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Today's Date: 26 May 2024
Surrey County Cross-Country Championships 2017 - 2018

Main Championships, Denbies, Dorking - 7 January 2018


1George GathercoleAldershot, Farnham & District AC00:39:18
2Macgregor CoxAldershot, Farnham & District AC00:39:24
3John SandersonGuildford & Godalming AC00:39:34
4Benjamin ToomerHercules Wimbledon AC00:39:51
5Paskar OworBelgrave Harriers00:40:10
6James HoadThames Hare & Hounds00:40:15
7Tom HiggsSouth London Harriers00:40:45
8Nick BuckleBelgrave Harriers00:40:46
9Sam EglenAldershot, Farnham & District AC00:40:51
10Conor Kissane-WoodThames Valley Harriers00:41:11
11Andrew PenneyHercules Wimbledon AC00:41:21
12Colin HighGuildford & Godalming AC00:41:31
13Robert DrakeSouth London Harriers00:41:38
14Rian McCawleyAldershot, Farnham & District AC00:41:41
15Finn JohnsonHercules Wimbledon AC00:41:47
16Daniel GaffneySouth London Harriers00:41:50
17Richard McDowellHercules Wimbledon AC00:42:00
18Simon GoldsworthyGuildford & Godalming AC00:42:09
19Alistair MassonDorking Mole Valley AC00:42:13
20Matthew SharpHercules Wimbledon AC00:42:18
21Alex RobinsonHercules Wimbledon AC00:42:20
22Callum GillettGuildford & Godalming AC00:42:33
23Fred SlemeckHercules Wimbledon AC00:42:34
24Michael AlwinDorking Mole Valley AC00:42:49
25Ryan EvansSouth London Harriers00:42:49
26Nick ImpeyRanelagh Harriers00:42:55
27Martin ShoreThames Hare & Hounds00:43:00
28Matt McDanielGuildford & Godalming AC00:43:06
29Andrew ClarkeHerne Hill Harriers00:43:11
30Peter MillsStriders of Croydon00:43:17
31Ben PaviourHerne Hill Harriers00:43:23
32Duncan WoolmerWalton AC00:43:31
33William RussellHercules Wimbledon AC00:43:42
34Joseph ClarkHercules Wimbledon AC00:43:46
35Richard OllingtonThames Hare & Hounds00:43:52
36Bryn ReynoldsHerne Hill Harriers00:44:00
37Brogan McCawleyCamberley & District AC00:44:08
38Paul CheethamThames Hare & Hounds00:44:09
39Phil CoalesStriders of Croydon00:44:14
40Wayne BellSouth London Harriers00:44:16
41Matt JonesThames Hare & Hounds00:44:24
42Timothy BowenDulwich Runners00:44:27
43Andy TindallSouth London Harriers00:44:34
44Craig JarmanWalton AC00:44:41
45Mohammed IsmailHerne Hill Harriers00:44:52
46Robbie HynesHercules Wimbledon AC00:44:53
47Matthew RobertsonHerne Hill Harriers00:44:55
48Stephen WhiteheadRanelagh Harriers00:44:58
49Ross BrownClapham Chasers00:45:04
50James MeiklejohnThames Hare & Hounds00:45:14
51Jonathan SmithRanelagh Harriers00:45:16
52Jonathan AbelWest 4 Harriers00:45:17
53Robert WakefieldAldershot, Farnham & District AC00:45:20
54Alastair McGeoch-Williams26.2 RRC00:45:23
55Ross FinlayBelgrave Harriers00:45:24
56Neil FraserHercules Wimbledon AC00:45:27
57David TaylorHerne Hill Harriers00:45:31
58James AdamsGuildford & Godalming AC00:45:33
59Duncan McKellarClapham Chasers00:45:33
60Will DavidsonAldershot, Farnham & District AC00:45:39
61Matt ReedWalton AC00:45:45
62Arne DumezBelgrave Harriers00:45:48
63Steve WinderEpsom & Ewell Harriers00:45:52
64David GrimaHercules Wimbledon AC00:45:55
65Nic GouldThames Hare & Hounds00:45:59
66Ross MacdonaldRanelagh Harriers00:46:00
67Alastair FalconerStriders of Croydon00:46:03
68Stephen BassReigate Priory AC00:46:11
69Thomas GreenwoodThames Hare & Hounds00:46:13
70Patrick McDougallBelgrave Harriers00:46:21
71Richard KimberRanelagh Harriers00:46:23
72Neil HendersonEpsom & Ewell Harriers00:46:26
73Christopher Hutchinson26.2 RRC00:46:28
74David LawleyRanelagh Harriers00:46:56
75Simon BarrettThames Hare & Hounds00:46:58
