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Todays Date: 09 Aug 2022
Surrey County Road Relay Championships 2010 - 2011

Surrey County Road Relays, 11 September 2010, Wimbledon Park
Senior Men

 Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3Stage 4Stage 5Stage 6
1Belgrave Harriers 01:30:02Knut Hegvold (8)15:44Mal Byansi (5)15:09Matt Morgan (4)15:17Will Cockerell (5)15:04Richard Ward (3)14:50Paskar Owor (1)13:58
2Herne Hill Harriers 'A' 01:30:43Chris Busaileh (1)14:43Alan Barnes (1)14:40John Kettle (1)15:31Ian Yates (2)15:46Ben Paviour (2)15:17David Mulvee (2)14:46
3Thames Hare & Hounds 'A' 01:31:00Chris Daniels (12)15:57James McMullan (3)14:15Neil Chisholm (3)15:18Toby Pearson (4)15:40Natt Jones (4)15:00Stuart Major (3)14:50
4Hercules Wimbledon AC 'A' 01:31:29Andrew Penney (5)15:08Matthew Sharp (6)15:49Mike Halman (5)15:29Liam White (3)14:38Alex Robinson (1)14:38Richard Xerri (4)15:47
-Shaftesbury Barnet H (guests) *01:33:47Tom Bedford (3)15:00Orlando Edwards (2)14:37Tom Bedford (2)15:26James Trapmore (1)15:02Eric Mayers (5)17:06Ronan Breen (5)16:36
-Herne Hill Harriers 'B' *01:35:29Simon Coombes (7)15:35Simon Phillips (8)15:44Sam Knight (8)16:36Keith Newton (7)15:28Deron Fagan (6)16:29Chris Busaileh *(6)15:37
5Reigate Priory AC 'A' 01:37:31Ryan Harris (11)15:56Andrew Walker (10)16:24George Donnelley (10)16:51Andrew Taylor (9)15:48Mark Thomas (8)16:37Alister Moses (7)15:55
6Dorking & Mole Valley AC 'A' 01:38:10Nick Hodges (4)15:02High Baker (11)17:32Evan Erskine-Thomas (11)16:53Bruce Harrold (8)15:11Rob Gill (9)17:06Graham Hewett (8)16:26
7Ranelagh Harriers 01:38:43Phil Killingley (2)14:47Richard Gregory (4)15:44Nathan Mills (6)16:16Ed Barker (6)16:31Marc Snaith (7)18:09Chris Bundham (9)17:16
8Epsom & Ewell Harriers 01:38:49John Wisley (9)15:45Matt Donnery (7)15:23Richard Turner (7)16:31Rob Wakefield (10)18:40Alex Hawkins (10)16:19Phil Sanger (10)16:11
9Hercules Wimbledon AC 'B' 01:39:57Ed Saywell (24)18:23David Grima (20)17:31Sean Crummy (18)16:19Alex Urban (14)15:47Rory McMahon (11)15:54Philip Glynn (11)16:03
10Walton AC 01:43:58Jon Hamblen (6)15:14James Harvey (12)17:21Richard Drew (13)18:24Jon Ladley (13)16:29George Thomas (12)17:25Kyle Treherne (12)19:05
-Guildford & Godalming AC *01:44:02Ben Evans (13)16:20Andy Eakins (14)16:36Rob Myring (12)17:34Josh Nice *(11)16:29Matt Lythell (13)20:45Ben Evans *(13)16:18
-Reigate Priory AC 'B' *01:46:26Gavin Lawrence (17)17:10Paul Rodgers *(9)14:12Ewan McKay (9)16:33David Taylor (15)20:42Jas Danda (14)20:52Andrew Walker *(14)16:57
11Sutton Runners 01:47:50Martin Newton (16)17:07Billy Challis (19)18:08Terry Dighton (21)19:44Kevin Lewis (18)17:25Charles Green (15)17:37Chris Coles (15)17:49
12Croydon Harriers 01:48:21Alan Byrne (20)17:23Mark Plackett (15)15:37Matthew Kiernan (14)18:41Peter Chambers (12)15:44Robin Rye (17)22:56Colin Oxlade (16)18:00
-Wimbledon Windmilers 'A' *01:48:55N Andrews (18)17:10I Pegler (17)17:18M Moragon (15)17:18N Andrews *(16)18:12D Bell (16)20:14C Nichol (17)18:43
-Striders of Croydon 'A' *01:49:35Chris Morton (23)18:14Paul Stanford (21)18:08Taylor Huggins (19)18:07John Foster (19)17:57Mick Turner (18)18:13Chris Morton *(18)18:56
-South London Harriers 'A' *01:51:39Alex Halpin (14)16:40Stuart Searle (18)17:52Joe Bertororelli (20)20:10S Searle *(20)18:37Paul Mitchell (19)17:37Joe Bertororelli *(19)20:43
13Dorking & Mole Valley AC 'B' 01:56:55Justin Flashman (26)20:45Michael Alwin (23)18:20Rob Russell (22)17:48John Squires (21)22:19Howard Jones (20)18:48Andy Fay (20)18:55
-Walton AC 'B' *01:58:17Jack Rutherford (27)22:22Andy Pillidge (25)18:56Drew Gatherer (24)19:27Jon Hamblen *(22)19:46James Harvey *(22)18:32Richard Drew *(21)19:14
-Herne Hill Harriers 'C' *01:58:52Waldy Pauzers (25)19:10Andy Lee-Gerrard (26)27:08Ben Hallifax (25)19:15Kevin Mason (23)15:41Paul Shiel (21)17:06Ben Paviour *(22)20:32
-Belgrave Harriers 'B' *DNFDave Mason (10)15:51Rob Norville (13)16:54Alistair Lang (17)19:23Will Ireson *(17)18:27
-Thames Hare & Hounds 'B' DNFRytis Kumpelis (22)17:48Andrew Fargus (16)15:54Dan Pescod (16)18:15
-Belgrave Harriers 'C' DNFPaul Chapman (21)17:42Dave McMillan (22)21:03Rob Harding (23)20:41
-Hercules Wimbledon AC 'C' DNFDan Palmer (15)16:58Craig Howard (24)23:04
-Ranelagh Harriers 'B' *DNFTed Mockett (19)17:19
-Croydon Harriers 'B' DNFEric Campbell (28)24:51

