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Today's Date: 17 July 2024
This database contains results of past Surrey County Championships plus performances by Surrey athletes at major championships.
Click here to see which Track & Field championships are included.
Search facilities are provided to allow you to extract results. These facilities are split into two sections - athlete profiles and event.

Search by Athlete (Athlete Profile)
You can choose to select the results for a particular athlete. This only applies to those athletes whose date of birth is known. If you cannot find an athlete who you know has taken part then, provided that you supply their date of birth to Webmaster, their information will be updated so that the search will then be successful. For those athletes who have also participated in Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, World Championships or European Championships (including U23 & U20 versions) then their performances in those events are also displayed.

Search by Event (Track & Field Championships only)
You can select the results you wish to display by entering values for any combination of the following fields:
(1) Age Group

(2) You can choose to select "Winners only" / "Top 3" / "All participants" and "Finals only" or "Heats & Finals"

(3) You can choose to the limit the results to a particular club. (Note. This will be the club displayed on the entry form for the particular championships. If an athlete changes from Club A to Club B then a search based on Club A will not include their performances for Club B).
The database has been updated (11 October 2003) to distinguish between clubs and acedemic institutions (ie schools / colleges / universities). Some athletes will enter under the name of their acedemic institution whilst still being a member of an athletic club. Where this situation is known then their club will also be shown in the results. If you know of any "missing" clubs in this situation then please contact the webmaster (see below) so that the database can be updated.

(4) You can select which type(s) (ie Indoor / Outdoor / Combined Events) of Championship Meeting to include.

(5) Event. If you choose a specific event you can also specify a standard (ie all times or distances better than or equal to specified value). With effect from version 1.8 it is no longer necessary to enter leading spaces for some events.
With effect from version 1.14 the throwing events are now selectable either by weight or type so that, for example, you can choose 500g Javelin for just that weight of javelin or Javelin in which case you will retrieve all javelin weights.

(6) You can choose Championships held at a specific venue.

(7) You can choose Championships held in a particular year.

Please submit any comments to Webmaster