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Today's Date: 14 June 2024
Surrey County Cross-Country Championships 1978 - 1979

Males, Lloyd Park, Croydon - 6 January 1979


1Andrew WickensSutton & Cheam Harriers12:58
2J ThompsonBracknell AC13:24
3J AppsEpsom & Ewell Harriers13:36
4G SextonBelgrave Harriers13:40
5D PaulingCrawley AC13:40
6Andrew LeylandSurrey Beagles AC13:40
7M SillitoeMitcham AC13:51
8D FlackAldershot, Farnham & District AC13:57
9Richard McDonnellCollingwood AC13:59
10C DearingWoking AC14:06
11S Thompson14:06
12W ShiellEpsom & Ewell Harriers14:12
13E MulcairHerne Hill Harriers14:16
14D MiddletonHerne Hill Harriers14:17
15Barnaby BrennanSutton & Cheam Harriers14:20
16A SchofieldWalton AC14:23
17Stephen ChildMitcham AC14:25
18Neil WarzeeGuildford & Godalming AC14:28
19C KnightCollingwood AC14:29
20M LeeCollingwood AC14:30
21S CoxHercules Wimbledon AC14:30
22J QuinnWoking AC14:30
23Keith HutchingsSurrey Beagles AC14:33
24A HarrisMitcham AC14:36
25A TaylorCamberley & District AC14:38
26S WardHercules Wimbledon AC14:46
27N TaylorAldershot, Farnham & District AC14:46
28Chris BakerCroydon Harriers14:48
29A BrownGuildford & Godalming AC14:49
30A SingalCollingwood AC14:54
31R WattSurrey AC14:56
32D HaydenMitcham AC14:59
33S SelvesBracknell AC15:01
34J GibbsWoking AC15:02
35R VassallGuildford & Godalming AC15:03
36S WardSutton & Cheam Harriers15:06
37Ian JohannessenCroydon Harriers15:07
38Neil MarslandWalton AC15:07
39P TrottHerne Hill Harriers15:10
40A PorteousSutton & Cheam Harriers15:11
41P TimblickSouth London Harriers15:16
42P KirkRanelagh Harriers15:17
43P DaviesCamberley & District AC15:19
44J RowlandDorking St Paul's AC15:23
45M DaniellsCollingwood AC15:25
46P McDonaldSouth London Harriers15:25
47P MillsGuildford & Godalming AC15:26
48S StaniforthSutton & Cheam Harriers15;26
49I CroftCamberley & District AC15:28
50D WhiteRanelagh Harriers15:31
51T DawsonSouth London Harriers15:31
52K WatsonMitcham AC15;32
53D ThompsonSurrey AC15:34
54P JarvisSouth London Harriers15:36
55G BissonWalton AC15:38
56Mark HunterCroydon Harriers15:40
57A HortonBelgrave Harriers15:42
58R GladstoneWoking AC15:45
59D WilliamsWalton AC15:48
60P ButcherEpsom & Ewell Harriers15:49
61B ClarkDorking St Paul's AC15:50
62M FranklinGuildford & Godalming AC15:58
63A ColeyWoking AC16:08
64J DavisSouth London Harriers16:15
65P WhitcombeWalton AC16:18
66S BrownSurrey AC16:20
67M BullRanelagh Harriers16:22
68J GreenDorking St Paul's AC16:22
69K BarraniaWoking AC16:25
70A OwenMitcham AC16:27
71R LittleSurrey Beagles AC16:28
72P GundrySurrey AC16:29
73D PerryMitcham AC16:30
74I DownHercules Wimbledon AC16:33
75G SillsSutton & Cheam Harriers16:45
76M SummersbyHercules Wimbledon AC16:46
77R RodneyHercules Wimbledon AC16:49
78G LyndonMitcham AC16:50
79Steve BishopCroydon Harriers17:38
80M HarveyCollingwood AC17:45
81M AbbottRedhill & Reigate AC17:55
82V HainesWoking AC18:03
83C FoxHercules Wimbledon AC18:08
84P LockRanelagh Harriers18:31
85D PyleDorking St Paul's AC19:02
86P SperryRanelagh Harriers19:25
87C PittSurrey AC19:43

1Collingwood AC45(4-10-11-20)
2Mitcham AC48(3-8-15-22)
3Sutton & Cheam H60(1-6-25-28)
4Woking AC86(5-13-23-45)
5Guildford & Godalmin87(9-19-24-35)
6Walton AC123(7-27-43-46)
7South London H144(29-34-39-42)
8Hercules Wimbledon A151(12-17-60-62)
9Croydon H152(18-26-44-64)
10Surrey AC172(21-41-52-58)
11Ranelagh H189(30-38-53-68)
12Dorking St Pauls AC202(32-47-54-69)

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