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Surrey County Road Championships 1986 - 1987

20 Miles, Wimbledon, 18 July 1987

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1Bob RoathWoking AC1:52:09
2M LakeBelgrave Harriers1:52:42
3S HortonWimbledon Windmilers1:54:11
4A ShryneHercules Wimbledon AC1:55:01
5B OwenSouth London Harriers1:55:19
6Graham Taylor (M40)Chessington & Bookham AC1:57:30
7S InstoneRanelagh Harriers1:59:20
8R Pearson (M40)Belgrave Harriers2:00:20
9N GriffithsSouth London Harriers2:00:21
10D Jardine (M40)Ranelagh Harriers2:00:58
11Norman HemmingsCroydon Harriers2:03:30
12D LangleyPhilips City Striders2:02:37
13A JohnsSouth London Harriers2:02:43
14S LeveyThames Hare & Hounds2:02:58
15M TurnerThames Hare & Hounds2:03:23
16R Jeans (M40)Veterans AC2:03:30
17R Stone (M40)Belgrave Harriers2:07:20
18R MottersoleCollingwood AC2:08:41
19K DonaldThames Hare & Hounds2:08:56
20K Fotherby (M50)Ranelagh Harriers2:11:49
21? GrahamBelgrave Harriers2:13:15
22F Gander (M50)Belgrave Harriers2:13:18
23M Newton (M50)Belgrave Harriers2:13:20
24J Wasbrough (M40)Belgrave Harriers2:14:16
25S EdwardsHercules Wimbledon AC2:16:15
26D Brown (M50)Mitcham & Sutton AC2:16:30
27S Norris (M40)Thames Hare & Hounds2:16:31
28John Cock (M40)Epsom & Ewell Harriers2:17:16
29A GrantBelgrave Harriers2:17:29
30J LambertBelgrave Harriers2:19:10
31Mick Harran (M45)Thames Hare & Hounds2:19:26
32K WalkerEpsom & Ewell Harriers2:19:51
33L McLeanBelgrave Harriers2:21:30
34J Hanscomb (M50)Ranelagh Harriers2:22:11
35C Cross (M50)Belgrave Harriers2:22:54
36P Hicks (M50)Thames Hare & Hounds2:24:56
37G DonaldsonHerne Hill Harriers2:25:24
38D Knight (M40)Veterans AC2:25:46
39A Lane (M50)Belgrave Harriers2:25:56
40J HewittWimbledon Windmilers2:26:27
41J Croker (M40)Mitcham & Sutton AC2:27:49
42F Barratt (M40)Belgrave Harriers2:28:03
43M HuttonBelgrave Harriers2:28:36
44R Brown (M50)South London Harriers2:31:01
45L Mann (M40)Belgrave Harriers2:31:58
46M Hawkes (M40)Hercules Wimbledon AC2:32:28
47M RowlandRanelagh Harriers2:34:57
48G BrattyBelgrave Harriers2:35:15
49G Piddington (M40)Belgrave Harriers2:37:43
50A SlatterHerne Hill Harriers2:38:40
51Charlie Henn (M50)Belgrave Harriers2:40:19

1South London Harriers27(5, 9, 13)
2Belgrave Harriers 'A'27(2, 8, 17)
3Ranelagh Harriers37(7, 10, 20)
4Thames Hare & Hounds38
5Belgrave Harriers 'B'66
6Hercules Wimbledon AC75
7Belgrave Harriers 'C'83
8Belgrave Harriers 'D'107
9Belgrave Harriers 'E'130
10Belgrave Harriers 'F'148

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