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Today's Date: 17 July 2024
Surrey County Cross-Country Championships 1956 - 1957

Senior Men, Wimbledon Common - 5 January 1957


1Ken CaulderSurrey AC40:03
2Roly LangridgeSouth London Harriers40:38
3Tony LlewellynWalton AC40:46
4Peter DriverSouth London Harriers41:12
5Mick FirthSouth London Harriers41:20
6Roy DarchambaudSouth London Harriers41:36
7Alan HineHerne Hill Harriers41:47
8Jack HeywoodHerne Hill Harriers41:50
9Charlie WalkerBelgrave Harriers41:57
10Ferdie GilsonSouth London Harriers42:12
11Brian BarrettSurrey AC42:26
12J HumphreysSouth London Harriers42:39
13Bill BirdRanelagh Harriers42:47
14J KirkRanelagh Harriers42:49
15H PaiceMitcham AC42:59
16E GebbettBelgrave Harriers43:10
17D CameronWalton AC43:11
18N ChaninSouth London Harriers43:16
19Bob RoathWalton AC43:23
20J De'athHerne Hill Harriers43:33
21G GausdenRedhill & Reigate AC43:35
22S TheedHercules AC43:37
23E RichardsonWalton AC43:45
24P BaldwinBlackheath Harriers43:51
25D BaulchBelgrave Harriers43:58
26L BishopBelgrave Harriers43:59
27Geoff WinchesterWalton AC44:00
28M TribeRedhill & Reigate AC44:04
29T KeeganWalton AC44:13
30Austin FoxCroydon Harriers44:14
31G GraysonHerne Hill Harriers44:19
32H HarperDeptford Park AC44:24
33R ThomasHerne Hill Harriers44:25
34G StevensBelgrave Harriers44:26
35G AllenHerne Hill Harriers44:29
36R ParrySurrey AC44:29
37A TowleHerne Hill Harriers44:30
38A HeywoodHerne Hill Harriers44:40
39G ShippenBelgrave Harriers44:41
40D LovelessSutton & Cheam Harriers44:45
41D HoweEpsom & Ewell Harriers44:45
42Bernard AppsRedhill & Reigate AC45:00
43P WhitemanWalton AC45:07
44K ParisEpsom & Ewell Harriers45:11
45P BirdEpsom & Ewell Harriers45:13
46Len MarchantBasildon AC45:15
47D SmithSouth London Harriers45:19
48Brian ProctorCroydon Harriers45:27
49R ColemanEpsom & Ewell Harriers45:31
50P CourtneyBelgrave Harriers45:34
51J MeechRedhill & Reigate AC45:35
52B DaviesMitcham AC45:36
53R LawsEpsom & Ewell Harriers45:37
54J CharmanMitcham AC45:44
55Ken HonneyWalton AC45:47
56D CaulderSurrey AC45:52
57B MottramSouth London Harriers45:54
58J CleverleySurrey AC45:55
59S McDonaldDeptford Park AC45:66
60J HeathfieldBelgrave Harriers46:00
61D StubbingsRedhill & Reigate AC46:06
62J DavisRanelagh Harriers46:09
63R ClementsSouth London Harriers46:18
64C HontySouth London Harriers46:25
65K RossHermes AC46:35
66R WorsterHerne Hill Harriers46:44
67Eddie ShortBelgrave Harriers46:51
68V BakerDeptford Park AC47:10
69L PillingSouth London Harriers47:10
70F CornfordHerne Hill Harriers47:15
71Brian ShaveHerne Hill Harriers47:17
72F BradnumRanelagh Harriers47:24
73F PopplewellSouth London Harriers47:27
74D SudburySouth London Harriers47:36
75D HooperBelgrave Harriers47:38
76A FaceyMitcham AC47:39
77A KimberMitcham AC47:40
78E FloydSurrey AC47:41
79P GoodsellWalton AC47:53
80M HowellSurrey AC47:59
81K SharpWalton AC48:19
82B WrightCroydon Harriers48:28
83A BlatchfordEpsom & Ewell Harriers48:33
84M PoffleyHercules AC48:52
85A BerryDeptford Park AC48:58
86D BridgesRanelagh Harriers49:05
87A HedgerRanelagh Harriers49:16
88J HuntSurrey AC49:16
89C MarshallMitcham AC49:30
90K ParsonsHerne Hill Harriers49:38
91A WoodlandSutton & Cheam Harriers49:44
92M HearnMitcham AC49:47
93J EwensWalton AC50:07
94Phil TomkinsSurrey AC50:35
95M ArnoldSouth London Harriers50:39
96G MoriartyRanelagh Harriers50:50
97R DaySutton & Cheam Harriers51:00
98K GillSurrey AC51:09
99TJonesDeptford Park AC51:36
100D McLeanBelgrave Harriers51:37
101F JohnsonDeptford Park AC51:47
102D MustoHermes AC51:57
103Frank TurkCroydon Harriers52:18
104D ReynoldsEpsom & Ewell Harriers52:32
105J PrinceSouth London Harriers52:56
106D MannEpsom & Ewell Harriers53:01
107Les KnightEpsom & Ewell Harriers53:01
108R SheridanRanelagh Harriers53:57
109E WolfeRedhill & Reigate AC55:14
110J WeeksCroydon Harriers57:19
111R ByeRanelagh Harriers58:49

1South London Harriers39
2Walton AC113
3Herne Hill Harriers125
4Belgrave Harriers139
5Surrey AC214
6Redhill & Reigate AC275
7Epsom & Ewell Harriers279
8Ranelagh Harriers311
9Mitcham AC316
10Deptford Park AC382

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