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(We have been advised by UKA that performances in mixed gender events are not eligible for record purposes nor as qualifying performances for championships.
Therefore we will show such performances in italics with an mx suffix. Please note that this does not apply to the Under-13 Age Groups because there are no records for them.)

Athletes are requested to ensure that their county affiliation is shown correctly on Power of Ten.
 100 Metres (Standard: 11.20 )
 10.21Ernest ObengBelgrave HCairo, EGY26 Aug
 10.3w1Jim EvansBelgrave HEnfield5 Jun
 10.40/+1.11s2Jim EvansBelgrave HCrystal Palace24 Jul
 10.51Michael Powell (U23)ShaftesburyHHaringey7 Jul
 10.5w2Donovan Reid (U20)ShaftesburyHHaringey8 May
 10.51/+0.73s1Donovan Reid (U20)ShaftesburyHCrystal Palace24 Jul
 10.60/+0.75s1Errol Roofe (U23)Epsom & EwellCrystal Palace24 Jul
 10.60w/+3.23h3Selwyn ClarkeHerne Hill HCrystal Palace24 Jul
 10.64/+1.91Selwyn ClarkeHerne Hill HEdinburgh11 Aug
 10.7Andrew Martin (U20)Croydon HHaringey5 Jun
 10.74w/+2.22h2Mike St. Louis (U20)Herne Hill HCwmbran31 Jul
 10.84Rod MilneEpsom & EwellReading10 Apr
 10.81r2Mike St. Louis (U20)Herne Hill HBristol5 Jun
 10.83Colin GaynorSurrey ACAldershot7 Jul
 11.044Arnold Hunte (U20)Herne Hill HLille, FRA6 Jun
 11.1/+0.71Paul LavenderEpsom & EwellMotspur Park15 May
 11.2David Cocks (U23)Croydon HBromley18 Apr
200 Metres (Standard: 23.00 )
20.87/+0.47Donovan Reid (U23)ShaftesburyBrisbane, AUS7 Oct 
21.12Colin GaynorBelgrave HAldershot11 Jul 
21.11Jim EvansBelgrave HAldershot11 Jul 
21.14/+1.43Ernest ObengBelgrave HEugene, USA5 Jun 
21.6Devon Wright (U20)Croydon HMannheim, GER17 Aug 
21.61Mike St. Louis (U20)Herne Hill HCrystal Palace19 Sep 
21.7Andrew Martin (U20)Croydon HHaringey5 Jun 
21.81Rod MilneEpsom & EwellReading10 Apr 
21.8/+1.91r2Michael Powell (U23)HerculesWimbHendon3 Jul 
22.01Selwyn ClarkeHerne Hill HWarley3 Jul 
22.14Errol Roofe (U23)Epsom & EwellStretford3 Jul 
22.21Richard Haizelden (U17)Sutton&CheamWest London29 May 
22.3David Cocks (U23)Croydon HBromley18 Apr 
22.42Paul LavenderEpsom & EwellMotspur Park15 May 
22.53Cleve WestEpsom & EwellMotspur Park15 May 
22.52Paul Harmsworth (U20)Walton ACMotspur Park15 May 
22.64David Mote (U23)Surrey ACMotspur Park15 May 
 400 Metres (Standard: 51.00 )
 46.703Roy Dickens (U23)ShaftesburyHCrystal Palace30 Aug
 47.683Paul Harmsworth (U20)Walton ACCrystal Palace27 Jun
 48.05Bolaji Odunsi (U20)Croydon HCrystal Palace27 Jun
 48.21Rod MilneEpsom & EwellMotspur Park15 May
 48.21David Mote (U23)Surrey ACAldershot11 Jul
 48.62Mike WhittinghamHerne Hill HBristol5 Jun
 48.91John Gladwin (U20)Belgrave HWindsor5 Jun
 50.01h2G Sagar (U20)London ACMotspur Park12 May
 50.02N KnightBelgrave HMotspur Park15 May
 50.0Bob BennCroydon HPlymouth1 Jul
 50.14Allan CordHerne Hill HMotspur Park15 May
 50.13Mark ClarkThamesValleyMotspur Park15 May
 50.31h3Colin GaynorSurrey ACMotspur Park12 May
 50.6Ian GrantCroydon HPlymouth1 Jul
800 Metres (Standard: 2:00.00 )
