsLewis HerzogCamberley&DistWoking5 Jul
 23.334BTiarnan MatthewsHerne Hill HEton18 Jul
 23.123ALuke Baumkotter Sutton&DistrictPortsmouth18 Jul
 22.133ABarnaby KingGuildford&GGuildford30 May
 22.032BTom CursonsWalton ACCoulsdon14 Jun
 21.771AMax Brett Holland SportsCarshalton19 Apr
 21.704ASamuel Ofei-kwatiaSutton&DistrictCarshalton2 May
 21.423BHarry WilliamsGuildford&GGuildford30 May
 20.641BTolu Ayo-OjoCamberley&DistWinchester14 Jun
 20.134ALuke NewellKingston & PolyPerivale18 Jul
Hammer (4kg) (Standard: 17.00m )
59.871Sam Mace Walton ACCrawley31 Aug 
59.201James Lancaster Blkhth&BromTonbridge31 Aug 
28.402ABen PorterCamberley&DistPerivale18 Jul 
24.724Jordan SmithSouth LondonKingston13 Jun 
23.961ALuke Baumkotter Sutton&DistrictPortsmouth18 Jul 
22.833AJake Webb Woking ACHorsham21 Jun 
22.662BTiarnan MatthewsHerne Hill HEton18 Jul 
21.992AMax BrettHolland SportsGillingham21 Jun 
20.534ALuke NewellKingston & PolyPerivale18 Jul 
20.512BSamuel Ofei-kwatiaSutton&DistrictHorsham21 Jun 
20.485ALewis HerzogCamberley&DistPortsmouth21 Jun 
20.484ATom CursonsWalton ACPortsmouth18 Jul 
18.681BJoseph Thomas Woking ACCarshalton2 May 
 Javelin (600g) (Standard: 22.00m )
 42.971Sam Mace Walton ACKingston23 May
 38.961Adam Hawkins Herne Hill HTooting Bec25 Jul
 38.251ARhys Timms Sutton&DistrictWalton12 Jul
 38.171AArchie CarpenterGuildford&GUxbridge9 May
 37.871Alex Tischler Croydon HBattersea Park13 Jun
 37.083Ben Porter Camberley&DistWoking6 Sep
 35.603Matthew Rawson Herne Hill HTooting Bec27 Sep
 33.903ACharlie Dugdale Kingston & PolyWalton12 Jul
 33.353Jack Mawer Camberley&DistKingston13 Jun
 33.242AOscar BlanchardStMRichmondWinchester21 Jun
 33.091Stanley AdmiraalBelgrave HCarshalton23 Aug
 31.662Daniel Ingram Camberley&DistEton3 Jun
 31.362Tom OswaldHerculesWimbTooting Bec25 Jul
 31.175Sebastian Fallowfield Herne Hill HKingston23 May
 31.042AMarcus Romilly South LondonWalton12 Jul
 30.226Cameron RolphCrawley ACKingston13 Jun
 30.182AMatthew de Rossi Belgrave HEltham2 May
 28.941BEthan OgilvieGuildford&GUxbridge9 May
 28.759Ben BrowneHerne Hill HKingston23 May
 27.691BLuke Baumkotter Sutton&DistrictWalton12 Jul
 26.613Jordan Smith South LondonTooting Bec4 May
 26.594AMatthew DyerEpsom & EwellWalton12 Jul
 26.387ALuke Newell Kingston & PolyPerivale18 Jul
 26.303AAlex Burrows Kingston & PolyCarshalton19 Apr
 25.071BOscar Millard Herne Hill HLee Valley21 Jun
 24.382BBen MarksWalton ACWalton12 Jul
 24.304AJoe Jenner DorkingMVCarshalton19 Apr
 24.075AMax Brett Holland SportsGillingham21 Jun
 23.904BOwen HeardCamberley&DistPerivale18 Jul
 23.612nsTolu Ayo-OjoCamberley&DistWinchester14 Jun
Pentathlon (Standard: 1200pts )
2547pts5Adam Hawkins Herne Hill HReading28 Jun 
2371ptsw/+3.12Josh WatsonHolland SportsCarshalton12 Sep 
2236pts2Joshua Loach Crawley ACCrawley27 May 
2039pts3Joe Hubbard Walton ACCrawley27 May 
1933pts/+2.03Matthew DyerEpsom & EwellCarshalton12 Sep 
1872pts20Sam Bishop Walton ACReading28 Jun 
1815ptsw/+3.14Daniel RoffeyEpsom & EwellCarshalton12 Sep 
1739pts/+1.45Tom HandleyCamberley&DistCarshalton12 Sep 
1718ptsw/+2.16Tolu Ayo-Ojo Camberley&DistCarshalton12 Sep 
1692pts/+1.27Jack MawerCamberley&DistCarshalton12 Sep 
1663ptsw/+2.98Henry FisherHolland SportsCarshalton12 Sep 
1614pts/+2.09Adam CoatesEpsom & EwellCarshalton12 Sep 
1557pts5Tolu Ayo-OjoCamberley&DistCrawley27 May 
1466pts12Sebastian Fallowfield Herne Hill HLee Valley21 May 
1440ptsw/+3.110Joseph FosterCamberley&DistCarshalton12 Sep 
1394pts6Owen Heard Camberley&DistCrawley27 May 

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