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Today's Date: 17 May 2021
Surrey County Combined Events Championships - 1992
Senior Men Decathlon FINAL
(Kingston, 3 May)
1 Gary McKernan (Belgrave H) 5481pts
2 Andrew Laughton (HerculesWimb) 4665pts
3 Dave Orchard (HerculesWimb) 4526pts
4 Leith Marar (Belgrave H) 4431pts
5 C Johnson (HerculesWimb) 3813pts
6 S Best (Woking AC) 4197pts
7 M Quinlan (Mitcham&Sutt) 4093pts
8 B Taylor (Belgrave H) 3154pts
9 John Brown (HerculesWimb) 2446pts
Senior Men Decathlon Event No 1 100 Metres
(Kingston, 2 May)
Andrew Laughton (HerculesWimb) 12.2 -1.8 567pts
Dave Orchard (HerculesWimb) 13.1 (-4.5) 412pts
S Best (Woking AC) 13.3 -2.5 380pts
Gary McKernan (Belgrave H) 13.3 (-5.9) 380pts
Jeremy Davis (Walton AC) 13.5 (-5.9) 350pts
M Quinlan (Mitcham&Sutt) 13.5 -1.8 350pts
Leith Marar (Belgrave H) 13.6 (-5.9) 335pts
C Johnson (HerculesWimb) 13.9 -3.4 293pts
B Taylor (Belgrave H) 13.9 -3.4 293pts
John Brown (HerculesWimb) 14.1 -2.5 266pts
Senior Men Decathlon Event No 2 Long Jump
(Kingston, 2 May)
Gary McKernan (Belgrave H) 6.17 624pts
Dave Orchard (HerculesWimb) 5.91w 567pts
Andrew Laughton (HerculesWimb) 5.75w 533pts
C Johnson (HerculesWimb) 5.69w 521pts
S Best (Woking AC) 5.64w 510pts
Jeremy Davis (Walton AC) 5.30 441pts
Leith Marar (Belgrave H) 5.23w 427pts
M Quinlan (Mitcham&Sutt) 5.18w 417pts
B Taylor (Belgrave H) 5.17w 415pts
John Brown (HerculesWimb) 5.00w 382pts
Senior Men Decathlon Event No 3 Shot Putt (7.26kg)
(Kingston, 2 May)
Leith Marar (Belgrave H) 13.66 708pts
Gary McKernan (Belgrave H) 11.31 565pts
John Brown (HerculesWimb) 10.45 513pts
M Quinlan (Mitcham&Sutt) 9.60 462pts
Dave Orchard (HerculesWimb) 8.59 401pts
S Best (Woking AC) 8.45 393pts
C Johnson (HerculesWimb) 8.21 379pts
B Taylor (Belgrave H) 7.97 365pts
Andrew Laughton (HerculesWimb) 7.33 327pts
Senior Men Decathlon Event No 4 High Jump
(Kingston, 2 May)
Gary McKernan (Belgrave H) 1.92 731pts
C Johnson (HerculesWimb) 1.74 577pts
Dave Orchard (HerculesWimb) 1.62 480pts
S Best (Woking AC) 1.59 457pts
M Quinlan (Mitcham&Sutt) 1.56 434pts
Leith Marar (Belgrave H) 1.53 411pts
Andrew Laughton (HerculesWimb) 1.53 411pts
B Taylor (Belgrave H) 1.47 367pts
John Brown (HerculesWimb) 1.35 283pts
Senior Men Decathlon Event No 5 400 Metres
(Kingston, 2 May)
Andrew Laughton (HerculesWimb) 53.8 642pts
Gary McKernan (Belgrave H) 55.3 581pts
Dave Orchard (HerculesWimb) 57.0 516pts
M Quinlan (Mitcham&Sutt) 59.3 432pts
Leith Marar (Belgrave H) 60.7 385pts
S Best (Woking AC) 61.5 359pts
C Johnson (HerculesWimb) 61.8 350pts