1:46.466John Gladwin (U20)Belgrave HOslo, NOR7 Jul 
1:47.04Philip Norgate (U23)Epsom & EwellCrystal Palace25 Jul 
1:48.93Stuart Paton (U20)Belgrave HThurrock19 Sep 
1:53.3John WilsonEpsom & EwellBoston, USA8 May 
1:53.31Andrew LayfieldEpsom & EwellMotspur Park15 May 
1:53.32Stuart Crossman (U23)Woking ACAldershot7 Jul 
1:53.43Dave EglenAldershotF&DMotspur Park15 May 
1:53.42Alistair Nicholson (U23)Epsom & EwellMotspur Park15 May 
1:54.1A3Richard McDonnell (U20)Sutton&CheamSouthampton18 Jul 
1:54.43David GlassborowHerne Hill HAldershot7 Jul 
1:54.64Michael RezinAldershotF&DMotspur Park15 May 
1:54.8Ian GrantCroydon HCrystal Palace5 Sep 
1:55.52Barnaby Brennan (U20)Sutton&CheamMotspur Park15 May 
1:55.55Jonathan OwenHerculesWimbMotspur Park15 May 
1:55.5B3Aaron Reader (U20)Mitcham ACSouthampton18 Jul 
1:55.623Adrian Iszatt (U17)South LondonCwmbran31 Jul 
1:56.33h2Stuart Rough (U23)Epsom & EwellMotspur Park13 May 
1:56.46C ClarkeHerculesWimbMotspur Park15 May 
1:56.47Tom Conlon (U23)Herne Hill HMotspur Park15 May 
1:56.51h1Tim Brennan (U23)Sutton&CheamMotspur Park13 May 
1:56.83h1C ClarkHerculesWimbMotspur Park13 May 
1:56.91Richard Vassall (U17)Waverley HMotspur Pk15 May 
1:57.44h2C Chuter (U17)Surrey ACMotspur Park13 May 
1:58.84M Lewis (U17)HerculesWimbMotspur Park15 May 
1:58.95h2N DumbrellEpsom & EwellMotspur Park13 May 
1:58.9Dave ChettleCroydon HPlymouth1 Jul 
1:59.05M Waller (U20)Belgrave HMotspur Park15 May 
1:59.2Mark Hunter (U20)Croydon HCroydon17 Jul 
1:59.2M TownleyCroydon HSouthwark Park16 Aug 
1:59.96A Vaughan (U20)Epsom & EwellMotspur Park15 May 
1:59.9Dave WarrenCroydon HMannheim, GER17 Aug 
 1500 Metres (Standard: 4:08.00 )
 3:39.27David ClarkeHerculesWimbOslo, NOR26 Jun
 3:42.861Stuart Paton (U20)Belgrave HAmsterdam, NED29 Aug
 3:49.71David Swain (U23)Epsom & EwellMotspur Park15 May
 3:49.8John WilsonEpsom & EwellBoston, USA8 May
 3:51.8A3Barnaby Brennan (U20)Sutton&CheamSouthampton18 Jul
 3:52.32Peter Barratt (U23)Ealing&SthlAldershot7 Jul
 3:53.8Dave ChettleCroydon HCroydon17 Jul
 3:54.12Stuart Crossman (U23)Woking ACMotspur Park15 May
 3:54.53Steve SmullenSurrey ACMotspur Park15 May
 3:54.71John Gladwin (U20)Belgrave HMotspur Park15 May
 3:56.75C PayneBracknell ACMotspur Park15 May
 3:56.86Clive Thomas (M35)Croydon HMotspur Park15 May
 3:57.94Adrian Iszatt (U17)South LondonEltham4 Aug
 3:58.14h1Peter Clarke (U23)HerculesWimbMotspur Park11 May
 3:58.17Tim Crossman (U23)Woking ACMotspur Park15 May
 3:58.94h2Tom Conlon (U23)Herne Hill HMotspur Park11 May
 3:59.35h1Michael RezinAldershotF&DMotspur Park11 May
 3:59.63Richard McDonnell (U20)Sutton&CheamMotspur Park15 May
 3:59.610Clive Hensby (U23)Woking ACMotspur Park15 May
 4:01.54Nick Hopkins (U17)Reigate PrioryTonbridge14 Jul
 4:02.57h1S NewtonHerculesWimbMotspur Park11 May
 4:03.54I Croft (U17)Camberley&DistMotspur Park15 May
 4:03.5M TownleyCroydon HOxford
 4:03.6A1Richard Gooderham (U17)Bracknell ACSouthampton18 Jul
 4:03.95Paul Richley (U20)Belgrave HMotspur Park15 May
 4:04.3B3J Thompson (U20)Southampton18 Jul
