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Under 17 Men
(We have been advised by UKA that performances in mixed gender events are not eligible for record purposes nor as qualifying performances for championships.
Therefore we will show such performances in italics with an mx suffix. Please note that this does not apply to the Under-13 Age Groups because there are no records for them.)

Athletes are requested to ensure that their county affiliation is shown correctly on Power of Ten.
 100 Metres (Standard: 12.30 )
 11.2Uvie UgonoSouthwark ACWest London12 Jun
 11.2Simon RollHerculesWimbFeltham27 Jun
 11.5Chuka EgbunikeHerne Hill HWoking27 Jun
 11.6/-4.9Martin GiraudHerculesWimbCroydon15 May
 11.7Joseph SuttonKingston & PolyHorsham6 Jun
 11.8Ludwig NunooBelgrave HWimbledon Park23 Jun
 11.8Richard DavidBelgrave HWimbledon Park23 Jun
 11.8Gareth RaynerGuildford&GFeltham27 Jun
 11.9Ajay KapoorWoking ACTooting Bec2 May
 11.9Mark FrancisSutton&DistrictWimbledon Park23 Jun
 11.9Ashley SkiltonCroydon HWimbledon Park23 Jun
 11.9Richard AspdenEpsom & EwellFeltham27 Jun
 11.9Robert SmithSouth LondonCroydon27 Jun
 11.9Stephen MitchellEpsom & EwellKingsmeadow30 Jun
 12.07Karl JacksonCroydon HBirmingham5 Sep
 12.1Gary ShamarisCroydon HWimbledon Park23 Jun
 12.1Ian PeaseHerculesWimbWimbledon Park23 Jun
 12.1Michael HanleyCroydon HAldershot27 Jun
 12.2Christopher BartlettEpsom & EwellPerivale18 Jul
 12.2Tim PrattAldershotF&DEltham25 Jul
 12.3M HartRedhill&SyBBrighton3 Apr
 12.3Edward BrooksGuildford&GFeltham27 Jun
200 Metres (Standard: 26.00 )
22.3Martin GiraudHerculesWimbTooting Bec29 Aug 
22.3w/+3.72h4Simon RollHerculesWimbBlackpool9 Jul 
22.31w/+4.42h2Uvie UgonoSouthwark ACBlackpool9 Jul 
22.9Simon RollHerculesWimbKingsmeadow5 Sep 
23.1Uvie UgonoSouthwark ACWest London12 Jun 
23.4Richard DavidBelgrave HWimbledon Park23 Jun 
23.4Gareth RaynerGuildford&GBasingstoke31 Jul 
23.6Stephen MitchellEpsom & EwellKingsmeadow16 Jun 
23.7Joseph SuttonKingston & PolyHorsham6 Jun 
23.9Karl JacksonCroydon HHaringey27 Apr 
23.9Chuka EgbunikeHerne Hill HSutton6 Jun 
23.9Ian PeaseHerculesWimbTooting Bec16 Jun 
24.0Ashley SkiltonCroydon HWimbledon Park23 Jun 
24.3Robert SmithSouth LondonWatford23 May 
24.3Christopher BartlettEpsom & EwellTooting Bec29 Aug 
24.3Ludwig NunooBelgrave HKingsmeadow5 Sep 
24.46Michael HanleyCroydon HBirmingham5 Sep 
24.5Tim PrattAldershotF&DCroydon16 May 
24.8William GouldGuildford&GWindsor2 May 
24.9David HensmanCroydon HCroydon2 May 
24.9Melvin BalderyHolland SportsDartford6 Jun 
25.0Martin DixonCroydon HWatford23 May 
25.0Neil DumbletonGuildford&GWalton11 Jul 
25.1P. Kabengele-BengoSutton&DistrictWimbledon Park23 Jun 
25.1Stephen ArchibaldHerculesWimbWimbledon Park30 Dec 
25.2David OrdBelgrave HCroydon16 May 
25.3Matthew JonesWoking ACWoking23 May 
25.3N. ElderfieldSutton&DistrictWimbledon Park23 Jun 
