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Today's Date: 17 June 2024
Surrey County Cross-Country Championships 2004 - 2005

Main Championships, Lloyd Park, Croydon - 8 January 2005


1Lorna VyseWoking AC30:37
2Eleanor BakerSouth London Harriers30:40
3Jo KelseyWinchester31:52
4Anne Emmerson32:16
5Emily NelsonEpsom & Ewell Harriers33:25
6Ceri DissHerne Hill Harriers33:50
7Kate Jenrick33:56
8Sarah MurphyBelgrave Harriers33:59
9Becky Hogwood-McNichHerne Hill Harriers34:10
10Mathilde HeatonBelgrave Harriers34:22
11Alice BeverlyRanelagh Harriers34:26
12Fiona LoveGuildford & Godalming AC34:34
13Janet RayDorking Mole Valley AC35:11
14Susanna HarrisonWoking AC36:05
15Tracy MustoeHolland Sports AC36:13
16Sara GrosvenorRanelagh Harriers36:20
17Anna McLaughlinRanelagh Harriers36:25
18Estelle DamantRanelagh Harriers36:36
19Alision CarpenterThames Hare & Hounds36:57
20Dee SmaleThe Stragglers37:02
21Kate SymonsThames Hare & Hounds37:05
22Gillian O'ConnorSouth London Harriers37:18
23Elisabeth HassingGuildford & Godalming AC37:23
24Jessica RichardsEpsom & Ewell Harriers37:26
25Anne RodenSouth London Harriers37:31
26Jenna TarrentWoking AC37:39
27Jane DaviesEpsom & Ewell Harriers37:47
28Ros TaborDulwich Runners37:55
29Serena StraceyStriders of Croydon37:57
30Clare SettleSouth London Harriers38:03
31Katherine MallettRanelagh Harriers38:13
32Vivienne MitchellSouth London Harriers38:35
33Maggie StathamHolland Sports AC38:39
34Susan McDonaldSouth London Harriers38:45
35Christine MeyerSouth London Harriers38:47
36Kirstin BakerDulwich Runners39:18
37Julia FeaThames Hare & Hounds39:59
38Jo RodriguezWoking AC40:02
39Clare WyngardDulwich Runners40:04
40Ramona Tiverton-SmitWoking AC40:05
41Liz SounessThe Stragglers40:09
42Nathalie WarrenWalton AC40:11
43Sarah AllenHerne Hill Harriers40:19
44Faye StammersStriders of Croydon40:30
45Caroline WarringtonHerne Hill Harriers40:53
46Tania BoardmanDorking Mole Valley AC41:14
47Lindsey AnnableDulwich Runners41:16
48Kerry BackshellStriders of Croydon41:21
49Sally SmokerLingfield Runners41:33
50Marketa MartinsSouth London Harriers41:42
51Lynda ChaseThe Stragglers42:36
52Wendy MountfordDorking Mole Valley AC42:51
53Louise PiearsRanelagh Harriers42:56
54Sonia RowlandRanelagh Harriers43:02
55Lucy BrincombeSouth London Harriers43:25
56Rachel CooleyDulwich Runners43:36
57Celia DuplandDulwich Runners43:43
58Sara DaviesHerne Hill Harriers43:47
59Maggie ChuteCroydon Harriers43:49
60Maeve TomlinsonCollingwood AC43:52
61Chris GlewThe Stragglers43:58
62Sandra FootRanelagh Harriers44:25
63Penny PalmerDorking Mole Valley AC44:29
64Abbi TuckerDorking Mole Valley AC44:41
65Alison HornerDorking Mole Valley AC44:44
66Kathy SouthallSouth London Harriers44:48
67Sharon WyattSouth London Harriers44:53
68Jane UnderwoodDorking Mole Valley AC45:20
69Debbie BurseEpsom & Ewell Harriers46:03
70Nocola ChalkeSouth London Harriers46:35
71Claire ArnottCroydon Harriers47:51
72Gina ReedLingfield Runners47:56
73Gina FitzgeraldCollingwood AC48:44
74Sandra HewettWoking AC49:18
75Tracey FloydEpsom & Ewell Harriers51:02

1Ranelagh Harriers36(6, 9, 10, 11)
2South London Harriers50(2, 13, 15, 20)
3Woking AC51(1, 8, 16, 26)
4Herne Hill Harriers73(4, 5, 31, 33)
5Epsom & Ewell Harriers85(3, 14, 17, 51)
6Dulwich Runners105(18, 25, 27, 35)
7The Stragglers123(12, 29, 37, 45)
8Dorking & Mole Valley AC126(7, 34, 38, 47)

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