76Simon RichardsonSouth London Harriers00:47:01
77Joe ElliottClapham Chasers00:47:02
78Jim LurkinsThe Stragglers00:47:07
79Matt Winn-SmithWoking AC00:47:09
80Marc SnaithRanelagh Harriers00:47:17
81David SymonsThames Hare & Hounds00:47:22
82Jonathan RatcliffeHerne Hill Harriers00:47:41
83Juan GonzalezWoking AC00:47:44
84John FoxallHerne Hill Harriers00:47:54
85James ThomasWoking AC00:48:03
86Harry SpringhallWalton AC00:48:09
87Jon LadleyWalton AC00:48:10
88Andrew TaylorGuildford & Godalming AC00:48:16
89Ed Francis26.2 RRC00:48:17
90Gordon BerryWimbledon Windmilers00:48:19
91Rob MarcusWalton AC00:48:24
92David Evans *Serpentine Runners00:48:26
93Ed CatmurThames Hare & Hounds00:48:28
94Justin MitchellWoking AC00:48:30
95Chris De MaunyWalton AC00:48:32
96David OgdenSouth London Harriers00:48:36
97Daniel WolffEpsom & Ewell Harriers00:48:37
98Mark TennysonGuildford & Godalming AC00:48:42
99Mike TreesBelgrave Harriers00:49:03
100Michael HutchinsonDulwich Runners00:49:10
101Gavern NewsumHerne Hill Harriers00:49:15
102Glenn QuartonSouth London Harriers00:49:17
103Steven LeonardClapham Chasers00:49:19
104Theo Highland *Serpentine Runners00:49:28
105Matt KerryGuildford & Godalming AC00:49:31
106Peter LeeHercules Wimbledon AC00:49:38
107Mark ConstantinouCollingwood AC00:49:43
108Sam KnightHerne Hill Harriers00:49:45
109Richard KeebleHerne Hill Harriers00:49:46
110Antony ConstantinouCollingwood AC00:49:50
111Donovan DuffyThe Stragglers00:49:52
112Max OliveReigate Priory AC00:49:53
113Krzysztof KlidziaStriders of Croydon00:49:54
114Matthew HyettKingston AC & Polytechnic Harriers00:49:58
115John FossSouth London Harriers00:50:00
116Alex MillsBelgrave Harriers00:50:06
117Lee LinternGuildford & Godalming AC00:50:08
118Phil ReevesWimbledon Windmilers00:50:10
119Trevor ChiltonHerne Hill Harriers00:50:12
120Sam RobinsonClapham Chasers00:50:17
121Stuart FlackEpsom & Ewell Harriers00:50:19
122Dean MorleyThe Stragglers00:50:32
123Darren WoodsStriders of Croydon00:50:35
124Andrew HoseasonThe Stragglers00:50:37
125Dan BarnesCroydon Harriers00:50:42
126Phil McElhinneyWimbledon Windmilers00:50:42
127Arran MorninClapham Chasers00:50:45
128Joseph Gonzalez26.2 RRC00:50:45
129Raj ParanandiHerne Hill Harriers00:50:47
130Daniel BlackAldershot, Farnham & District AC00:50:53
131Andy PerksStriders of Croydon00:50:57
132Robin BoonGuildford & Godalming AC00:51:01
133Mark CahillHercules Wimbledon AC00:51:03
134Kit HawtinGuildford & Godalming AC00:51:05
135Luke BurdenStriders of Croydon00:51:12
136Andrew DaviesHercules Wimbledon AC00:51:14
137Kevin O'GallagherWimbledon Windmilers00:51:15
138Khawaja ShahabuddinWimbledon Windmilers00:51:16
139Rory SpicerThames Hare & Hounds00:51:23
140Ben GilmoreGuildford & Godalming AC00:51:24
141Thomas AlmondReigate Priory AC00:51:25
142Rob NorvilleBelgrave Harriers00:51:25
143Alastair BlooreEpsom & Ewell Harriers00:51:44
144Simon GardnerThames Hare & Hounds00:51:47
145Simon WebsterStriders of Croydon00:51:49
146Malcolm DaviesThe Stragglers00:51:51
147Tiago RamosThe Stragglers00:51:56
148Howard JonesDorking Mole Valley AC00:51:58
149James MooreCroydon Harriers00:52:00
150James WardHerne Hill Harriers00:52:05
151Tom GillespieStriders of Croydon00:52:09
152Jim DesmondThe Stragglers00:52:13
153Colin OxladeCroydon Harriers00:52:17
154Mark CawoodSouth London Harriers00:52:29
155Joseph Chang26.2 RRC00:52:33
156Mark PattinsonThe Stragglers00:52:36
157Mike PocockReigate Priory AC00:52:39
158Graham BullReigate Priory AC00:52:39