25.6M. SerraWaverley HBrighton3 Apr 
25.6Jim WalshCroydon HWimbledon Park23 Jun 
25.7Jason OshinowoHerculesWimbCroydon16 May 
25.9Philip BrownCroydon HDeangate6 Jun 
25.9Steven GrantWoking ACWoking5 Sep 
 400 Metres (Standard: 58.00 )
 50.7Gavin MasonBelgrave HCroydon30 Jun
 50.91Robert ScantleburyHerculesWimbWimbledon Park23 Jun
 51.4Stephen MitchellEpsom & EwellKingsmeadow12 Jun
 51.5Abdi WarsameCroydon HReading1 Aug
 51.9Richard DavidBelgrave HSouthampton18 Jul
 52.0Richard AspdenEpsom & EwellKingsmeadow18 Apr
 52.3Tim PrattAldershotF&DAldershot27 Jun
 52.6Simon RollHerculesWimbWimbledon Park23 Aug
 52.8D GouldHaslemere BWoking5 Sep
 53.0Ian PeaseHerculesWimbWimbledon Park23 Jun
 53.4Robert MilnerBelgrave HCroydon15 May
 53.7Robert FlynnCroydon HWimbledon Park23 Jun
 53.8Ashley SkiltonCroydon HAldershot27 Jun
 53.9William GouldGuildford&GSutton6 Jun
 53.90Martin DicksonCroydon HBirmingham5 Sep
 54.0Yacin YusufCroydon HDeangate6 Jun
 54.4Christopher BartlettEpsom & EwellKingsmeadow16 Jun
 55.2Neil DumbletonGuildford&GSutton6 Jun
 55.9Stephen ArchibaldHerculesWimbKingsmeadow5 Sep
 56.3Paul CubittGuildford&GWoking25 Aug
 56.4Simon PorterHerne Hill HTooting Bec7 Jun
 56.7Melvin BalderyHolland SportsTonbridge23 May
 56.7Michael ParperBelgrave HWimbledon Park23 Jun
 57.3David OrdBelgrave HCroydon15 May
800 Metres (Standard: 2:18.00 )
1:55.361Gavin MasonBelgrave HBlackpool10 Jul 
1:58.03Abdi WarsameCroydon HKingsmeadow12 Jun 
1:59.7Yacin YusufCroydon HDeangate6 Jun 
2:00.4Gavin RussellEpsom & EwellBromley31 Jul 
2:01.65Robert FlynnCroydon HBirmingham5 Sep 
2:01.8Alister MosesReigate PrioryWimbledon Park1 May 
2:02.2Ben HamillBelgrave HDeangate6 Jun 
2:02.5Gareth CreaghWalton ACWimbledon Park1 May 
2:03.0Ben WooddHerne Hill HWimbledon Park23 Jun 
2:03.61h2R HamillBelgrave HWimbledon1 May 
2:04.0Simon PorterHerne Hill HWest London12 Jun 
2:04.6Adam JonesBelgrave HDeangate6 Jun 
2:04.9Jason BeerajeKingston & PolyWimbledon Park1 May 
2:05.13h2Daniel HulbertDorkingStPWimbledon1 May 
2:05.34h1B WooddHerne Hill HWimbledon1 May 
2:06.2Michael ParperBelgrave HWest London12 Jun 
2:06.2Paul CubittGuildford&GWoking25 Aug 
2:06.34h2S PorterHerne Hill HWimbledon1 May 
2:06.5Adam PrinceEpsom & EwellWimbledon Park1 May 
2:06.55h2A Prince(Tiffin S)Wimbledon1 May 
2:06.6Gareth DickinsonMole ValleyHorsham5 Jun 
2:07.3Richard AspdenEpsom & EwellWalton6 Jun 
2:07.5Paul BirchallGuildford&GPortsmouth18 Jul 
2:07.8Neil DumbletonGuildford&GDartford1 Aug 
2:08.1K MurphyRichmond&TWalton8 Aug 
2:08.3Carl ShorterHerculesWimbFeltham27 Jun 
2:08.7Stephen MitchellEpsom & EwellFeltham27 Jun 
2:10.5Daniel RutlandSutton&DistrictWimbledon Park23 Jun 
2:10.95h1P CubittGuildford&GWimbledon1 May 
2:11.0David TurnerCroydon HKingsmeadow10 Jun 
2:12.46h2A RutlandSutton&DistrictWimbledon1 May 
