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Today's Date: 16 July 2024
Surrey County Cross-Country Championships 2001 - 2002

Main Championships, Lloyd Park, Croydon - 5 January 2002


1David TaylorHerne Hill Harriers41:51
2Gary StainesSouth London Harriers42:01
3Alister MosesReigate Priory AC42:12
4Andrew FranklinBoxhill Racers42:26
5Stuart MajorSouth London Harriers43:31
6Dave RobinsonHerne Hill Harriers44:02
7Robbie JamesSouth London Harriers44:05
8Paul RodgersCrawley AC44:44
9Karl CorpesAldershot, Farnham & District AC45:07
10John MurrayBoxhill Racers45:18
11Andy ThomasThames Hare & Hounds45:22
12D SymonsThames Hare & Hounds45:27
13Tim BedfordAldershot, Farnham & District AC45:35
14Ian MurrayBoxhill Racers45:37
15Ian MuntHerne Hill Harriers45:43
16Ben WooddHerne Hill Harriers45:50
17Gareth PriceBoxhill Racers45:58
18James HarveyWalton AC46:17
19Nick AltmannThames Hare & Hounds46:26
20Will CockerellBelgrave Harriers46:30
21Mark ReedKingston AC & Polytechnic Harriers46:37
22Iain LockettHerne Hill Harriers46:46
23Andy WeirThames Hare & Hounds46:49
24Jamie McCullaghKingston AC & Polytechnic Harriers46:49
25Tony HarranHerne Hill Harriers47:00
26Paul PhillipsHerne Hill Harriers47:08
27Lyndon McKevittHerne Hill Harriers47:25
28Andy HowseThames Hare & Hounds47:27
29Vic MaughnHerne Hill Harriers47:32
30Will ClarkEpsom & Ewell Harriers47:56
31Mike AireyBoxhill Racers47:57
32Ray MarriottSouth London Harriers47:58
33Lawrence AndrewKingston AC & Polytechnic Harriers48:20
34Simon AlexanderStriders of Croydon48:24
35Phil ScarlesSouth London Harriers48:27
36Mike MaranzanoKingston AC & Polytechnic Harriers48:29
37Richard BarnesWalton AC48:35
38Paul DoyleRanelagh Harriers48:36
39Glenn QuartonSouth London Harriers48:38
40Simon StevensHerne Hill Harriers48:46
41Alaster SmithReigate Priory AC48:55
42Mike WaineWoking AC49:00
43Simon CoombesHerne Hill Harriers49:06
44Ben PaviourSerpentineR49:11
45David CowanBoxhill Racers49:22
46C AbbottEpsom & Ewell Harriers49:45
47Richard XerriHercules Wimbledon AC49:52
48G FrenchEpsom & Ewell Harriers50:01
49Simon WilsonBoxhill Racers50:07
50Jon BrineWalton AC50:09
51Mike KazimierskiBelgrave Harriers50:18
52Murray NewmanHerne Hill Harriers50:25
53N HodgesDorking Mole Valley AC50:42
54Kevin TilleySouth London Harriers50:44
55Eric ParkerStriders of Croydon50:45
56Andrew CollinsSouth London Harriers50:57
57M LangleyDorking Mole Valley AC50:59
58Bill CorrSouth London Harriers51:00
59Nikolai BelcherSouth London Harriers51:08
60Martin WoodSouth London Harriers51:10
61Robin CopestickWalton AC51:11
62Gerard CrispieStriders of Croydon51:16
63Al KennisThames Hare & Hounds51:25
64Andy BickerstaffRanelagh Harriers51:38
65Mike MannDulwich Runners51:39
66Chris HoggBoxhill Racers51:48
67Clive EdgingtonSouth London Harriers51:53
68Andrew CunninghamHercules Wimbledon AC51:55
69Geoff JerwoodHerne Hill Harriers51:57
70Mike PeaceRanelagh Harriers51:58
71Keith DunningCollingwood AC51:59
72Ian IsherwoodHercules Wimbledon AC52:01
73Dan GillettCollingwood AC52:09
74Martin LloydCollingwood AC52:15
75H JonesDorking Mole Valley AC52:20
76David BakerReigate Priory AC52:23
77A.DavidsonSouth London Harriers52:37
78Mark LeggettHerne Hill Harriers52:43
79Gordon NewlandsDulwich Runners52:48
80James WallaceWimbledon Windmilers52:58
81Geoff NewtonTadworth AC52:59
82Phil O'ConnorElmbridge Road Runners53:15
83Jim EmminesThe Stragglers53:19
