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Todays Date: 24 Apr 2024
Surrey County Road Relay Championships 2018 - 2019

Surrey Road Relays, Wimbledon - 15 September 2018

Senior Men 6 x 3 miles

 Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3Stage 4Stage 5Stage 6
1South London Harriers 'A' 01:27:49Joe Croft (4)14:52Paul Prothero (1)15:03Kevin Quinn (1)13:57Dan Gaffney (1)14:47Ollie Garrod (1)14:39Tom Higgs (1)14:31
2Hercules Wimbledon AC 'A' 01:28:19Will Russell (2)14:49Kieran White (3)15:35Finn Johnson (2)14:36Andrew Penney (2)14:08Ross Matheson (2)14:51Tom Jervis (2)14:20
3Guildford & Godalming AC 'A' 01:32:10Sam Cheesman (5)15:06Mark Tennyson (8)16:39Matt McDaniel (5)15:19Brad Hammonds (5)15:39George Dollner (3)14:55John Sanderson (3)14:32
4Thames Hare & Hounds 'A' 01:33:01Gordon Pearce (6)15:34Matt Jones (5)15:30Martin Shore (4)15:33James McMullan (4)15:23Andy Weir (4)15:54James Hoad (4)15:07
5Hercules Wimbledon AC 'B' 01:35:32Howell Craske (1)14:29Rob Tuer (2)15:50David Lewin (3)15:30Neil Fraser (3)15:40Keith Scofield (6)18:43Joe Clark (5)15:20
6South London Harriers 'B' 01:35:56James Lyne (8)15:48Will Cullen (7)15:43Mark Finbow (7)16:07Dylan Wymer (6)15:20Joe Lyne (5)16:16Dan Quinn (6)16:42
7Dorking & Mole Valley AC 'A' 01:36:29George Grassly (7)15:40Ben Brunswick (4)15:13Ewan Bate (6)16:21Oliver Appleby (9)18:16Michael Alwin (8)15:36Charlie Wyllie (7)15:23
8Croydon Harriers 'A' 01:38:52Jake English (3)14:50Alex Penfold (6)16:18John Millington (8)17:19Rob Spalding (7)16:43Peter Chambers (7)15:17Tim Aina (8)18:25
9Herne Hill Harriers 'A' 01:39:56Jack Dickenson (9)16:00Ed Crowther (9)16:19Eric Dol (9)17:34Jack Brotchie (8)15:30Robin Jones (9)17:11John Appleton (9)17:22
10Ranelagh Harriers 01:40:16Chris Bundhun (12)17:15Phil Killingley (10)16:13Graham Brook (10)16:58George Howard (10)15:44Dave Lawley (10)16:56Rick Jenner (10)17:10
11Thames Hare & Hounds 'B' 01:40:20Chris Hutler (17)19:02John Bull (17)17:20James Meikcejohn (14)16:06Charles Morris (11)15:43Nic Gould (11)16:32Nick Altmann (11)15:37
-Guildford & Godalming AC 'B' *01:48:44Phil Pryke (16)18:28Rob Ingoldby (16)17:48Ben Friend (15)17:51Ben Fiddes (15)18:35Rob Marcus *(13)18:11Terry Booth (12)17:51
12Epsom & Ewell Harriers 01:49:12Marco Gazzenolli (10)16:40Mark Goodwin (15)19:21Ryan Griffiths (13)15:44Liam Griggs (13)18:49Carel Deu Plessis (12)18:18Joe Linsley (13)20:20
-South London Harriers 'C' *01:49:17Elex Lyne (11)16:51Henry Stiff (12)17:30David Drake (12)17:12Tommy Elliott (12)18:12Michael Ashiotis (14)22:36A N Other??? *(14)16:56
13Wimbledon Windmilers 01:51:57Peter McCloskey (14)17:39Kristars Kringelis (13)17:10Julian Yeoh (18)21:51Francois de la Rouviere (18)20:57James Hughes (17)16:35Kevin O'Gallagher (15)17:45
14Dorking & Mole Valley AC 'B' 01:52:07Robert Russell (15)17:52Bruce Harrold (14)17:04Juloian Miller (16)21:24David Moore (16)17:05Howard Jones (15)19:03Lawrence Bate (16)19:39
15Croydon Harriers 'B' 01:53:46Ernie Hann (13)17:25Julian Forbes (11)16:46Josh Haasz (11)17:11Matt Peek (14)20:12Derham Moustakim (16)22:23Matthew Kiernan (17)19:49
16Collingwood AC 01:55:31Stephen Down (18)20:41Mark Constantinou (18)17:44Anthony Constantinou (17)18:04Martin Lloyd (17)20:16Glen Smith (18)18:48Keith Dunning (18)19:58
19Sutton Runners 02:31:14Jonathan Pegg (19)34:31Sam King (19)19:00Alex Kington (19)22:59Tony Martin (19)27:40Darren Beers (19)21:27Colin Byatt (19)25:37

The number in brackets after an athlete's name is the team's position at the end of the stage.