2:12.9Simon GibbWoking ACWoking27 Jun 
2:14.77h2Stuart KiddOxted SchoolWimbledon1 May 
2:15.5Robert SouthCroydon HBattersea Park2 May 
2:15.66h1Neil BatesEpsom & EwellWimbledon1 May 
2:16.27h1Richard BarrattOxted SchoolWimbledon1 May 
2:16.8Stephen ArchibaldHerculesWimbWimbledon Park23 Jun 
 1500 Metres (Standard: 4:55.00 )
 4:05.4Gareth CreaghWalton ACEnfield
 4:05.98Alister MosesReigate PrioryBlackpool10 Jul
 4:09.7Ben WooddHerne Hill HCopthall30 Jun
 4:12.2Gavin MasonBelgrave HBattersea Park2 May
 4:12.2Yacin YusufCroydon HHarrow20 Jun
 4:16.0Paul BirchallGuildford&GGuildford20 Jun
 4:17.1Matthew HillierBelgrave HWimbledon Park23 Jun
 4:17.7Simon PorterHerne Hill HWimbledon Park23 Jun
 4:19.1Adam JonesBelgrave HKingsmeadow12 Jun
 4:20.3Gareth DickinsonMole ValleyCroydon15 May
 4:21.3Ben HamillBelgrave HHayes25 Apr
 4:21.3Abdi WarsameCroydon HCroydon15 May
 4:21.6Gavin RussellEpsom & EwellKingsmeadow25 Apr
 4:21.8Tom EvansBelgrave HKingsmeadow12 Jun
 4:22.2Carl ShorterHerculesWimbKingsmeadow5 Sep
 4:23.7Ben WhitbyRichmond&TKingsmeadow5 Sep
 4:24.9Adam PrinceEpsom & EwellKingsmeadow12 Jun
 4:25.5Jacques RossouwKingston & PolyKingsmeadow5 Sep
 4:26.9Craig ButtleEpsom & EwellFeltham27 Jun
 4:30.5Jason BeerajeKingston & PolyKingsmeadow18 Jul
 4:30.7Robert SouthCroydon HDeangate6 Jun
 4:32.7Simon GibbWoking ACWoking5 Sep
 4:33.6Paul CubittGuildford&GPortsmouth18 Jul
 4:35.29M. BaylissCroydon HBirmingham5 Sep
 4:35.5Christian ElliottBelgrave HKingsmeadow12 Jun
 4:37.8Sam MaguireGuildford&GWindsor2 May
 4:37.8Neil DumbletonGuildford&GFeltham27 Jun
 4:39.4Andrew WardSutton&DistrictWimbledon Park23 Jun
 4:40.36A Prince(Tiffin S)Croydon15 May
 4:41.0Michael ParperBelgrave HKingsmeadow5 Sep
 4:41.1J. WilsonBelgrave HWimbledon Park23 Jun
 4:43.35David TurnerCroydon HBirmingham5 Sep
 4:43.47P CubittGuildford&GCroydon15 May
 4:44.8Mathew BrenchleyWoking ACWoking27 Jun
 4:45.1Stephen McNallySutton&DistrictWimbledon Park23 Jun
 4:47.28A WardSutton&DistrictCroydon15 May
 4:49.5Alastair YuleHerne Hill HTooting Bec13 May
 4:50.0Mathew PollardWoking ACTooting Bec2 May
 4:51.3Neil BatesEpsom & EwellFeltham27 Jun
 4:51.8Andrew OggCroydon HCroydon23 May
 4:52.0Tom HayesCroydon HWimbledon Park23 Jun
3000 Metres (Standard: 10:40.00 )
8:52.1Yacin YusufCroydon HTooting Bec16 Jun 
8:55.0Gareth CreaghWalton ACWest London 
9:11.5Alister MosesReigate PrioryCrawley27 Mar 
9:14.0Abdi WarsameCroydon HHarrow20 Jun 
9:14.2Daniel HulbertDorkingStPWoking9 Jul 
9:16.4Paul BirchallGuildford&GWoking25 Aug 
9:20.0Matthew HillierBelgrave HEltham25 Jul 
9:23.0Adam JonesBelgrave HEltham25 Jul 
9:23.9Robert SouthCroydon HDeangate6 Jun 
9:30.4Gavin RussellEpsom & EwellCroydon15 May 
9:57.2Jamie NewallGuildford&GWindsor2 May 
10:01.7Andrew WardSutton&DistrictKingsmeadow12 Jun 
10:07.6Andrew OggCroydon HBattersea Park2 May 
