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Surrey County Road Relay Championships 1986 - 1987

Mens Road Relays, Battersea Park - 13 September 1986

Senior Men 6 x 2¾ miles

 Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3Stage 4Stage 5Stage 6
1Boxhill Racers 'A' 01:41:05D Morris (6)17:01Gary Ribbons (2)16:42A Reilly (2)16:52I Cousins (2)16:39David Cowan (1)17:03Ian Lamplough (1)16:48
2Belgrave Harriers 'A' 01:42:17C Millbank (12)17:33Oliver Foote (3)16:19A North (3)16:53J Wright (1)16:25Simon Maynard (2)17:22R O'Hara (2)17:45
3South London Harriers 'A' 01:42:22D Higgins (3)16:48C Smith (1)16:49Adrian Iszatt (1)16:36P Timblick (3)17:05Ray Marriott (3)17:37Francis Upcott (3)17:27
4Herne Hill Harriers 'A' 01:43:27D Hayes (4)16:51A Snowdon (8)17:26B Brown (4)17:09P Oven (5)18:07Dave Glassborow (4)16:59Mike Boyle (4)16:55
5Woking AC 'A' 01:43:28A Dippie (14)17:39Tim Crossman (6)16:33Stuart Crossman (8)17:50C Payne (6)17:42Terry Booth (5)17:28Clive Hensby (5)16:16
6Aldershot, Farnham & District AC 'A' 01:45:25A Millbank (13)17:37T Pullen (16)18:13D Kennedy (10)17:21Ian Logan (9)17:07R Yeomans (6)17:26Tim Eglen (6)17:41
7Ranelagh Harriers 'A' 01:47:00M Reilly (1)16:36G Jones (5)17:35D Wright (5)17:18I Milne (7)18:34M Peace (7)18:21P Moore (7)18:36
8Hercules Wimbledon AC 'A' 01:47:50Peter Clarke (2)16:44M O'Halloran (7)17:30Maurice Sharp (9)18:36C Clarke (10)17:43R Allison (8)18:01S Ramdhanis (8)19:16
-Boxhill Racers 'B' *01:47:55J Alcock (7)17:10Barry Attwell (4)16:56Ken Penney (6)17:26S Martin (8)18:45P Rowe (10)19:25Colin Parrack (9)18:13
-Woking AC 'B' *01:48:40Bob Roath (9)17:13G Dwelly (9)17:18M Jones (11)19:03Allen Peppitt (11)18:19T Jones (11)18:38C Hall (10)18:09
-Belgrave Harriers 'B' *01:50:12M Chaston (8)17:11G Adams (10)17:25M Bizio (7)17:25J Chaston (4)17:16L Mann (9)20:20Leo Coy (11)20:35
-Ranelagh Harriers 'B' *01:50:16J Kirk (11)17:32G Whitston (15)18:08R Auerback (17)18:58M Cheesman (14)18:20P Walker (15)19:36S Collingridge (12)17:42
9Thames Hare & Hounds 'A' 01:50:24W Snelgrove (5)16:56J Redmond (13)18:36M Turner (14)18:50J Konopka (12)17:51W Davies (12)19:02M Bostellman (13)19:09
-Herne Hill Harriers 'B' *01:50:40J Stegner (16)18:00Andrew Bate (17)18:21M Harris (15)18:02F Woodcock (15)19:29D Claxton (13)18:03J Singh (14)18:45
-South London Harriers 'B' *01:51:32Martin Preston (15)17:57S Knight (14)17:41John Roberts (12)18:12B Owen (13)18:41Paul Mongan (14)20:02D Kent (15)18:59
-Woking AC 'C' *01:52:56John O'Shea (19)18:34P Short (19)18:11M Bott (19)18:52H Workman (16)18:27J Yates (16)18:53F Golding (16)19:59
-Thames Hare & Hounds 'B' *01:53:57A Gibbons (10)17:21P Lake (11)17:38B Cane (13)19:03J Bryant (18)20:51M Hope (18)19:19S Ailes (17)19:45
-Hercules Wimbledon AC 'B' *01:54:53F Green (17)18:12T Austin (20)18:58D Webster (20)20:16Steve Badgery (20)19:45D Beard (20)19:16D Williams (18)18:26
-Herne Hill Harriers 'D' *01:55:50N Swatton (27)19:40M Chandor (23)19:03Stan Allen (25)20:54J Stack (22)18:41R Jacobs (22)18:52J O'Sullivan (19)18:40
-Ranelagh Harriers 'C' *01:56:45C Nash (22)18:49S Instone (21)19:40C Ingold (21)19:02? (21)20:07S Bird (21)18:56A Purchase (20)20:11
10Croydon Harriers 'A' 01:57:29Peter Yarlett (18)18:17Julian Dillow (18)18:06K Montgomery (18)18:19P Batten (19)20:22Dave Bryant (19)19:13A Fitzgerald (21)23:12
11Surrey Beagles AC 'A' 01:58:25J Treadwell (24)19:02Bob Treadwell (12)16:22C Servant (16)19:08N Chalton (17)19:59S Joscelynne (17)19:10P Meacock (22)24:44
-Woking AC 'D' *02:00:26E Falk-Therkelson (25)19:17J Froud (22)19:13A Bell (22)20:14A Bell (23)20:32J Douglas (23)20:49? (23)20:21
-Ranelagh Harriers 'D' *02:01:13D Williams (23)18:52J Hanscomb (26)20:50A Dick (23)19:26I Thompson (24)21:10M Cother (25)22:02Steve Rowland (24)18:53
-Woking AC 'E' *02:01:25V Goulter (29)20:37S Lester (24)18:22C Snelling (24)20:34J Voice (25)20:56A Hull (24)21:48D Street (25)19:08
-Herne Hill Harriers 'C' *02:02:16R Healey (31)21:16P Binkhurst (27)19:31D Swarbrick (26)20:38J Dawson (26)21:12J Chapman (26)20:43D Cooper (26)18:56
-Surrey Beagles AC 'B' *DNFR O'Dell (33)26:30P Bedwell (31)23:10D Kent (30)23:12Mike Burrell (27)22:12
-Hercules Wimbledon AC 'C' *DNFK Snelling (30)20:43M Ennis (28)20:32Pete Mulholland (27)20:39
-Woking AC 'F' *DNFD Fabb (32)22:17D Middleton (30)22:11? (28)22:16
-Croydon Harriers 'B' *DNFM Idun (34)29:44J Smith (32)21:13J Bicarregei (29)20:36
-Belgrave Harriers 'C' *DNFD Anderson (21)18:43D Denton (25)20:58
-South London Harriers 'C' *DNFP Gildea (26)19:23Paul Williams (29)21:55
-Boxhill Racers 'C' *DNFS Rough (20)18:38
Camberley & District AC -DNFR Massey (28)19:48