159Kevin Rice00:52:52
160Martin BellClapham Chasers00:52:55
161Stuart PrenticeDorking Mole Valley AC00:52:59
162Norman UrquiaWimbledon Windmilers00:53:06
163Dan VickersSouth London Harriers00:53:07
164Chris ReehDorking Mole Valley AC00:53:08
165Robert GillDorking Mole Valley AC00:53:19
166Gareth PritchardThe Stragglers00:53:20
167Stephen VincentSouth London Harriers00:53:26
168Luke FrizoniClapham Chasers00:53:29
169Andrew FayEpsom & Ewell Harriers00:53:31
170Daniel JeffriesDorking Mole Valley AC00:53:40
171James ThomasEpsom & Ewell Harriers00:53:59
172Charles Hampden-SmithHercules Wimbledon AC00:54:06
173Mark LivingstoneHercules Wimbledon AC00:54:10
174David ScrimshawHercules Wimbledon AC00:54:16
175Neil AikmanCroydon Harriers00:54:19
176Matt KiernanCroydon Harriers00:54:43
177Andy Del NevoCroydon Harriers00:54:48
178Andrew SimmsHerne Hill Harriers00:54:50
179Billy CasserleySouth London Harriers00:54:54
180Michael TurnerStriders of Croydon00:55:06
181Barnaby RuddGuildford & Godalming AC00:55:08
182Ben RevillHercules Wimbledon AC00:55:09
183Matt SmithDorking Mole Valley AC00:55:11
184Gareth StaceDorking Mole Valley AC00:55:13
185Robert Hinton26.2 RRC00:55:15
186Chris MercerGuildford & Godalming AC00:55:23
187Chris MortonStriders of Croydon00:55:28
188Paul MitchellSouth London Harriers00:55:31
189Richard GrasslyDorking Mole Valley AC00:55:39
190David Pimm26.2 RRC00:56:07
191Richard ClarkHercules Wimbledon AC00:56:12
192Roger Corbett *Serpentine Runners00:56:17
193James BartosikWalton AC00:56:21
194Vaughan RamsayRanelagh Harriers00:56:27
195Mark FosterDulwich Runners00:56:30
196Michael ChappellSouth London Harriers00:56:37
197Murray GordonCroydon Harriers00:56:56
198Andrew BakerGuildford & Godalming AC00:57:07
199James HamiltonWimbledon Windmilers00:57:19
200Nick WadeReigate Priory AC00:57:38
201Matt SaundersSouth London Harriers00:57:45
202Geoff Tookey26.2 RRC00:58:05
203Mike MannDulwich Runners00:58:26
204Gary FordeHercules Wimbledon AC00:58:28
205Matthew GoughWoking AC00:58:37
206Robert GreenwoodThe Stragglers00:58:56
207Valdis PauzersHerne Hill Harriers00:59:02
208Nigel BramleyEpsom Oddballs01:00:05
209Andrew HowarthThe Stragglers01:00:31
210Paddy PatrickReigate Priory AC01:00:46
211Oliver HoskenCroydon Harriers01:01:13
212Tony HarranHerne Hill Harriers01:01:43
213Richard Tomes26.2 RRC01:01:49
214Rush YadaveCroydon Harriers01:01:55
215Philip IdeSouth London Harriers01:02:44
216Michael ChildEpsom Oddballs01:04:02
217Gareth GeorgeEpsom & Ewell Harriers01:05:14
218John CarterWimbledon Windmilers01:11:07
219Ian StrongEpsom Oddballs01:12:50
220Mark MarsdenGuildford & Godalming AC01:16:16

1Hercules Wimbledon AC88(4,11,15,17,20,21)
2Aldershot Farnham & District A139(1,2,9,14,53,60)
3Guildford & Godalming AC141(3,12,18,22,28,58)
4South London Harriers144(7,13,16,25,40,43)
5Thames Hare & Hounds197(6,27,35,38,41,50)
6Herne Hill Harriers245(29,31,36,45,47,57)
7Belgrave Harriers299(5,8,55,62,70,99)
8Ranelagh Harriers336(26,48,51,66,71,74)
9Walton AC401(32,44,61,86,87,91)
10Striders of Croydon503(30,39,67,113,123,131)
11Clapham Chasers535(49,59,77,103,120,127)
12Epsom & Ewell Harriers665(63,72,97,121,143,169)
13Dorking & Mole Valley AC681(19,24,148,161,164,165)
1426.2 RRC684(54,73,89,128,155,185)
15The Stragglers728(78,111,122,124,146,147)
16Wimbledon Windmilers771(90,118,126,137,138,162)
17Reigate Priory AC836(68,112,141,157,158,200)
18Croydon Harriers955(125,149,153,175,176,177)

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