10:11.7Robert PagnamentaRichmond&TKingsmeadow5 Sep 
10:19.8Paul CubittGuildford&GGuildford20 Jun 
10:21.1Mathew BrenchleyWoking ACWoking25 Aug 
10:34.5Alastair YuleHerne Hill HWest London12 Jun 
 1500 Metres Steeplechase (Standard: 5:30.00 )
 4:26.51Gavin RussellEpsom & EwellWimbledon Park1 May
 4:29.71Kevin NashAldershotF&DKingsmeadow12 Jun
 4:30.02Gareth DickinsonMole ValleyWimbledon Park1 May
 4:38.4Matthew HillierBelgrave HDeangate6 Jun
 4.40.3W SwafferBelgrave HSouthampton18 Jul
 4.40.9Alister MosesReigate PriorySouthampton19 Jun
 4:44.48Paul BirchallGuildford&GMayesbrook Par29 May
 4:49.8Adam JonesBelgrave HWimbledon Park1 May
 4:57.1Andrew WardSutton&DistrictEltham25 Jul
 5:02.24Andrew OggCroydon HBirmingham5 Sep
 5:17.78Robert ThompsonCroydon HBirmingham5 Sep
 5:23.7Mathew BrenchleyWoking ACPerivale18 Jul
100 Metres Hurdles (Standard: 17.00 )
14.21Ajay KapoorWoking ACWoking23 May 
14.21r1Gary ShamarisCroydon HAldershot27 Jun 
14.6Jim WalshCroydon HCroydon23 Jun 
14.6Mark DavisBelgrave HKingsmeadow5 Sep 
14.8Matthew JonesWoking ACEltham25 Jul 
15.1Paul DashGuildford&GFeltham27 Jun 
15.2Richard DavidBelgrave HWimbledon Park23 Jun 
15.2Ian PeaseHerculesWimbKingsmeadow5 Sep 
15.3Karl JacksonCroydon HDeangate6 Jun 
15.5Lee BroomfieldKingston & PolyHorsham6 Jun 
15.5M. SerraWaverley HKingsmeadow12 Jun 
15.9Richard AspdenEpsom & EwellEnfield1 Aug 
16.0Tommy HarperCroydon HWatford23 May 
16.0Tim DebarroGuildford&GSutton6 Jun 
16.3M CrowtherSutton&DistrictWimbledon Park23 Jun 
 400 Metres Hurdles (84.0cm) (Standard: 68.00 )
 57.31Richard AspdenEpsom & EwellWimbledon Park1 May
 57.313h1Robert MilnerBelgrave HBlackpool9 Jul
 57.82Ian PeaseHerculesWimbKingsmeadow12 Jun
 58.9Stephen MitchellEpsom & EwellPerivale18 Jul
 60.1Gavin MasonBelgrave HOxford27 Jun
 60.2Robert FlynnCroydon HBirmingham5 Sep
 62.2R. DrewWalton ACWalton8 Aug
 63.26Robert ThompsonCroydon HBirmingham5 Sep
 63.6Stephen ArchibaldHerculesWimbWimbledon Park1 May
 63.9Gavin RussellEpsom & EwellFeltham27 Jun
 65.4Paul CubittGuildford&GPortsmouth18 Jul
 65.6Jim WalshCroydon HHarrow18 Jul
 67.8lmran MohammadHerne Hill HPerivale18 Jul
High Jump (Standard: 1.50m )
2.051Richard AspdenEpsom & EwellHendon15 Aug 
1.901Lee BroomfieldKingston & PolyKingsmeadow12 May 
1.81James GanioBelgrave HKingsmeadow22 Jun 
1.80Karl JacksonCroydon HHaringey27 Apr 
1.75Christian ClarkeCroydon HBirmingham5 Sep 
1.70Richard CareySutton&DistrictCroydon16 May 
1.70Robert PagnamentaRichmond&TWalton8 Aug 
1.70Shane CloonanHerculesWimbKingsmeadow5 Sep 
1.65Stephen MitchellEpsom & EwellKingsmeadow19 Jun 
1.60Marcus MillerBelgrave HHayes25 Apr 
1.55Gawain OwenKingston & PolyKingsmeadow23 May 
1.55Darren ByattSouth LondonTooting Bec18 Jul 
1.55Gavin RussellEpsom & EwellPer vale18 Jul 
1.50Simon PorterHerne Hill HTooting Bec2 May 
1.50Ryan RodriguesCroydon HCroydon2 May 