 4:04.66J Mallett (U20)Woking ACMotspur Park15 May
 4:05.8Mark Slowikowski (U17)HerculesWimb
 4:06.16h2M RiddleSutton&CheamMotspur Park11 May
 4:06.37h2P NokeAldershotF&DMotspur Park11 May
 4:06.7B1M Bangle (U17)Walton ACSouthampton18 Jul
1 Mile (Standard: 4:30.00 )
3:56.95David ClarkeHerculesWimbC Palace17 Jul 
4:04.5Stuart CrossmanWoking ACMotspur Park30 Jun 
4:06.4Peter BarrattEaling&SthlAldershot19 Jul 
 3000 Metres (Standard: 8:55.00 )
 8:08.71David ClarkeHerculesWimbCrystal Palace19 May
 8:10.13David Swain (U23)Collingwood Crystal Palace28 Apr
 8:12.2Andy EvansSouth London
 8:15.02Peter Barratt (U23)Ealing&SthlCrystal Palace8 Sep
 8:32.16Mark Slowikowski (U17)HerculesWimbHornchurch15 Sep
 8:42.81Adrian Iszatt (U17)South LondonCrystal Palace14 Aug
 8:44.1Alan DoltonCroydon HSouthwark16 Aug
 8:47.14Richard Vassall (U17)Waverley HCrystal Palace19 Sep
 8:47.47Richard Gooderham (U17)Bracknell ACWimbledon10 Jul
 8:47.95Nick Hopkins (U17)Reigate PrioryCrystal Palace19 Sep
 8:51.7A5Gary Bishop (U20)Croydon HSouthampton18 Jul
 8:53.2Martin WalmsleyCroydon HLudwigshafen, GER19 Aug
 8:54.81Richard McDonnell (U20)Sutton&CheamWimbledon Pk24 Apr
5000 Metres (Standard: 16:15.00 )
13:56.6John WilsonEpsom & EwellPhiladelphia, USA22 Apr 
14:00.91Bernie FordAldershotF&DBrighton3 Jul 
14:03.412Dave ChettleCroydon HCrystal Palace20 Jun 
14:06.4Clive Hensby (U23)Woking ACReading 
14:17.0816Clive Thomas (M35)Croydon HCrystal Palace20 Jun 
14:27.1Bob PayneHerne Hill HWest London15 Aug 
14:56.21Andy EvansSouth LondonMotspur Park15 May 
15:05.12Peter Lindsell (M35)Guildford&GMotspur Park15 May 
15:05.83Oliver Foote (U23)Belgrave HMotspur Park15 May 
15:06.2Martin WalmsleyCroydon HWindsor7 Aug 
15:15.04S CollingridgePolytechnicHMotspur Park15 May 
15:17.0Alan DoltonCroydon HWest London1 Sep 
15:18.0Mark Slowikowski (U17)HerculesWimb 
15:21.65Peter GilbeySurrey ACMotspur Park15 May 
15:24.96Steve KnightSouth LondonMotspur Park15 May 
15:27.0Gary Bishop (U20)Croydon HWest London7 Sep 
15:28.0Michael Townley (U23)Croydon HCroydon19 Sep 
15:29.27M RiddleSutton&CheamMotspur Park15 May 
15:33.59Ray MarriottSouth LondonMotspur Park15 May 
15:34.6Robin Dickson (M35)Croydon HWest London1 Sep 
15:34.710D Wright (M35)Ranelagh HMotspur Park15 May 
15:42.312David NorthBelgrave HMotspur Park15 May 
15:49.7Don FairclothCroydon HCopthall1 May 
15:57.013Martin PrestonSouth LondonMotspur Park15 May 
16:10.914J FroudWoking ACMotspur Park15 May 
 10,000 Metres (Standard: 35:00.00 )
 27:55.77David ClarkeHerculesWimbFlorence, ITA25 May
 29:03.93Dave ChettleCroydon HBirmingham17 Jul
 30:17.61Peter Barratt (U23)Ealing&SthlReading14 Sep
 30:29.213John Bicourt (M35)Belgrave HCrystal Palace8 Sep
 32:01.41Peter Lindsell (M35)Guildford&GWimbledon25 Apr
 32:07.0Martin WalmsleyCroydon HRedhill28 Aug
 32:28.82C Hall (M35)Woking ACWimbledon25 Apr
 32:34.43A Dippie (M35)Walton ACWimbledon25 Apr
 32:51.8Alan DoltonCroydon HRedhill28 Aug
 32:52.5Robin Dickson (M35)Croydon HRedhill28 Aug
 33:05.0Don FairclothCroydon HRedhill28 Aug
 33:10.04S Littlewood (M35)HerculesWimbWimbledon25 Apr