The number in brackets after an athlete's name is the team's position at the end of the stage.

Athletes and Teams shown with an * are non-scoring.

Individual Stage Times
Clive Hensby Woking AC16:16
Oliver Foote Belgrave H16:19
Bob Treadwell Surrey Beagles16:22
J Wright Belgrave H16:25
Tim Crossman Woking AC16:33
M Reilly Ranelagh H16:36
Adrian Iszatt South London16:36
I Cousins Boxhill Racers 16:39
Gary Ribbons Boxhill Racers 16:42
Peter Clarke HerculesWimb16:44
D Higgins South London16:48
Ian Lamplough Boxhill Racers 16:48
C Smith South London16:49
D Hayes Herne Hill H16:51
A Reilly Boxhill Racers 16:52
A North Belgrave H16:53
Mike Boyle Herne Hill H16:55
W Snelgrove Thames H&H16:56
Barry Attwell Boxhill Racers 16:56
Dave Glassborow Herne Hill H16:59
D Morris Boxhill Racers 17:01
David Cowan Boxhill Racers 17:03
P Timblick South London17:05
Ian Logan AldershotF&D17:07
B Brown Herne Hill H17:09
J Alcock Boxhill Racers 17:10
M Chaston Belgrave H17:11
Bob Roath Woking AC17:13
J Chaston Belgrave H17:16
G Dwelly Woking AC17:18
D Wright Ranelagh H17:18
A Gibbons Thames H&H17:21
D Kennedy AldershotF&D17:21
Simon Maynard Belgrave H17:22
G Adams Belgrave H17:25
M Bizio Belgrave H17:25
A Snowdon Herne Hill H17:26
Ken Penney Boxhill Racers 17:26
R Yeomans AldershotF&D17:26
Francis Upcott South London17:27
Terry Booth Woking AC17:28
M O'Halloran HerculesWimb17:30
J Kirk Ranelagh H17:32
C Millbank Belgrave H17:33
G Jones Ranelagh H17:35
A Millbank AldershotF&D17:37
Ray Marriott South London17:37
P Lake Thames H&H17:38
A Dippie Woking AC17:39
S Knight South London17:41
Tim Eglen AldershotF&D17:41
C Payne Woking AC17:42
S Collingridge Ranelagh H17:42
C Clarke HerculesWimb17:43
R O'Hara Belgrave H17:45
Stuart Crossman Woking AC17:50
J Konopka Thames H&H17:51
Martin Preston South London17:57
J Stegner Herne Hill H18:00
R Allison HerculesWimb18:01
M Harris Herne Hill H18:02
D Claxton Herne Hill H18:03
Julian Dillow Croydon H18:06
P Oven Herne Hill H18:07
G Whitston Ranelagh H18:08
C Hall Woking AC18:09
P Short Woking AC18:11
F Green HerculesWimb18:12
John Roberts South London18:12
T Pullen AldershotF&D18:13
Colin Parrack Boxhill Racers 18:13
Peter Yarlett Croydon H18:17
K Montgomery Croydon H18:19
Allen Peppitt Woking AC18:19
M Cheesman Ranelagh H18:20
Andrew Bate Herne Hill H18:21
M Peace Ranelagh H18:21
S Lester Woking AC18:22
D Williams HerculesWimb18:26
H Workman Woking AC18:27
John O'Shea Woking AC18:34
I Milne Ranelagh H18:34
J Redmond Thames H&H18:36
