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Today's Date: 17 June 2024
Surrey County Cross-Country Championships 2011 - 2012

Main Championships, Denbies Vineyard, Dorking - 7 January 2012


1Nick TorrySerpentine Runners38:32
2Luke CaldwellDorking Mole Valley AC38:59
3James KellyBelgrave Harriers39:09
4Steven ConnorAldershot, Farnham & District AC39:22
5James McMullenThames Hare & Hounds39:41
6Dan AgustusBelgrave Harriers39:51
7Kojo KyeremeHerne Hill Harriers39:57
8Alex RobinsonHercules Wimbledon AC40:12
9Ralph StreetRanelagh Harriers40:21
10Chris BusailehHerne Hill Harriers40:30
11Ben PaviourHerne Hill Harriers40:42
12Dave TaylorHerne Hill Harriers40:44
13Alan BarnesHerne Hill Harriers40:57
14Richard StannardBelgrave Harriers41:10
15Andrew PenneyHercules Wimbledon AC41:20
16Kieran WhiteHercules Wimbledon AC41:37
17Frederick SlemeckHercules Wimbledon AC41:37
18Paskar OworBelgrave Harriers41:39
19Will CockerellBelgrave Harriers41:40
20Matthew JonesThames Hare & Hounds41:51
21Brian WilderHerne Hill Harriers41:55
22Richard WardBelgrave Harriers42:05
23Sarwar KhanHerne Hill Harriers42:11
24Richard GregoryRanelagh Harriers42:17
25Tiago BrancoSerpentine Runners42:26
26Bryn ReynoldsClapham Chasers42:40
27Jonathan HendersonHerne Hill Harriers42:52
28Will ClarkEpsom & Ewell Harriers43:09
29Phil SangarEpsom & Ewell Harriers43:22
30Ryan EvansSouth London Harriers43:25
31James EllisClapham Chasers43:27
32Andrew WeirThames Hare & Hounds43:34
33Gilbert GrundyWoking AC43:43
34Bruce HarroldDorking Mole Valley AC43:44
35Michael CauserThames Hare & Hounds43:51
36Pat CanavanSouth London Harriers44:00
37Matthew SharpHercules Wimbledon AC44:08
38Matt ChapmanSouth London Harriers44:12
39Thomas GriffithsGuildford & Godalming AC44:17
40David SymonsThames Hare & Hounds44:22
41Nigel WrightAldershot, Farnham & District AC44:26
42Ryan HarrisReigate Priory AC44:29
43Steve BishopHolland Sports AC44:35
44Andrew SimmsCroydon Harriers44:42
45Martin GilesSutton Runners44:45
46Richard MathieKingston AC & Polytechnic Harriers44:51
47Pat WrightTadworth AC44:52
48Jamie WhiteClapham Chasers44:53
49Carl PlumptonSouth London Harriers44:58
50Basil WallaceHerne Hill Harriers45:00
51Mike BoyleHerne Hill Harriers45:05
52Peter LeeHercules Wimbledon AC45:09
53Graeme BuscheClapham Chasers45:10
54Chris BundhunRanelagh Harriers45:13
55Stuart FlackEpsom & Ewell Harriers45:17
56Darren TannerClapham Chasers45:29
57Wayne LashleyDulwich Runners45:38
58Sam KnightHerne Hill Harriers45:40
59Alexie Calvert-AnsariHercules Wimbledon AC45:50
60Guy MaclarenClapham Chasers46:08
61Nathan MillsRanelagh Harriers46:11
62Knut HegvoldBelgrave Harriers46:14
63Mark ThomasReigate Priory AC46:16
64Michael WiliamsDulwich Runners46:24
65Geatan TerraClapham Chasers46:37
66Rory O'NeillClapham Chasers46:41
67Philip GlynnHercules Wimbledon AC46:45
68Ian ConnorClapham Chasers46:59
69David GrimaHercules Wimbledon AC47:00
70Mark TennysonGuildford & Godalming AC47:00
71Jack Holland26.2 RRC47:01
72Charles LoundDulwich Runners47:06
73Andrew TaylorSerpentine Runners47:09
74Rob GillDorking Mole Valley AC47:12
75Alex UrbanHercules Wimbledon AC47:12