1.50Daniel KellyCroydon HCroydon2 May 
1.50Andrew OggCroydon HCroydon23 May 
1.50Nathan HonourWoking ACWoking23 May 
1.50Paul BirchallGuildford&GWindsor23 May 
1.45Alastair YuleHerne Hill HTooting Bec2 May 
1.45Aaron CarterGuildford&GWindsor23 May 
1.45Miles HeskethGuildford&GPortsmouth18 Jul 
1.40Alastair JeffcoateWoking ACTooting Bec2 May 
1.40Kris MedwayunattachedWalton20 Jun 
1.35Mathew BrenchleyWoking ACWalton6 Jun 
1.05Ronan BradleyCroydon HWatford23 May 
 Pole Vault (Standard: 2.20m )
 3.45Shane CloonanHerculesWimbStoke7 Aug
 3.30Matthew JonesWoking ACTooting Bec2 May
 3.30Karl JacksonCroydon HBirmingham5 Sep
 2.70Wilt HarringtonGuildford&GTonbridge25 Apr
 2.70Kulwant HayreCroydon HBattersea Park2 May
 2.40Nathan HonourWoking ACCroydon16 May
 2.20lmran MohammadHerne Hill HTooting Bec14 Aug
Long Jump (Standard: 5.20m )
7.11w1Martin GiraudHerculesWimbCarlisle3 Jul 
6.931Martin GiraudHerculesWimbSutton17 Apr 
6.32Chuka EgbunikeHerne Hill HSutton6 Jun 
6.26James GanioBelgrave HSouthampton18 Jul 
6.21Adam MansellGuildford&GWoking23 May 
6.20O WoodWalton ACWalton6 Jun 
6.08Richard AspdenEpsom & EwellEnfield1 Aug 
6.03S. KazeemunattachedCrystal Palace18 Jul 
5.97Tim PrattAldershotF&DCroydon16 May 
5.83Ajay KapoorWoking ACWoodford Green31 Jul 
5.82Robert ScantleburyHerculesWimbWimbledon Park23 Jun 
5.76lkwuagu AmiakaCroydon HBirmingham5 Sep 
5.74Philip BrownCroydon HWatford23 May 
5.72William GouldGuildford&GWoking1 Aug 
5.68Andrew BlackburnSouth LondonTooting Bec18 Jul 
5.67Tim DebarroGuildford&GFeltham27 Jun 
5.65Stephen MitchellEpsom & EwellFeltham27 Jun 
5.62Bode OluwaSouthwark ACNewham29 Aug 
5.59Lee BroomfieldKingston & PolyCrystal Palace18 Jul 
5.56Nana SarkodeeHerne Hill HWoking27 Jun 
5.55Tommy HarperCroydon HWatford23 May 
5.54M. CrowtherSutton&DistrictWimbledon Park23 Jun 
5.51Simon RollHerculesWimbWimbledon Park23 Jun 
5.41Ludwig NunooBelgrave HKingsmeadow5 Sep 
5.40Daniel KellyCroydon HCroydon2 May 
 Triple Jump (Standard: 11.25m )
 12.53lkwuagu AmiakaCroydon HKingsmeadow12 Jun
 12.44Adam MansellGuildford&GSutton6 Jun
 12.27Owen EvansEpsom & EwellFeltham27 Jun
 12.24Tommy HarperCroydon HWatford23 May
 12.19Tim DebarroGuildford&GFeltham27 Jun
 12.15Stephen MitchellEpsom & EwellWoking23 May
 11.88Kulwant HayreCroydon HCroydon16 May
 11.46Steve McMasterKingston & PolyWoodford Green31 Jul
Shot Put (5kg) (Standard: 9.50m )
17.141Bill (William P) FullerSutton&DistrictBlackpool9 Jul 
16.491Anthony Soalla-BellHerne Hill HKingsmeadow5 Sep 
12.71Scott PerryCroydon HCroydon23 May 
12.31Daniel de RosaWoking ACHendon15 Aug 
11.79Oliver PaineCroydon HDeangate6 Jun 
10.83A CrouchRichmond&TKingsmeadow12 Jun 
10.45Safraz ZamenHolland SportsTonbridge23 May 
10.30Giles WinserKingston & PolyKingsmeadow23 May 
9.86Toks OladutiHerne Hill HWoking27 Jun 
9.82Roy WilsonHerne Hill HWimbledon Park23 May 
