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Today's Date: 25 July 2024
Surrey County Cross-Country Championships 2023 - 2024

Cross-Country Championships, Denbies, Dorking - 7 January 2024


1Georgie BruinvelsAldershot, Farnham & District AC00:32:17
2Phoebe LawKingston AC & Polytechnic Harriers00:32:57
3Lisa BaileyThe Stragglers00:33:12
4Serena CarterThames Hare & Hounds00:33:24
5Emily WicksAldershot, Farnham & District AC00:33:45
6Sarah HoltThe Stragglers00:33:53
7Eleanor HarrisonGuildford & Godalming AC00:33:58
8Evie WarrenGuildford & Godalming AC00:33:59
9Bethanie MurrayThames Hare & Hounds00:34:09
10Suzy WhatmoughRanelagh Harriers00:34:20
11Grace LeylandHerne Hill Harriers00:34:22
12Naomi LenaneBelgrave Harriers00:34:28
13Pippa RoesslerAldershot, Farnham & District AC00:34:35
14Katie GrinyerGuildford & Godalming AC00:34:55
15Harriet PreedyAldershot, Farnham & District AC00:34:56
16Daisy Elise Irving-HymanThames Hare & Hounds00:35:08
17Leonora LynnBelgrave Harriers00:35:16
18Jennifer NandiHerne Hill Harriers00:35:26
19Katriona BrownAldershot, Farnham & District AC00:35:34
20Nikki SturzakerHerne Hill Harriers00:35:43
21Natalie BeadleBelgrave Harriers00:35:51
22Emily BradleyBelgrave Harriers00:35:57
23Niamh ThompsonHercules Wimbledon AC00:36:06
24Charlotte DaviesHerne Hill Harriers00:36:25
25Amy-Jo ClarkeGuildford & Godalming AC00:36:35
26Sophie VallisAldershot, Farnham & District AC00:36:46
27Philippa MitchellHercules Wimbledon AC00:36:46
28Shannon SinclairHerne Hill Harriers00:36:48
29Claire GrimaHercules Wimbledon AC00:36:52
30Matilde LombaHercules Wimbledon AC00:37:03
31Naomi MainiGuildford & Godalming AC00:37:03
32Eloise BullReigate Priory AC00:37:27
33Felicity HaywardThames Hare & Hounds00:37:42
34Olivia PapaioannouBelgrave Harriers00:37:49
35Eliza HawthornThe Stragglers00:37:53
36Julia WedmoreHerne Hill Harriers00:37:55
37Suzanne SwaineHerne Hill Harriers00:37:58
38Jilly RawGuildford & Godalming AC00:38:00
39Madeleine Armstrong-PliethCroydon Harriers00:38:11
40Mariana MarquesClapham Chasers00:38:23
41Alice BatchelorGuildford & Godalming AC00:38:48
42Catriona WitcombeHerne Hill Harriers00:38:52
43Julia DonovanWimbledon Windmilers00:39:17
44Nicky HornzeeThe Stragglers00:39:27
45Rebecca GravellThe Stragglers00:39:36
46Ella WaddinghamWimbledon Windmilers00:39:50
47Clara PettittHercules Wimbledon AC00:40:00
48Nici CahusacGuildford & Godalming AC00:40:03
49Annabelle AcresHerne Hill Harriers00:40:04
50Elizabeth FergusonThe Stragglers00:40:12
51Christine RobinsonGuildford & Godalming AC00:40:23
52Natalie SacreThames Hare & Hounds00:40:27
53Molly SharpeWimbledon Windmilers00:40:40
54Hannah MorrisDorking Mole Valley AC00:40:40
55Jessica DaviesThames Hare & Hounds00:40:50
56Harriet RoddyDulwich Runners00:41:24
57Susanna RustDorking Mole Valley AC00:41:28
58Klara SavilleDulwich Runners00:41:31
59Clare FowlerRanelagh Harriers00:41:36
60Katie StylesDulwich Runners00:41:37
61Claire BoyntonWimbledon Windmilers00:41:40
62Mia-Monique StormTri Surrey00:41:47
63Susanna HarrisonGuildford & Godalming AC00:41:49
64Laura HalesGuildford & Godalming AC00:41:55
65Catherine BuglassDulwich Runners00:42:01
66Rebecca BrennanGuildford & Godalming AC00:42:15
67Alicia NizetGuildford & Godalming AC00:42:18
68Jacqueline WhiteGuildford & Godalming AC00:42:20
69Wiebke KortumRanelagh Harriers00:42:20
70Amanda RuksWalton AC00:42:27
71Bernadette MaherWimbledon Windmilers00:42:31
72Ann BrennanClapham Chasers00:42:39
73Ciara DolbyCroydon Harriers00:42:43
74Sarah TwaiteHercules Wimbledon AC00:42:57
75Charlotte RutherfordWimbledon Windmilers00:42:58
76Caroline CattiniCollingwood AC00:43:04
77Andrea StehlikovaThames Hare & Hounds00:43:13
78Daisy BlackHerne Hill Harriers00:43:34
79Jessica WinderEpsom & Ewell Harriers00:43:43
80Holly MammattHerne Hill Harriers00:43:54
81Emily WattretThe Stragglers00:44:01
82Nicola CobboldDorking Mole Valley AC00:44:11
83Daisy Street26.2 RRC00:44:48
84Fran BourneHerne Hill Harriers00:45:19
85Victoria BidaliEpsom & Ewell Harriers00:45:35
86Lauren JohnsonEpsom & Ewell Harriers00:45:38
87Merilyn DavisThe Stragglers00:46:00
88Elizabeth DaviesGuildford & Godalming AC00:46:08
89Anel MeyerGuildford & Godalming AC00:46:18
90Michelle CollinsGuildford & Godalming AC00:46:20
91Maggie Statham-BerryLingfield Runners00:46:35
92Lisa WoodWimbledon Windmilers00:47:16
93Midge CameronDulwich Runners00:47:29
94Sally WindleWimbledon Windmilers00:47:36
95Lesley HainesWimbledon Windmilers00:47:44
96Ellen WalshHerne Hill Harriers00:48:14
97Vivien VictorDorking Mole Valley AC00:48:21
98Jessica MooreCroydon Harriers00:48:22
99Grace LakeTri Surrey00:48:41
100Ness KinghamDorking Mole Valley AC00:49:23
101Lindsey AnnableDulwich Runners00:49:32
102Isabel GwytherWimbledon Windmilers00:50:11
103Lauren HarrisWimbledon Windmilers00:52:04
104Lisa HillTri Surrey00:52:16
105Sarah LothianWimbledon Windmilers00:52:59
106Hannah WalkerTri Surrey00:53:28
107Birgit ClarkTri Surrey00:53:36
108Jean TaylorWimbledon Windmilers00:54:48
109Tracey ShepherdTri Surrey01:00:22
110Nicola WildingTri Surrey01:02:36

1Aldershot, Farnham & District AC34(1, 5, 13,15)
2Guildford & Godalming AC54(7, 8, 14, 25)
3Thames Hare & Hounds62(4, 9, 16, 33)
4Belgrave Harriers72(12, 17, 21, 22)
5Herne Hill Harriers73(11, 18, 20, 24)
6The Stragglers RC88(3, 6, 35, 44)
7Hercules Wimbledon AC109(23, 27, 29, 30)
8Wimbledon Windmilers203(43, 46, 53, 61)
9Dulwich Runners AC239(56, 58, 60, 65)
10Dorking & Mole Valley AC290(54, 57, 82, 97)
11Tri Surrey371(62, 99, 104, 106)

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