76Antonio MartinsReigate Priory AC47:17
77David MooreDorking Mole Valley AC47:19
78Chris CattSutton Runners47:27
79Jon LadleyWalton AC47:29
80Stuart SearleSouth London Harriers47:39
81Mark HerbertRanelagh Harriers47:41
82Kevin DarcySerpentine Runners47:42
83Matthew HyattKingston AC & Polytechnic Harriers47:44
84Adrian SlaveryClapham Chasers47:49
85Paul SandersonGuildford & Godalming AC47:53
86Neil McAlpineSutton Runners48:08
87Andrew DaviesSerpentine Runners48:12
88Colin OxladeCroydon Harriers48:23
89Rajdave SinghHerne Hill Harriers48:26
90Rob WakefieldAldershot, Farnham & District AC48:28
91Carleton MartinReigate Priory AC48:30
92Roy ReederThe Stragglers48:32
93Marc SnaithRanelagh Harriers48:42
94John Matthews26.2 RRC48:44
95Patrick EweHerne Hill Harriers48:51
96Andy BickerstaffRanelagh Harriers48:54
97Neil AitkenClapham Chasers48:54
98Marc WoodallGuildford & Godalming AC48:57
99Barry WhiteStriders of Croydon48:59
100Winson ParkinsonHerne Hill Harriers49:04
101Jonathon MonksGuildford & Godalming AC49:13
102Peter KennedyThe Stragglers49:18
103Sean CrummyHercules Wimbledon AC49:29
104Ted MockettRanelagh Harriers49:30
105Stewart BondHercules Wimbledon AC49:34
106Paul MitchellSouth London Harriers49:37
107Chris LoizouDulwich Runners49:42
108Ercole LugariCollingwood AC49:57
109Alan EzenEpsom & Ewell Harriers50:10
110Sam PalinSerpentine Runners50:11
111Gavin MegawGuildford & Godalming AC50:13
112Mark PattinsonThe Stragglers50:15
113Christian Rose DayClapham Chasers50:23
114Rob SharpeStriders of Croydon50:27
115Jeff ButlerEpsom & Ewell Harriers50:29
116Rob McCaffreyDorking Mole Valley AC50:30
117Garry EdwardsTadworth AC50:31
118Ian PeglerHercules Wimbledon AC50:37
119Andy CollinsSouth London Harriers50:38
120Gavin LawrenceReigate Priory AC50:38
121Neil AikmanCroydon Harriers50:41
122Nigel RothwellThe Stragglers50:42
123Damien HerseySutton Runners50:46
124Robert KnightCollingwood AC50:52
125Graham BullReigate Priory AC50:59
126Kelvin BarberHerne Hill Harriers51:03
127Nigel StevensDorking Mole Valley AC51:09
128Mike TreesBelgrave Harriers51:13
129Clayton PayneEpsom & Ewell Harriers51:18
130Martin RoweCroydon Harriers51:25
131Lee PollockEpsom & Ewell Harriers51:29
132Tom MitchellClapham Chasers51:29
133Mark ToddTadworth AC51:36
134Peter CollinsHercules Wimbledon AC51:36
135Steve RhodesReigate Priory AC51:42
136Steve BushDorking Mole Valley AC51:46
137Martin LloydCollingwood AC51:48
138Robert Hinton26.2 RRC51:56
139Ian BurksReigate Priory AC51:56
140Will SweetSerpentine Runners52:02
141Tim RidleyHerne Hill Harriers52:06
142Tim McIntyreSutton Runners52:08
143Mark WadleySerpentine Runners52:09
144Massimo BarcellonaDorking Mole Valley AC52:12
145Dean CooperCollingwood AC52:14
146Bill ArburyEpsom & Ewell Harriers52:20
147John RickettsRanelagh Harriers52:22
148David TaylorReigate Priory AC52:28
149Mike MannDulwich Runners52:29
150Tom CheethamHercules Wimbledon AC52:42
151Darren OverSerpentine Runners52:44
152Mark FosterDulwich Runners52:48
153Chris MortonStriders of Croydon52:50
154Andy del NevoCroydon Harriers52:52
155Steve KempDorking Mole Valley AC53:00
156James AdamsGuildford & Godalming AC53:00