The number in brackets after an athlete's name is the team's position at the end of the stage.

Athletes and Teams shown with an * are non-scoring.

Individual Stage Times
Paskar Owor Belgrave H13:58
Paul Rodgers *Reigate Priory 14:12
James McMullan Thames H&H14:15
Orlando Edwards Shaft.Barnet14:37
Liam White HerculesWimb14:38
Alex Robinson HerculesWimb14:38
Alan Barnes Herne Hill H14:40
Chris Busaileh Herne Hill H14:43
David Mulvee Herne Hill H14:46
Phil Killingley Ranelagh H14:47
Richard Ward Belgrave H14:50
Stuart Major Thames H&H14:50
Tom Bedford Shaft.Barnet15:00
Natt Jones Thames H&H15:00
Nick Hodges DorkingMV15:02
James Trapmore Shaft.Barnet15:02
Will Cockerell Belgrave H15:04
Andrew Penney HerculesWimb15:08
Mal Byansi Belgrave H15:09
Bruce Harrold DorkingMV15:11
Jon Hamblen Walton AC15:14
Matt Morgan Belgrave H15:17
Ben Paviour Herne Hill H15:17
Neil Chisholm Thames H&H15:18
Matt Donnery Epsom & Ewell15:23
Tom Bedford Shaft.Barnet15:26
Keith Newton Herne Hill H15:28
Mike Halman HerculesWimb15:29
John Kettle Herne Hill H15:31
Simon Coombes Herne Hill H15:35
Mark Plackett Croydon H15:37
Chris Busaileh *Herne Hill H15:37
Toby Pearson Thames H&H15:40
Kevin Mason Herne Hill H15:41
Knut Hegvold Belgrave H15:44
Simon Phillips Herne Hill H15:44
Richard Gregory Ranelagh H15:44
Peter Chambers Croydon H15:44
John Wisley Epsom & Ewell15:45
Ian Yates Herne Hill H15:46
Alex Urban HerculesWimb15:47
Richard Xerri HerculesWimb15:47
Andrew Taylor Reigate Priory 15:48
Matthew Sharp HerculesWimb15:49
Dave Mason Belgrave H15:51
Andrew Fargus Thames H&H15:54
Rory McMahon HerculesWimb15:54
Alister Moses Reigate Priory 15:55
Ryan Harris Reigate Priory 15:56
Chris Daniels Thames H&H15:57
Philip Glynn HerculesWimb16:03
Phil Sanger Epsom & Ewell16:11
Nathan Mills Ranelagh H16:16
Ben Evans *Guildford&G16:18
Sean Crummy HerculesWimb16:19
Alex Hawkins Epsom & Ewell16:19
Ben Evans Guildford&G16:20
Andrew Walker Reigate Priory 16:24
Graham Hewett DorkingMV16:26
Jon Ladley Walton AC16:29
Josh Nice *Guildford&G16:29
Deron Fagan Herne Hill H16:29
Richard Turner Epsom & Ewell16:31
Ed Barker Ranelagh H16:31
Ewan McKay Reigate Priory 16:33
Andy Eakins Guildford&G16:36
Sam Knight Herne Hill H16:36
Ronan Breen Shaft.Barnet16:36
Mark Thomas Reigate Priory 16:37
Alex Halpin South London16:40
