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Today's Date: 14 August 2022
Junior Men & Youths

Junior Men & Youths, 5 August 1984, High Wycombe

Team Scores
Junior Men

Individual performances
Junior Men
100MA1Paul Miller (HerculesWimb)11.2
100MB1Arnold Hunte (Herne Hill H)11.2
200M1stRichard Haizelden (Sutton&Cheam)22.0
200MB1Paul Miller (HerculesWimb)22.7
400MA3A Malcolm (HerculesWimb)50.5
400MB2Michael Carlile (Croydon H)51.2
800MA2Tony Barratt (Woking AC)1:56.9
800MB1Richard Vassall (Waverley H)1:57.9
1500MA6Keith Hutchings (South London)4:03.3
1500MB4S Powell (Woking AC)4:11.0
3000MA4M Bangle (Hounslow AC)8:49.9
3000MB2Robin Firth (South London)8:59.5
110M H (99.0cm)A3Matthew Stone (Sutton&Cheam)16.4
110M H (99.0cm)4BM Poulson (Epsom & Ewell)19.9
400M Hurdles-
2000M S/CA1Murray Reid (Epsom & Ewell)6:09.5
2000M S/CB1F Marsh (Herne Hill H)6:12.2
3000M Walk-
4x100M Relay1stSURREY 42.7
4x400M Relay1stSURREY 3:24.9
High JumpA1Andrew Hutchinson (HerculesWimb)2.05m
High JumpB1M Poulson (Epsom & Ewell)1.80m
Pole VaultA2Howard Gooderham (Waverley H)3.80m
Long JumpA2Bryan Clasby (Mitcham AC)6.59m
Long JumpB1Michael Mather (Woking AC)6.57m
Triple JumpA1Peter Lloyd (South London)14.02m
Triple JumpB1M Poulson (Epsom & Ewell)11.82m
Shot (6.25kg)A2John Lanning (Guildford&G)13.75m
Shot (6.25kg)B4Chris Smale (Sutton&Cheam)11.99m
Discus (1.75kg)A2Chris Smale (Sutton&Cheam)44.82m
Discus (1.75kg)B4John Lanning (Guildford&G)38.82m
Hammer (6.25kg)A2Chris Smale (Sutton&Cheam)50.24m
Hammer (6.25kg)B1Andrew Bray (Epsom & Ewell)39.68m
Jave O/S (800g)A3Matthew Stone (Sutton&Cheam)49.26m
Jave O/S (800g)B2B Boychuk 39.56m
100MA2Phil Goedluck (Belgrave H)11.2
100MB1Ray Burke (Croydon H)11.4
200MA1Phil Goedluck (Belgrave H)22.9
200MB2G Warr 24.2
400MA1Sean Richards (Belgrave H)50.6
400MB1M Dann (HerculesWimb)52.2
800MA3David Haizelden (Sutton&Cheam)1:59.2
800MB4John Booth (Belgrave H)1:59.7
1500MA4N Watkins (Camberley&Dist)4:12.1
1500MB5M Forrester (Sutton&Cheam)4:18.2
3000MA2Andrew Bate (Herne Hill H)8:58.6
3000MB1J Hernandez (Waverley H)9:01.8
100M HurdlesA1Brett St. Louis (Herne Hill H)13.7
100M HurdlesB1Tom Haynes (Croydon H)14.5
400M HurdlesA1Tom Haynes (Croydon H)55.7
400M HurdlesB1David Haizelden (Sutton&Cheam)58.8
1500M S/CA2Steve Denham (Camberley&Dist)4:37.8
1500M S/CB2P Rowe (Walton AC)4:41.8
2000M WalkA4J Parker 14:01.3
4x100M Relay2ndSURREY 44.7
4x400M Relay1stSURREY 3:28.4
High JumpA2Chris Cornwell (Belgrave H)1.90m
High JumpB4F Ogwuda 1.55m
Pole VaultA1Andrew Moore (Woking AC)3.80m
Pole VaultB1Ian Tullett (Woking AC)3.60m
Long JumpA3N Hourhan (Woking AC)5.91m
Long JumpB4A Griffin (Epsom & Ewell)5.39m
Triple JumpA2A Griffin (Epsom & Ewell)12.40m
Triple JumpB2F Ogwuda 12.15m
Shot (5kg)A1Clayton Turner (Crawley AC)15.65m
Shot (5kg)B2Jonathon Gleed (Woking AC)13.19m
Discus (1.5kg)A2Clayton Turner (Crawley AC)43.28m
Discus (1.5kg)B1Gareth Cook (Sutton&Cheam)42.40m
Hammer (5kg)A2Jonathon Gleed (Woking AC)56.54m
Hammer (5kg)B1Gareth Cook (Sutton&Cheam)55.80m
Javelin (700g)A4G Glynn (Garth School)44.20m
Javelin (700g)B2S Donnelly 41.82m

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