157Graham MackayDorking Mole Valley AC53:01
158Peter RandTadworth AC53:07
159Nigel BushSouth London Harriers53:13
160George PhilpotHercules Wimbledon AC53:18
161Simon BeanEpsom & Ewell Harriers53:18
162Duncan WilsonDulwich Runners53:20
163Andy MurrayDulwich Runners53:23
164Mark AldenEpsom & Ewell Harriers53:31
165Liam GriffinRanelagh Harriers53:33
166Tim WeeksBelgrave Harriers53:34
167Matthew KiernanCroydon Harriers53:37
168Joe Chang26.2 RRC53:44
169Andy AlslebenCollingwood AC53:46
170Ben HallifaxHerne Hill Harriers54:01
171Ben ShoreRanelagh Harriers54:15
172Bob LewinStriders of Croydon54:26
173Geoff NewtonTadworth AC54:36
174Antoine JosserrandDorking Mole Valley AC54:44
175Eric DolHerne Hill Harriers54:56
176Frank WoodHercules Wimbledon AC54:57
177Graham MillerSutton Runners54:59
178Justin O'ConnellGuildford & Godalming AC55:06
179Gerry SmithEpsom & Ewell Harriers55:07
180Mark ThompsonClapham Chasers55:24
181Nigel WoodCollingwood AC55:36
182Will PeacockClapham Chasers56:00
183Mark BaronClapham Chasers56:00
184Neil HamiltonReigate Priory AC56:08
185Jon ParryThe Stragglers56:13
186Mark LivingstoneHercules Wimbledon AC56:32
187Chris PhillipsDorking Mole Valley AC56:57
188Steve HuttonTadworth AC57:09
189Mike PeaceRanelagh Harriers57:46
190Ed ThrustonSouth London Harriers58:02
191Andy StalleyCollingwood AC58:35
192Andy RandallCollingwood AC58:50
193John PhillipsDorking Mole Valley AC59:06
194Graham WallCamberley & District AC59:19
195Ian SesnanDulwich Runners59:30
196John RalfStriders of Croydon59:47
197Tunde AdeyamoSutton Runners60:18
198Matthew LythellGuildford & Godalming AC60:59
199David Pearce26.2 RRC61:51
200Don Esslemont26.2 RRC62:12
201Tom LittlewoodStriders of Croydon62:14
202Paul AllenLingfield Runners62:15
203Norman HemmingCroydon Harriers62:19
204Phil ToddSouth London Harriers62:40
205Nigel BongersHolland Sports AC62:49
206Stuart AikmanDorking Mole Valley AC63:01
207Nick FeakinsReigate Priory AC63:23
208Robert WyldeDorking Mole Valley AC63:42
209Neil FurzeStriders of Croydon63:45
210Andrew GriffinCollingwood AC64:04
211Jeffrey ArmitageThames Hare & Hounds65:28
212Roland HoggTadworth AC71:28
213Jonathan PeggSutton Runners75:29
214Stephen RobinsonTadworth AC81:20
215Andrew Lea-GerrardHerne Hill Harriers86:56

1Herne Hill Harriers74(7, 10, 11, 12, 13, 21)
2Belgrave Harriers82(3, 6, 14, 18, 19, 22)
3Hercules Wimbledon145(8, 15, 16, 17, 37, 52)
4Clapham Chasers274(26, 31, 48, 53, 56, 60)
5Ranelagh Harriers322(9, 24, 54, 61, 81, 93)
6South London Harriers339(30, 36, 38, 49, 80, 106)
7Serpentine Running Club378(1, 25, 73, 82, 87, 110)
8Dorking & Mole V430(2, 34, 74, 77, 116, 127)
9Epsom & Ewell H465(28, 29, 55, 109, 115, 129)
10Guildford&Godalming504(39, 70, 85, 98, 101, 111)
11Reigate Priory AC517(42, 63, 76, 91, 120, 125)
12Dulwich Runners601(57, 64, 72, 107, 149, 152)
13Sutton Runners651(45, 78, 86, 123, 142, 177)
14Croydon Harriers704(44, 88, 121, 130, 154, 167)
15Tadworth AC816(47, 117, 133, 158, 173, 188)
16Collingwood AC864(108, 124, 137, 145, 169, 181)
1726.2 RRC870(71, 94, 138, 168, 199, 200)
18Striders of Croydon935(99, 114, 153, 172, 196, 201)

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