 33:41.05D SwansonSouth LondonWimbledon25 Apr
 33:55.56J Froud (M35)Woking ACWimbledon25 Apr
 34:45.38Phil FentonCroydon HWimbledon25 Apr
3000 Metres Steeplechase (Standard: 10:00.00 )
8:59.02John WilsonEpsom & EwellBoston, USA15 May 
9:23.6Tim WoodsHerne Hill HAldershot28 Jul 
9:28.11Peter GilbeySurrey ACWimbledon24 Apr 
9:28.42Martin McEvillyHerne Hill HWimbledon24 Apr 
9:50.63Chris FranceEpsom & EwellWimbledon24 Apr 
9:51.6Michael Townley (U23)Croydon HEnfield25 Jun 
9:58.2Dave WarrenCroydon HCrystal Palace11 Sep 
 400 Metres Hurdles (91.4cm) (Standard: 58.00 )
 50.58Mike WhittinghamHerne Hill HCrystal Palace7 Aug
 56.61Maurice EvansHerne Hill HWimbledon25 Apr
 57.42Jonathan OwenHerculesWimbWimbledon25 Apr
 57.83Simon FurlongerWoking ACWimbledon25 Apr
High Jump (Standard: 1.90m [6ft3in] )
2.161Trevor Llewelyn (U23)Blackheath HCwmbran30 May 
2.081Leroy Haughton (U20)Herne Hill HEltham8 May 
2.0511=Trevor Whittle (U23)PolytechnicHCrystal Palace25 Jul 
2.011Alan BredenMet PoliceWoodford17 Apr 
2.002Scott Wyld (U20)Herne Hill HWest London15 Aug 
2.00Bruce Smith (U17)Croydon HBruhl, FRA21 Aug 
1.984Richard Winkler (U23)Epsom & EwellStretford3 Jul 
1.903M Willett (U20)AldershotF&DMotspur Park11 May 
 Pole Vault (Standard: 3.65m [12ft0in] )
 5.301Keith StockHaringey ACAdelaide, AUS11 Jan
 5.152Billy Davey (U20)Surrey ACBirmingham11 Jul
 5.104Brian HooperWoking ACGateshead13 Jun
 4.803John Andrews (U20)Epsom & EwellCrystal Palace20 Jun
 4.701Phil Lovell (U23)Surrey BeaglesMotspur Park12 Jun
 4.652Jim Lewis (U20)Hounslow ACMotspur Park12 Jun
 4.651Nick PhippsWoking ACWoking31 Jul
 4.602David Hooper (U23)Surrey AC
 4.603Richard Gammage (U23)Wolv&BilstonHendon3 Jul
 4.452Richard Hooper (U20)Woking ACWoking31 Jul
 4.302Mark Shippen (U23)Belgrave HCrystal Palace8 Sep
 4.101Steven Fuller (U17)ThamesValleyHendon20 Jun
 4.006Norman DonachieWoking ACMotspur Park15 May
 4.006Ray Andrews (U20)Epsom & EwellCrystal Palace26 Jun
 4.007Roger HaireWoking ACWoking30 Aug
 3.90DRobin Ball (M45)Croydon HCambridge20 Jun
 3.901Ian Lewis (U15)Hounslow ACCrystal Palace26 Jun
 3.90DPaul EdwardsWalton ACAldershot6 Aug
 3.852Floyd Henry (U17)HerculesWimbBirmingham9 Jul
Long Jump (Standard: 6.50m [21ft4in] )
7.633Roy MitchellEnfield HCrystal Palace17 Jul 
7.40w1Derrick WilliamsBelgrave HMotspur Park12 May 
7.331Derrick WilliamsBelgrave HNorwich3 Jul 
7.242Christopher CardenHerne Hill HMotspur Park15 May 
7.091John Shepherd (U23)Enfield HIsleworth28 Apr 
7.063Michael McDonald (U23)South LondonMotspur Park15 May 
7.022Scott Wyld (U20)Herne Hill HCrystal Palace26 Jun 
6.987Leroy Haughton (U20)Herne Hill HCwmbran1 Aug 
6.98w4Alan BredenMet PoliceACMotspur Park15 May 
6.951Trevor Llewelyn (U23)Blackheath HOxford15 May 
6.935Cleve WestEpsom & EwellMotspur Park15 May 
6.826Martin GriffithsPolytechnicHMotspur Park15 May 
6.673Michael O'Hanlon (U20)Croydon HMotspur Park13 May 
6.617Dennis WallingtonCroydon HMotspur Park15 May 
6.574Devon Wright (U20)Croydon HMotspur Park13 May 
