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Todays Date: 18 May 2024
Surrey County Road Relay Championships 2001 - 2002

Surrey Road Relays, Wimbledon - 8 September 2001

SM 6 x 3 Miles

 Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3Stage 4Stage 5Stage 6
1South London Harriers 'A' 01:28:13Stuart Major (2)14:24Gary Staines (1)14:08P McTigue (1)15:05R James (1)14:50K Tilley (1)15:34J Simpson (1)14:12
2Belgrave Harriers 'A' 01:28:48J Browne (6)15:13Kevin Quinn (5)15:04A Stewart (3)14:02L Catley (2)14:49Will Cockerell (2)14:57Roger Alsop (2)14:43
3Boxhill Racers 'A' 01:30:59J Collins (5)14:49Paul Haywood (3)14:10M Airey (2)15:19J Murrey (3)15:15C Hogg (3)15:50A Green (3)15:36
4Reigate Priory AC 01:31:12Alister Moses (1)14:11Paul Rodgers (2)14:35M Palmer (5)16:18A Smith (4)15:50D Baker (4)16:04Ed Prickett (4)14:14
5Belgrave Harriers 'B' 01:33:20J Wolf (4)14:48R Hegvold (4)14:59G Lavender (4)15:09W Lynch (5)16:25M Byansi (5)15:43G Lavender (5)16:16
6Thames Hare & Hounds 'A' 01:34:15A Kennis (11)15:39A Irvine (13)17:41D Symons (11)16:10R Howell (7)14:33A Lynch (7)14:36M Lynas (6)15:36
-Thames Hare & Hounds 'B' *01:37:30I Harkness *(10)15:39D Pescod *(12)17:35Nick Altmann *(6)14:33A Hart *(9)16:46A Gaskill *(6)13:44L Mathews *(7)19:13
7Guildford & Godalming AC 01:38:11Mark Tennyson (9)15:23G Waterson (7)15:39S Moore (10)17:49Kevin Gadd (8)15:30M Goatley (8)15:37E Baynard Smith (8)18:13
8Herne Hill Harriers 01:40:21L McKevitt (8)15:20S Coombes (11)17:21L O'Flaherty (8)15:33V Maughan (6)15:32L O'Hare (9)17:37P Dipple (9)18:58
9Wimbledon Windmilers 01:41:08P Duffy (3)14:33S Danciger (6)16:26P Miskell (7)16:50J Wallace (10)17:21S Skwara (10)18:07M Banfi (10)17:51
-South London Harriers 'B' *01:42:42N Bardsley *(14)16:20M Wood *(10)16:00N Bardsley *(12)17:17M Wood *(11)17:07N Bardsley *(12)18:31M Wood *(11)17:27
10The Stragglers 01:43:55R Reader (7)15:19S Annett (14)18:54J Desmond (15)16:50S Daly (14)17:33J Emmines (14)18:05K Jones (12)17:14
11Sutton Runners 01:43:59M Giles (13)15:44J Knight (9)16:03N MacNaughton (13)18:59M Newton (13)16:47M Day (11)17:37M Day (13)18:49
-Kingston AC & Polytechnic Harriers *01:47:05D Ojera *(12)15:43R Allen *(8)15:50A Arbour *(9)17:09G Horstead *(12)18:40R McDonough *(13)18:00D Greenfield *(14)21:43
12Sheen Shufflers 01:51:02G Francis (15)16:27C Eldred (16)17:53M Shilling (16)19:16N de Wilton (16)17:37R Perkins (15)21:15K Perez (15)18:34
13Epsom Oddballs 02:04:57J Davies (20)19:46C Day (18)20:23D Jackson (18)21:29P Garrod (17)22:18G Milton (16)20:42M Pollard (16)20:19
-Striders of Croydon DNFS Alexander (18)17:37A Sheppard (15)16:40E Parker (14)16:36G Crispie (15)18:14
-Hercules Wimbledon AC DNFR Benitez (19)18:38E Aviles (17)18:16C Aviles (17)19:51
-Boxhill Racers 'B' DNFIan Lamplough (16)16:31
-Walton AC DNFJ Brine (17)16:44

The number in brackets after an athlete's name is the team's position at the end of the stage.