Athletes and Teams shown with an * are non-scoring.

Individual Stage Times
Kevin Quinn South London13:57
Andrew Penney HerculesWimb14:08
Tom Jervis HerculesWimb14:20
Howell Craske HerculesWimb14:29
Tom Higgs South London14:31
John Sanderson Guildford&G14:32
Finn Johnson HerculesWimb14:36
Ollie Garrod South London14:39
Dan Gaffney South London14:47
Will Russell HerculesWimb14:49
Jake English Croydon H14:50
Ross Matheson HerculesWimb14:51
Joe Croft South London14:52
George Dollner Guildford&G14:55
Paul Prothero South London15:03
Sam Cheesman Guildford&G15:06
James Hoad Thames H&H15:07
Ben Brunswick DorkingMV15:13
Peter Chambers Croydon H15:17
Matt McDaniel Guildford&G15:19
Dylan Wymer South London15:20
Joe Clark HerculesWimb15:20
James McMullan Thames H&H15:23
Charlie Wyllie DorkingMV15:23
Matt Jones Thames H&H15:30
David Lewin HerculesWimb15:30
Jack Brotchie Herne Hill H15:30
Martin Shore Thames H&H15:33
Gordon Pearce Thames H&H15:34
Kieran White HerculesWimb15:35
Michael Alwin DorkingMV15:36
Nick Altmann Thames H&H15:37
Brad Hammonds Guildford&G15:39
George Grassly DorkingMV15:40
Neil Fraser HerculesWimb15:40
Will Cullen South London15:43
Charles Morris Thames H&H15:43
Ryan Griffiths Epsom & Ewell15:44
George Howard Ranelagh H15:44
James Lyne South London15:48
Rob Tuer HerculesWimb15:50
Andy Weir Thames H&H15:54
Jack Dickenson Herne Hill H16:00
James Meikcejohn Thames H&H16:06
Mark Finbow South London16:07
Phil Killingley Ranelagh H16:13
Joe Lyne South London16:16
Alex Penfold Croydon H16:18
Ed Crowther Herne Hill H16:19
Ewan Bate DorkingMV16:21
Nic Gould Thames H&H16:32
James Hughes Wimbledon W16:35
Mark Tennyson Guildford&G16:39
Marco Gazzenolli Epsom & Ewell16:40
Dan Quinn South London16:42
Rob Spalding Croydon H16:43
Julian Forbes Croydon H16:46
Elex Lyne South London16:51
Dave Lawley Ranelagh H16:56
A N Other??? *South London16:56
Graham Brook Ranelagh H16:58
Bruce Harrold DorkingMV17:04
David Moore DorkingMV17:05
Kristars Kringelis Wimbledon W17:10
Rick Jenner Ranelagh H17:10
Josh Haasz Croydon H17:11
Robin Jones Herne Hill H17:11
David Drake South London17:12
Chris Bundhun Ranelagh H17:15
John Millington Croydon H17:19
John Bull Thames H&H17:20
John Appleton Herne Hill H17:22
Ernie Hann Croydon H17:25
Henry Stiff South London17:30
Eric Dol Herne Hill H17:34
Peter McCloskey Wimbledon W17:39
Mark Constantinou Collingwood 17:44
Kevin O'Gallagher Wimbledon W17:45
Rob Ingoldby Guildford&G17:48
Ben Friend Guildford&G17:51
Terry Booth Guildford&G17:51
Robert Russell DorkingMV17:52
Anthony Constantinou Collingwood 18:04
Rob Marcus *Guildford&G18:11
Tommy Elliott South London18:12
Oliver Appleby DorkingMV18:16
Carel Deu Plessis Epsom & Ewell18:18
Tim Aina Croydon H18:25
Phil Pryke Guildford&G18:28
Ben Fiddes Guildford&G18:35
Keith Scofield HerculesWimb18:43
Glen Smith Collingwood 18:48
Liam Griggs Epsom & Ewell18:49
Sam King Sutton Runners19:00
Chris Hutler Thames H&H19:02
Howard Jones DorkingMV19:03
Mark Goodwin Epsom & Ewell19:21
Lawrence Bate DorkingMV19:39
Matthew Kiernan Croydon H19:49
Keith Dunning Collingwood 19:58
Matt Peek Croydon H20:12
Martin Lloyd Collingwood 20:16
Joe Linsley Epsom & Ewell20:20
Stephen Down Collingwood 20:41
Francois de la Rouviere Wimbledon W20:57
Juloian Miller DorkingMV21:24
Darren Beers Sutton Runners21:27
Julian Yeoh Wimbledon W21:51
Derham Moustakim Croydon H22:23
Michael Ashiotis South London22:36
Alex Kington Sutton Runners22:59
Colin Byatt Sutton Runners25:37
Tony Martin Sutton Runners27:40
Jonathan Pegg Sutton Runners34:31

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