9.72Peter FullerSutton&DistrictWimbledon Park23 Jun 
9.71Richard AspdenEpsom & EwellEnfield1 Aug 
9.70Roy WilsonHerne Hill HWimbledon Park23 Jun 
 Discus (1.5kg) (Standard: 23.00m )
 44.345Bill (William P) FullerSutton&DistrictBirmingham8 Aug
 42.72Scott PerryCroydon HHarrow18 Jul
 39.48Oliver PaineCroydon HKingsmeadow12 Jun
 33.70Junior SimmonsCroydon HKingsmeadow12 Jun
 31.84Peter FullerSutton&DistrictCroydon15 May
 31.28Stephen ThompsonCroydon HCroydon27 Jun
 29.84Daniel de RosaWoking ACWoking5 Sep
 29.42Anthony Soalla-BellHerne Hill HSutton6 Jun
 29.34Steven GrantWoking ACWoking5 Sep
 28.66A. CrouchRichmond&TCrawley17 Apr
 28.56Wilf HarringtonGuildford&GPortsmouth18 Jul
 28.52Toks OladutiHerne Hill HWoking27 Jun
 26.88Sean HobbsHolland SportsCroydon2 May
 26.58Paul MartinKingston & PolyBournemouth27 Jun
 24.15Alastair YuleHerne Hill HWimbledon Park23 May
 24.02Jamie BannisterHolland SportsDartford6 Jun
Hammer (5kg) (Standard: 17.00m )
55.202Bill (William P) FullerSutton&DistrictWoking27 Jun 
41.18Umut ErolCroydon HKingsmeadow12 Jun 
37.02Peter FullerSutton&DistrictCroydon16 May 
36.38Kulwant HayreCroydon HAldershot27 Jun 
34.24Sean HobbsHolland SportsCroydon15 May 
34.04Oliver PaineCroydon HCroydon23 May 
28.54Anthony Soalla-BellHerne Hill HTooting Bec7 Jun 
27.30Jamie BannisterHolland SportsTooting Bec18 Jul 
24.10Owen EvansEpsom & EwellFeltham27 Jun 
23.64Daniel de RosaWoking ACWoking27 Jun 
21.92Steven GrantWoking ACPerivale18 Jul 
21.50Keir LawsonHolland SportsDartford6 Jun 
21.38Roy WilsonHerne Hill HWoking27 Jun 
19.40Gavin LawsonHolland SportsTooting Bec18 Jul 
19.16R. SmithGuildford&GWoking23 May 
19.02Serjio BrunoCroydon HCroydon2 May 
18.68Wilf HarringtonGuildford&GPortsmouth18 Jul 
18.58Alastair YuleHerne Hill HTooting Bec7 Jun 
18.02Ronan BradleyCroydon HCroydon27 Jun 
 Javelin (700g) (Standard: 28.00m )
 54.585Benjamin CascoeBelgrave HBirmingham7 Aug
 52.64Mark FrancisSutton&DistrictSutton6 Jun
 48.42William GouldGuildford&GWoking1 Aug
 46.74Robert PagnamentaRichmond&TBracknell27 Mar
 46.66Scott PerryCroydon HCroydon15 May
 46.64Bill (William P) FullerSutton&DistrictSutton6 Jun
 45.46Owen EvansEpsom & EwellCroydon15 May
 43.30Giles WinserKingston & PolyKingsmeadow23 May
 41.50Philip EglingtonWoking ACWalton6 Jun
 40.70Stephen MitchellEpsom & EwellWoking23 May
 39.38Robert KnightCroydon HCroydon27 Jun
 36.74Scott LindleyRedhill&SyBCroydon15 May
 36.38David BakerHerculesWimbKingsmeadow12 Jun
 35.08Umut ErolCroydon HHaringey27 Apr
 32.74Stephen McNallySutton&DistrictWimbledon Park23 Jun
 32.60Andrew BlackburnSouth LondonTooting Bec18 Jul
 31.00Wilf HarringtonGuildford&GSutton6 Jun
 29.60Alastair YuleHerne Hill HSutton6 Jun
 29.48Ryan RodriguesCroydon HParliament Hill6 Jun
 28.54Lee BroomfieldKingston & PolyBournemouth27 Jun

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