Maurice Sharp HerculesWimb18:36
P Moore Ranelagh H18:36
S Rough Boxhill Racers 18:38
T Jones Woking AC18:38
J O'Sullivan Herne Hill H18:40
B Owen South London18:41
J Stack Herne Hill H18:41
D Anderson Belgrave H18:43
S Martin Boxhill Racers 18:45
J Singh Herne Hill H18:45
C Nash Ranelagh H18:49
M Turner Thames H&H18:50
D Williams Ranelagh H18:52
M Bott Woking AC18:52
R Jacobs Herne Hill H18:52
J Yates Woking AC18:53
Steve Rowland Ranelagh H18:53
S Bird Ranelagh H18:56
D Cooper Herne Hill H18:56
T Austin HerculesWimb18:58
R Auerback Ranelagh H18:58
D Kent South London18:59
J Treadwell Surrey Beagles19:02
C Ingold Ranelagh H19:02
W Davies Thames H&H19:02
M Chandor Herne Hill H19:03
B Cane Thames H&H19:03
M Jones Woking AC19:03
C Servant Surrey Beagles19:08
D Street Woking AC19:08
M Bostellman Thames H&H19:09
S Joscelynne Surrey Beagles19:10
J Froud Woking AC19:13
Dave Bryant Croydon H19:13
D Beard HerculesWimb19:16
S Ramdhanis HerculesWimb19:16
E Falk-Therkelson Woking AC19:17
M Hope Thames H&H19:19
P Gildea South London19:23
P Rowe Boxhill Racers 19:25
A Dick Ranelagh H19:26
F Woodcock Herne Hill H19:29
P Binkhurst Herne Hill H19:31
P Walker Ranelagh H19:36
N Swatton Herne Hill H19:40
S Instone Ranelagh H19:40
Steve Badgery HerculesWimb19:45
S Ailes Thames H&H19:45
R Massey Camberley&Dist19:48
N Chalton Surrey Beagles19:59
F Golding Woking AC19:59
Paul Mongan South London20:02
? Ranelagh H20:07
A Purchase Ranelagh H20:11
A Bell Woking AC20:14
D Webster HerculesWimb20:16
L Mann Belgrave H20:20
? Woking AC20:21
P Batten Croydon H20:22
M Ennis HerculesWimb20:32
A Bell Woking AC20:32
C Snelling Woking AC20:34
Leo Coy Belgrave H20:35
J Bicarregei Croydon H20:36
V Goulter Woking AC20:37
D Swarbrick Herne Hill H20:38
Pete Mulholland HerculesWimb20:39
K Snelling HerculesWimb20:43
J Chapman Herne Hill H20:43
J Douglas Woking AC20:49
J Hanscomb Ranelagh H20:50
J Bryant Thames H&H20:51
Stan Allen Herne Hill H20:54
J Voice Woking AC20:56
D Denton Belgrave H20:58
I Thompson Ranelagh H21:10
J Dawson Herne Hill H21:12
J Smith Croydon H21:13
R Healey Herne Hill H21:16
A Hull Woking AC21:48
Paul Williams South London21:55
M Cother Ranelagh H22:02
D Middleton Woking AC22:11
Mike Burrell Surrey Beagles22:12
? Woking AC22:16
D Fabb Woking AC22:17
P Bedwell Surrey Beagles23:10
D Kent Surrey Beagles23:12
A Fitzgerald Croydon H23:12
P Meacock Surrey Beagles24:44
R O'Dell Surrey Beagles26:30
M Idun Croydon H29:44

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