George Donnelley Reigate Priory 16:51
Evan Erskine-Thomas DorkingMV16:53
Rob Norville Belgrave H16:54
Andrew Walker *Reigate Priory 16:57
Dan Palmer HerculesWimb16:58
Eric Mayers Shaft.Barnet17:06
Rob Gill DorkingMV17:06
Paul Shiel Herne Hill H17:06
Martin Newton Sutton Runners17:07
Gavin Lawrence Reigate Priory 17:10
N Andrews Wimbledon W17:10
Chris Bundham Ranelagh H17:16
I Pegler Wimbledon W17:18
M Moragon Wimbledon W17:18
Ted Mockett Ranelagh H17:19
James Harvey Walton AC17:21
Alan Byrne Croydon H17:23
Kevin Lewis Sutton Runners17:25
George Thomas Walton AC17:25
David Grima HerculesWimb17:31
High Baker DorkingMV17:32
Rob Myring Guildford&G17:34
Charles Green Sutton Runners17:37
Paul Mitchell South London17:37
Paul Chapman Belgrave H17:42
Rytis Kumpelis Thames H&H17:48
Rob Russell DorkingMV17:48
Chris Coles Sutton Runners17:49
Stuart Searle South London17:52
John Foster StridersCroy17:57
Colin Oxlade Croydon H18:00
Taylor Huggins StridersCroy18:07
Billy Challis Sutton Runners18:08
Paul Stanford StridersCroy18:08
Marc Snaith Ranelagh H18:09
N Andrews *Wimbledon W18:12
Mick Turner StridersCroy18:13
Chris Morton StridersCroy18:14
Dan Pescod Thames H&H18:15
Michael Alwin DorkingMV18:20
Ed Saywell HerculesWimb18:23
Richard Drew Walton AC18:24
Will Ireson *Belgrave H18:27
James Harvey *Walton AC18:32
S Searle *South London18:37
Rob Wakefield Epsom & Ewell18:40
Matthew Kiernan Croydon H18:41
C Nichol Wimbledon W18:43
Howard Jones DorkingMV18:48
Andy Fay DorkingMV18:55
Andy Pillidge Walton AC18:56
Chris Morton *StridersCroy18:56
Kyle Treherne Walton AC19:05
Waldy Pauzers Herne Hill H19:10
Richard Drew *Walton AC19:14
Ben Hallifax Herne Hill H19:15
Alistair Lang Belgrave H19:23
Drew Gatherer Walton AC19:27
Terry Dighton Sutton Runners19:44
Jon Hamblen *Walton AC19:46
Joe Bertororelli South London20:10
D Bell Wimbledon W20:14
Ben Paviour *Herne Hill H20:32
Rob Harding Belgrave H20:41
David Taylor Reigate Priory 20:42
Joe Bertororelli *South London20:43
Justin Flashman DorkingMV20:45
Matt Lythell Guildford&G20:45
Jas Danda Reigate Priory 20:52
Dave McMillan Belgrave H21:03
John Squires DorkingMV22:19
Jack Rutherford Walton AC22:22
Robin Rye Croydon H22:56
Craig Howard HerculesWimb23:04
Eric Campbell Croydon H24:51
Andy Lee-Gerrard Herne Hill H27:08

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