B Taylor (Belgrave H) 61.9 346pts
John Brown (HerculesWimb) 74.5 57pts
Senior Men Decathlon 1st Day Total
(Kingston, 2 May)
Gary McKernan (Belgrave H) 2881pts
Andrew Laughton (HerculesWimb) 2480pts
Dave Orchard (HerculesWimb) 2376pts
Leith Marar (Belgrave H) 2266pts
C Johnson (HerculesWimb) 2120pts
S Best (Woking AC) 2099pts
M Quinlan (Mitcham&Sutt) 2095pts
B Taylor (Belgrave H) 1786pts
John Brown (HerculesWimb) 1501pts
Jeremy Davis (Walton AC) DNF
Senior Men Decathlon Event No 6 110 Metres Hurdles (106.7cm)
(Kingston, 3 May)
Andrew Laughton (HerculesWimb) 17.4 +0.7 559pts
Dave Orchard (HerculesWimb) 18.6 -1.6 447pts
C Johnson (HerculesWimb) 18.7 -1.1 438pts
Gary McKernan (Belgrave H) 18.8 -1.6 429pts
S Best (Woking AC) 19.3 -1.6 386pts
M Quinlan (Mitcham&Sutt) 20.6 +0.7 286pts
Leith Marar (Belgrave H) 20.9 -0.6 265pts
B Taylor (Belgrave H) 22.1 -1.1 188pts
John Brown (HerculesWimb) 23.5 -0.6 114pts
Senior Men Decathlon Event No 7 Discus (2kg)
(Kingston, 3 May)
Leith Marar (Belgrave H) 45.32 773pts
Gary McKernan (Belgrave H) 36.62 596pts
Dave Orchard (HerculesWimb) 26.86 403pts
S Best (Woking AC) 25.36 374pts
John Brown (HerculesWimb) 24.94 366pts
M Quinlan (Mitcham&Sutt) 24.38 355pts
B Taylor (Belgrave H) 24.10 350pts
C Johnson (HerculesWimb) 22.88 326pts
Andrew Laughton (HerculesWimb) 21.32 297pts
Senior Men Decathlon Event No 8 Pole Vault
(Kingston, 3 May)
S Best (Woking AC) 3.70 535pts
Gary McKernan (Belgrave H) 3.20 406pts
Andrew Laughton (HerculesWimb) 2.90 333pts
M Quinlan (Mitcham&Sutt) 2.80 309pts
Leith Marar (Belgrave H) 2.70 286pts
Dave Orchard (HerculesWimb) 2.60 264pts
B Taylor (Belgrave H) 2.50 242pts
C Johnson (HerculesWimb) 2.50 242pts
John Brown (HerculesWimb) 1.90 121pts
Senior Men Decathlon Event No 9 Javelin (800g)
(Kingston, 3 May)
Gary McKernan (Belgrave H) 49.14 576pts
Dave Orchard (HerculesWimb) 46.12 531pts
Leith Marar (Belgrave H) 44.00 500pts
S Best (Woking AC) 42.44 478pts
M Quinlan (Mitcham&Sutt) 37.76 410pts
John Brown (HerculesWimb) 33.16 344pts
C Johnson (HerculesWimb) 30.04 300pts
B Taylor (Belgrave H) 26.74 254pts
Andrew Laughton (HerculesWimb) 26.08 244pts
Senior Men Decathlon Event No 10 1500 Metres
(Kingston, 3 May)
Andrew Laughton (HerculesWimb) 4:28.8 752pts
M Quinlan (Mitcham&Sutt) 4:46.8 638pts
Gary McKernan (Belgrave H) 4:54.3 593pts
Dave Orchard (HerculesWimb) 5:09.8 505pts
C Johnson (HerculesWimb) 5:32.5 387pts
Leith Marar (Belgrave H) 5:42.3 341pts
B Taylor (Belgrave H) 5:43.7 334pts
S Best (Woking AC) 5:45.8 325pts
John Brown (HerculesWimb) DNF

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