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Todays Date: 18 May 2024
Surrey County Road Relay Championships 1981 - 1982

Surrey Womens Road Relays, Brockwell Park - 10 October 1981

Girls (U13)

 Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3
1Mitcham AC 'A' 26:28E Murray (2)08:48Jane Dinsdale (2)09:01T Bryant (1)08:39
2Redhill & Reigate AC 'A' 26:42K Frost (3)08:51L Frost (3)09:16J Wood (2)08:35
3Croydon Harriers 27:17Rochelle Fairchild (1)08:28S Marr (1)09:11Angela Shirley (3)09:38
4Epsom & Ewell Harriers 'A' 27:37C Green (7)09:23R Hawkins (5)09:13J Roan (4)09:01
5Mitcham AC 'B' 27:41K Pye (5)09:00K Poulton (4)09:23N Kalafatis (5)09:18
6Sutton & Cheam Harriers 28:27H N Toms (6)09:06L Hunt (7)09:55H McInnes (6)09:26
7Mitcham AC 'C' 28:41C Tracey (8)09:38M Murray (6)09:00K Smith (7)10:03
8Surrey Beagles AC 28:54K Skinner (10)09:46J Campbell (10)10:04Katie Ruston (8)09:04
9Epsom & Ewell Harriers 'B' 28:57A Nimmo (13)09:55J Schooling (9)09:52S Wardell (9)09:10
10Hercules Wimbledon AC 'A' 28:59K Spackman (4)08:58C Coleman (8)10:24S Smith (10)09:37
11Epsom & Ewell Harriers 'C' 31:11L Poulson (18)10:38Julia Bennett (17)10:27J Liquorice (11)10:06
12Merton Ladies AC 'A' 31:18L Down (9)09:38P Chowhdury (13)10:49K Henderson (12)10:51
13Mitcham AC 'D' 31:26K Scholfield (14)10:01K King (12)10:17D Gregory (13)11:08
14Surrey AC 32:03R Hatton (15)10:14S Cook (16)10:48T Morrison (14)11:01
15Redhill & Reigate AC 'B' 32:26Joanna Day (11)09:51S Dowling (14)10:46C Atkinson (15)11:49
16Croydon Harriers 'B' 32:57K Skenam (12)09:51Julie Moore (11)10:23N Allen (16)12:43
17Epsom & Ewell Harriers 'E' 33:23H McGuiness (16)10:21K Martin (15)10:19J Clark (17)12:43
18Epsom & Ewell Harriers 'F' 35:28J Springer (21)11:50L Lambert (19)11:17E Taylor (18)12:21
19Epsom & Ewell Harriers 'D' 36:33H Roan (19)10:42L Lapsley (18)10:54K Eaglen (19)14:57
-Merton Ladies AC 'B' DNFF Brassington (20)11:41M Southwell-Sander (20)11:35
-Hercules Wimbledon AC 'B' DNF? (17)10:21

The number in brackets after an athlete's name is the team's position at the end of the stage.

Athletes and Teams shown with an * are non-scoring.

Individual Stage Times
Rochelle Fairchild Croydon H08:28
J Wood Redhill&Reig08:35
T Bryant Mitcham AC08:39
E Murray Mitcham AC08:48
K Frost Redhill&Reig08:51
K Spackman HerculesWimb08:58
K Pye Mitcham AC09:00
M Murray Mitcham AC09:00
Jane Dinsdale Mitcham AC09:01
J Roan Epsom & Ewell09:01
Katie Ruston Surrey Beagles09:04
H N Toms Sutton&Cheam09:06
S Wardell Epsom & Ewell09:10
S Marr Croydon H09:11
R Hawkins Epsom & Ewell09:13
L Frost Redhill&Reig09:16
N Kalafatis Mitcham AC09:18
C Green Epsom & Ewell09:23
K Poulton Mitcham AC09:23
H McInnes Sutton&Cheam09:26
S Smith HerculesWimb09:37
L Down MertonLadies09:38
C Tracey Mitcham AC09:38
Angela Shirley Croydon H09:38
K Skinner Surrey Beagles09:46
Joanna Day Redhill&Reig09:51
K Skenam Croydon H09:51
J Schooling Epsom & Ewell09:52
A Nimmo Epsom & Ewell09:55
L Hunt Sutton&Cheam09:55
K Scholfield Mitcham AC10:01
K Smith Mitcham AC10:03
J Campbell Surrey Beagles10:04
J Liquorice Epsom & Ewell10:06
R Hatton Surrey AC10:14
K King Mitcham AC10:17
K Martin Epsom & Ewell10:19
? HerculesWimb10:21
H McGuiness Epsom & Ewell10:21
Julie Moore Croydon H10:23
C Coleman HerculesWimb10:24
Julia Bennett Epsom & Ewell10:27
L Poulson Epsom & Ewell10:38
H Roan Epsom & Ewell10:42
S Dowling Redhill&Reig10:46
S Cook Surrey AC10:48
P Chowhdury MertonLadies10:49
K Henderson MertonLadies10:51
L Lapsley Epsom & Ewell10:54
T Morrison Surrey AC11:01
D Gregory Mitcham AC11:08
L Lambert Epsom & Ewell11:17
M Southwell-Sander MertonLadies11:35
F Brassington MertonLadies11:41
C Atkinson Redhill&Reig11:49
J Springer Epsom & Ewell11:50
E Taylor Epsom & Ewell12:21
N Allen Croydon H12:43
J Clark Epsom & Ewell12:43
K Eaglen Epsom & Ewell14:57

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