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Surrey County Road Relay Championships 1982 - 1983

Mens Road Relays, Brockwell Park - 11 September 1982

Colts 4 x 1¾ miles

 Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3Stage 4
1Mitcham AC 37:37J Barry (1)09:17P Bovey (1)09:25S Webster (1)09:36J Drewitt (1)09:19
2Camberley & District AC 38:05D Mears (2)09:18D Symes (3)09:53M Symes (2)09:51N Watkins (2)09:03
-Mitcham AC 'B' *39:24J Robinson (5)09:43A Garrard (4)10:03A Owens (3)09:47S Rayner (3)09:51
3Aldershot, Farnham & District AC 39:54R Harris (6)09:46S Melborne (5)10:16M Craig (6)10:31K Gavin (4)09:21
4South London Harriers 40:52A Bathmaker (11)10:24S Lumsden (7)10:11H Thomas (5)09:51M Sakar (5)10:26
-Epsom & Ewell Harriers 'C' *41:28Robbie James (9)10:08N Jones (8)10:33R Holmes (7)10:08R Pools (6)10:39
5Epsom & Ewell Harriers 41:35D Holmes (15)10:39R Jones (11)10:36D Bradley (10)10:26M Ashbourne (7)09:54
-Epsom & Ewell Harriers 'B' *42:26D Scott (8)09:49S Cleary (13)11:37H Futcher (8)09:49M Harlick (8)11:11
6=Dunraven School 42:39S Mason (12)10:24A Brown (10)10:35G Whiting (11)11:02R Hussain (9)10:38
6=Croydon Harriers 42:39B Ashwood (4)09:39Grange (9)11:14N Clarke (12)11:10Fraton (10)10:36
8Belgrave Harriers 42:41D Stewart (13)10:33T Cains (15)11:07A Horton (15)10:58G McGurren (11)10:03
-Camberley & District AC 'B' *43:12A Cattanahi (7)09:48D Cattanahi (6)10:25R Fuller (9)11:20G Jennings (12)11:39
-Camberley & District AC 'C' *44:20 (10)10:22S Creighton (12)10:59N Povey (14)11:04G Elson (13)11:55
9Herne Hill Harriers 45:00W Lawrence (17)11:04D Kelly (14)10:33N O'Sullivan (13)10:46J Watson (14)12:37
10Ranelagh Harriers 46:20A Bliss (18)11:10N Coghlan (17)11:31J Thorpe (16)11:13J Hand (15)12:26
-Herne Hill Harriers 'B' *46:52D Broughton (20)11:55A Levy (18)11:17P Donnelly (17)11:50M Randall (16)11:50
-South London Harriers 'B' *47:34Jamie Iszatt (14)10:35A Rodricks (16)11:48J Bolton (18)13:03P McElhinney (17)12:08
-Belgrave Harriers 'B' *47:50A Ross (21)12:16M Davis (19)12:28G Webb (19)11:34P Wiston (18)11:32
-Hercules Wimbledon AC DNFD Dyson (3)09:26P Bexley (2)09:29P Anning (4)11:05
-Dunraven School 'B' *DNFC Haggards (16)11:00B Green (20)13:59S McCain (20)17:55
-Croydon Harriers 'B' *DNFstarted on Leg 2  NTTA Beard  NTTGrant  11:40
Camberley & District AC 'D' *DNFB Huggonson (19)11:26
Belgrave Harriers 'C' *DNFJ Coy (22)13:45

The number in brackets after an athlete's name is the team's position at the end of the stage.

Athletes and Teams shown with an * are non-scoring.

Individual Stage Times
N Watkins Camberley&Dist09:03
J Barry Mitcham AC09:17
D Mears Camberley&Dist09:18
J Drewitt Mitcham AC09:19
K Gavin AldershotF&D09:21
P Bovey Mitcham AC09:25
D Dyson HerculesWimb09:26
P Bexley HerculesWimb09:29
S Webster Mitcham AC09:36
B Ashwood Croydon H09:39
J Robinson Mitcham AC09:43
R Harris AldershotF&D09:46
A Owens Mitcham AC09:47
A Cattanahi Camberley&Dist09:48
D Scott Epsom & Ewell09:49
H Futcher Epsom & Ewell09:49
H Thomas South London09:51
M Symes Camberley&Dist09:51
S Rayner Mitcham AC09:51
D Symes Camberley&Dist09:53
M Ashbourne Epsom & Ewell09:54
A Garrard Mitcham AC10:03
G McGurren Belgrave H10:03
Robbie James Epsom & Ewell10:08
R Holmes Epsom & Ewell10:08
S Lumsden South London10:11
S Melborne AldershotF&D10:16
S Mason Dunraven School10:24
A Bathmaker South London10:24
D Cattanahi Camberley&Dist10:25
D Bradley Epsom & Ewell10:26
M Sakar South London10:26
M Craig AldershotF&D10:31
D Stewart Belgrave H10:33
N Jones Epsom & Ewell10:33
D Kelly Herne Hill H10:33
Jamie Iszatt South London10:35
A Brown Dunraven School10:35
R Jones Epsom & Ewell10:36
Fraton Croydon H10:36
R Hussain Dunraven School10:38
D Holmes Epsom & Ewell10:39
R Pools Epsom & Ewell10:39
N O'Sullivan Herne Hill H10:46
A Horton Belgrave H10:58
S Creighton Camberley&Dist10:59
C Haggards Dunraven School11:00
G Whiting Dunraven School11:02
W Lawrence Herne Hill H11:04
N Povey Camberley&Dist11:04
P Anning HerculesWimb11:05
T Cains Belgrave H11:07
A Bliss Ranelagh H11:10
N Clarke Croydon H11:10
M Harlick Epsom & Ewell11:11
J Thorpe Ranelagh H11:13
Grange Croydon H11:14
A Levy Herne Hill H11:17
R Fuller Camberley&Dist11:20
B Huggonson Camberley&Dist11:26
N Coghlan Ranelagh H11:31
P Wiston Belgrave H11:32
G Webb Belgrave H11:34
S Cleary Epsom & Ewell11:37
G Jennings Camberley&Dist11:39
Grant Croydon H11:40
A Rodricks South London11:48
P Donnelly Herne Hill H11:50
M Randall Herne Hill H11:50
D Broughton Herne Hill H11:55
G Elson Camberley&Dist11:55
P McElhinney South London12:08
A Ross Belgrave H12:16
J Hand Ranelagh H12:26
M Davis Belgrave H12:28
J Watson Herne Hill H12:37
J Bolton South London13:03
J Coy Belgrave H13:45
B Green Dunraven School13:59
S McCain Dunraven School17:55
Athletes in this age group were either 12 or 13 years of age on 31st August 1982.
Athletes who were 13 on 31st August would be classified as Under-15 using the current BAF age groups.
Clubs were permitted to run more than one team provided that only one team scores in the County Championship.
All other teams (designated B or C etc) would be non-scoring.
Each member of a scoring team must have a current County Qualification.
Any athletes without a current County Qualification must be a member of a non-scoring team.

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