84Ciaran OsbornStriders of Croydon53:28
85R HallHolland Sports AC53:38
86Simon BrazilThe Stragglers53:45
87Antonio MartinsSouth London Harriers53:48
88Martin O'HalloranHercules Wimbledon AC53:51
89J McCreightDorking Mole Valley AC53:53
90Rob MothersoleCollingwood AC53:56
91Nigel BushRedhill & Surrey Beagles AC54:08
92M ChappellHolland Sports AC54:26
93Robert LangridgeCroydon Harriers54:30
94J ButlerEpsom & Ewell Harriers54:44
95Keith HutchingsSouth London Harriers54:56
96Peter DippleHerne Hill Harriers54:59
97Andy MurrayDulwich Runners55:01
98Dave BettsHercules Wimbledon AC55:02
99Don AndersonBelgrave Harriers55:16
100Ian LamploughBoxhill Racers55:30
101Mike BruceElmbridge Road Runners55:38
102Alan PembertonThe Stragglers55:45
103Keith BrownCroydon Harriers55:47
104Paddy PatrickReigate Priory AC55:50
105Gerald SmithEpsom & Ewell Harriers55:54
106Darrell HighSouth London Harriers56:21
107Chris StoneReigate Priory AC56:27
108Steve DalyThe Stragglers56:33
109Graham TuckerRedhill & Surrey Beagles AC57:01
110Marco CigliaHercules Wimbledon AC57:05
111S KempDorking Mole Valley AC57:19
112J HurdleDorking Mole Valley AC57:24
113Norman HemmingCroydon Harriers57:25
114Tim MiddlehurstWoking AC57:26
115Jess StrongCollingwood AC57:32
116L ClancyDorking Mole Valley AC57:42
117Rob RussellDorking Mole Valley AC57:55
118Don CurryHerne Hill Harriers57:55
119Nick BrownThe Stragglers58:07
120Bernie IngramsSouth London Harriers58:15
121Bob McDonoughKingston AC & Polytechnic Harriers58:23
122Rodger JackamanElmbridge Road Runners58:25
123R HingstonEpsom & Ewell Harriers58:30
124Bill ArburyEpsom & Ewell Harriers58:42
125Nigel CostiffSouth London Harriers58:53
127D MitchellEpsom & Ewell Harriers58:58
128Anthony AustinSouth London Harriers58:59
129J DeanEpsom & Ewell Harriers59:01
130Andrew HindmarchLingfield Runners59:18
131Malcolm WoodmanReigate Priory AC59:23
132Duncan ByrneCroydon Harriers59:29
133Mike WinterHerne Hill Harriers59:34
134Phil TarrHercules Wimbledon AC59:43
135Keith HoughElmbridge Road Runners60:06
136P BowenHolland Sports AC60:14
137Andrew LaneThe Stragglers60:15
138Steve AnnettThe Stragglers60:27
139Paul ViveashThe Stragglers60:50
140Ian EdmondsReigate Priory AC61:06
141Jerry TwomeySouth London Harriers61:16
142Martyn JamesSouth London Harriers61:26
143L HuitonHolland Sports AC61:28
144Malcolm WhelanCollingwood AC62:17
145Alan DoltonStriders of Croydon62:36
146Brian CammellRedhill & Surrey Beagles AC63:00
147Kim WarnerWoking AC63:03
148G PullenHolland Sports AC63:39
149Geoff ReadKingston AC & Polytechnic Harriers64:06
150Dylan OwenDulwich Runners64:35
151Jack RutherfordWalton AC65:16
152N BongersHolland Sports AC65:26
153John GreavesThe Stragglers65:36
154Mike WillansStriders of Croydon66:01
155Graeme HorsteadKingston AC & Polytechnic Harriers67:01
156C CooperDorking Mole Valley AC67:34
157A WaringDorking Mole Valley AC67:53
158Graeme BennettLingfield Runners67:57
159Tom LittlewoodStriders of Croydon68:07
160Paul SapsardRedhill & Surrey Beagles AC69:01
161Andy Lea-GerrardHerne Hill Harriers71:58
162Philip McGregorCroydon Harriers73:20
163Peter ButcherLingfield Runners73:32
164Peter YarlettStriders of Croydon74:12
165Kio VejdaniLingfield Runners75:53
166Richard OckendenRedhill & Surrey Beagles AC77:41
167Trevor CrowhurstLingfield Runners78:58
168Kevin BurnettStriders of Croydon80:54

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