Athletes and Teams shown with an * are non-scoring.

Individual Stage Times
A Gaskill *Thames H&H13:44
A Stewart Belgrave H14:02
Gary Staines South London14:08
Paul Haywood Boxhill Racers 14:10
Alister Moses Reigate Priory14:11
J Simpson South London14:12
Ed Prickett Reigate Priory14:14
Stuart Major South London14:24
P Duffy Wimbledon W14:33
Nick Altmann *Thames H&H14:33
R Howell Thames H&H14:33
Paul Rodgers Reigate Priory14:35
A Lynch Thames H&H14:36
Roger Alsop Belgrave H14:43
J Wolf Belgrave H14:48
J Collins Boxhill Racers 14:49
L Catley Belgrave H14:49
R James South London14:50
Will Cockerell Belgrave H14:57
R Hegvold Belgrave H14:59
Kevin Quinn Belgrave H15:04
P McTigue South London15:05
G Lavender Belgrave H15:09
J Browne Belgrave H15:13
J Murrey Boxhill Racers 15:15
R Reader Stragglers15:19
M Airey Boxhill Racers 15:19
L McKevitt Herne Hill H15:20
Mark Tennyson Guildford&G15:23
Kevin Gadd Guildford&G15:30
V Maughan Herne Hill H15:32
L O'Flaherty Herne Hill H15:33
K Tilley South London15:34
M Lynas Thames H&H15:36
A Green Boxhill Racers 15:36
M Goatley Guildford&G15:37
A Kennis Thames H&H15:39
I Harkness *Thames H&H15:39
G Waterson Guildford&G15:39
D Ojera *Kingston & Poly15:43
M Byansi Belgrave H15:43
M Giles Sutton Runners15:44
R Allen *Kingston & Poly15:50
A Smith Reigate Priory15:50
C Hogg Boxhill Racers 15:50
M Wood *South London16:00
J Knight Sutton Runners16:03
D Baker Reigate Priory16:04
D Symons Thames H&H16:10
G Lavender Belgrave H16:16
M Palmer Reigate Priory16:18
N Bardsley *South London16:20
W Lynch Belgrave H16:25
S Danciger Wimbledon W16:26
G Francis Sheen S16:27
Ian Lamplough Boxhill Racers 16:31
E Parker StridersCroy16:36
A Sheppard StridersCroy16:40
J Brine Walton AC16:44
A Hart *Thames H&H16:46
M Newton Sutton Runners16:47
J Desmond Stragglers16:50
P Miskell Wimbledon W16:50
M Wood *South London17:07
A Arbour *Kingston & Poly17:09
K Jones Stragglers17:14
N Bardsley *South London17:17
S Coombes Herne Hill H17:21
J Wallace Wimbledon W17:21
M Wood *South London17:27
S Daly Stragglers17:33
D Pescod *Thames H&H17:35
S Alexander StridersCroy17:37
N de Wilton Sheen S17:37
M Day Sutton Runners17:37
L O'Hare Herne Hill H17:37
A Irvine Thames H&H17:41
S Moore Guildford&G17:49
M Banfi Wimbledon W17:51
C Eldred Sheen S17:53
R McDonough *Kingston & Poly18:00
J Emmines Stragglers18:05
S Skwara Wimbledon W18:07
E Baynard Smith Guildford&G18:13
G Crispie StridersCroy18:14
E Aviles HerculesWimb18:16
N Bardsley *South London18:31
K Perez Sheen S18:34
R Benitez HerculesWimb18:38
G Horstead *Kingston & Poly18:40
M Day Sutton Runners18:49
S Annett Stragglers18:54
P Dipple Herne Hill H18:58
N MacNaughton Sutton Runners18:59
L Mathews *Thames H&H19:13
M Shilling Sheen S19:16
J Davies Eps Oddballs19:46
C Aviles HerculesWimb19:51
M Pollard Eps Oddballs20:19
C Day Eps Oddballs20:23
G Milton Eps Oddballs20:42
R Perkins Sheen S21:15
D Jackson Eps Oddballs21:29
D Greenfield *Kingston & Poly21:43
P Garrod Eps Oddballs22:18

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