6.568Joe AllisonSouth LondonMotspur Park15 May 
6.559Akin OyediranHerne Hill HMotspur Park15 May 
 Triple Jump (Standard: 12.80m [42ft0in] )
 15.401Joe AllisonSouth LondonCrystal Palace19 May
 15.311Michael McDonald (U23)South LondonCrystal Palace4 Aug
 15.002Akin OyediranHerne Hill HWest London4 Sep
 14.594Ronald Corbin (U20)HerculesWimbBirmingham10 Jul
 14.107Peter Lloyd (U20)South LondonBirmingham10 Jul
 13.654John Vernon (M35)Sutton&CheamMotspur Park11 May
 13.604Chris CardenHerne Hill HAldershot7 Jul
 13.505Ahamefula Amadi (U23)Surrey ACMotspur Park11 May
 13.371P Lindsay (U17)Wandsworth SWimbledon25 Apr
 13.16Bob SibleyCroydon HCroydon17 Jul
 13.09B1Leroy Haughton (U20)Herne Hill HSouthampton18 Jul
 12.902M Poulson (U17)Epsom & EwellWimbledon25 Apr
Shot Put (7.26kg) (Standard: 12.80m [42ft0in] )
19.081Mike WinchBlackheath HAcoteias, POR30 Apr 
15.042Julian Hislop (U23)South LondonHayes22 May 
14.691Nick PhippsWoking ACHarlow29 May 
14.472Michael Fevrius (U20)Herne Hill HBristol5 Jun 
14.22Paul EdwardsWalton AC6 May 
13.282John FengeHerculesWimbWindsor15 Jun 
13.241Kenneth Onuaguluchi (U23)Belgrave HHaringey17 Jul 
 Discus (2kg) (Standard: 35.00m [115ft0in] )
 56.542Mike WinchBlackheath HBristol26 Jun
 49.861Kevin Horne (U20)Blackheath HBirmingham14 Aug
 48.641Kenneth Onuaguluchi (U23)Belgrave HCrystal Palace11 Aug
 47.183Julian Hislop (U23)South LondonBristol26 Jun
 43.162Peter Todd (U23)Surrey BeaglesCrystal Palace5 Sep
 42.964Paul EdwardsWalton ACAldershot7 Jul
 42.322Nick PhippsWoking ACHarrow5 Jun
 41.464Peter Sutton (U20)Epsom & EwellGrangemouth7 Aug
 39.704Robert Young (U23)Woking ACMotspur Park15 May
 39.60Robin Ball (M45)Croydon HNorbiton22 May
 38.845Adam K Chromniak (M40)Guildford&GMotspur Park15 May
 37.066M MayoKES WitleyMotspur Park15 May
 35.208Nicholas BartonSouth LondonMotspur Park15 May
Hammer (7.26kg) (Standard: 39.60m [130ft0in] )
52.602Mike WinchBlackheath HCrystal Palace11 Jul 
52.101Chris Melluish (M35)Cambridge HHaringey3 Jul 
47.523Ken Prior (M35)Epsom & EwellHigh Wycombe8 Sep 
46.622Steve SageEpsom & EwellEwell Court27 Jun 
42.843Chris KingCroydon HMotspur Park15 May 
 Javelin 800g (pre-1986 model)
 73.203David Travis (M35)Surrey ACCwmbran31 May
 66.341John CrosseSutton&CheamCosford24 Apr
 62.445Olivier Ball (U20)Redhill&ReigCrystal Palace26 Jun
 59.561Peter CrosbieEpsom & EwellLuton8 May
 59.261Julian Hislop (U23)South LondonWest London29 May
 58.964Vic Watson (U23)Hounslow ACCrystal Palace18 Aug
 56.724Ian Peddie (U20)Hounslow ACHendon28 Jul
 52.163David Twerdochlib (U23)Hounslow ACMotspur Park15 May
 51.76Kirk Goodchild (U23)Croydon HCroydon17 Jul
Decathlon (Standard: 5000pts )
7121pts1Paul EdwardsWalton ACWalton31 Jul 
6329pts11Nick PhippsWoking ACBirmingham18 Jul 
5659pts1Roger HaireWoking ACMotspur Park25 Apr 
5574pts2Roy RosserLondon ACMotspur Park25 Apr 
5278pts3Reg HopkinsBelgrave HMotspur Park25 Apr 
5276pts4Christopher CardenHerne Hill HMotspur Park25 Apr 
5143pts5Robert Young (U23)Woking ACMotspur Park25 Apr 

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