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Todays Date: 10 Dec 2018
Surrey County Road Relay Championships 2012 - 2013

Surrey County Road Relays, 14 September 2013, Wimbledon Park
Senior Women

 Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3Stage 4
-Belgrave H *01:13:38Runa Bostad *(1)16:35Mel Wilkins *(1)17:59Hesta Barsham-Rolfe *(2)20:25Zoe Smith (1)18:39
1Thames H&H 01:15:02Ruth Wallace (2)17:09Claire Day (2)18:18Annette Gould (1)19:20Vikki Filsell (2)20:15
2Guildford & God. AC - A 01:18:27Rachel Stacy (10)20:30Christine Lowson (5)19:18Jenna Neate (4)19:43Katie Bingle (3)18:56
3Wimbledon W - B 01:18:32Jess Antree (7)19:53Bernadette Maher (7)20:16Sophie McKay (5)19:50Kate Carter (4)18:33
4Collingwood - B 01:19:59Jenny Cooney (9)20:22Mary James (6)19:37Annette Helliwell (6)21:42Lisa Rooney (5)18:18
5Clapham Chasers 01:21:56Jenna Mullet (8)19:55Shay Nolan (9)22:17Ruth Gibson (8)21:10Clare Coley (6)18:34
6Epsom &E H 01:22:31Isabel Brinsden (5)17:59Katie Garrod (4)21:42Charlotte Mason (7)23:22Diane Norman (7)19:28
7South London H 01:23:36Caroline Cattini (6)19:31Lucy Ashdown-Parks (10)23:54Victoria Williama (9)21:26Natalie Gentry (8)18:45
8Kingston & Poly H 01:26:57Liz Richardson (11)20:46Natalie Sacre (8)20:50Sarah Harris (10)24:18Rachel Brookes (9)21:03
9Wimbledon W - C 01:27:19Sarah Powell (14)23:46Rachel Gower (12)22:16Patricia Peever (11)22:30Clare Mullinger (10)18:47
10Herc. Wimb. AC - B 01:29:17Heather Letley (13)23:13Fenella Willis (11)22:06Marilena De Luca (12)23:46Fran Clarke (11)20:12
11Wimbledon W - A 01:30:07Jane Pooley (15)24:46Emma Bisgrove (13)22:39Alex Bridger (13)22:36Bronwyn Mayo (12)20:06
12Reigate Priory AC 01:39:24Colleen de Matos-Ala (12)21:26Kam Peters (14)28:06Irene Leitner (14)25:03Valerie Cooper (13)24:49
13Collingwood - A 01:46:40Maggie Swinnerton (16)28:31Ria Trundley (15)30:42Jude Wheeler (15)26:15Jenny Sinfield (14)21:12
-Herne Hill H - A DNFJo Ritson (3)17:29Julia Wedmore (3)19:15Jessica Winfield (3)21:17
-Dorking &MV AC - A DNFGeorgina Bland (4)17:34

The number in brackets after an athlete's name is the team's position at the end of the stage.

Athletes and Teams shown with an * are non-scoring.

Individual Stage Times
Runa Bostad *Belgrave H16:35
Ruth Wallace Thames H&H17:09
Jo Ritson Herne Hill H17:29
Georgina Bland Dorking &MV 17:34
Isabel Brinsden Epsom &E H17:59
Mel Wilkins *Belgrave H17:59
Claire Day Thames H&H18:18
Lisa Rooney Collingwood 18:18
Kate Carter Wimbledon W18:33
Clare Coley Clapham Chas18:34
Zoe Smith Belgrave H18:39
Natalie Gentry South London18:45
Clare Mullinger Wimbledon W18:47
Katie Bingle Guildford & 18:56
Julia Wedmore Herne Hill H19:15
Christine Lowson Guildford & 19:18
Annette Gould Thames H&H19:20
Diane Norman Epsom &E H19:28
Caroline Cattini South London19:31
Mary James Collingwood 19:37
Jenna Neate Guildford & 19:43
Sophie McKay Wimbledon W19:50
Jess Antree Wimbledon W19:53
Jenna Mullet Clapham Chas19:55
Bronwyn Mayo Wimbledon W20:06
Fran Clarke Herc. Wimb. 20:12
Vikki Filsell Thames H&H20:15
Bernadette Maher Wimbledon W20:16
Jenny Cooney Collingwood 20:22
Hesta Barsham-Rolfe *Belgrave H20:25
Rachel Stacy Guildford & 20:30
Liz Richardson Kingston & P20:46
Natalie Sacre Kingston & P20:50
Rachel Brookes Kingston & P21:03
Ruth Gibson Clapham Chas21:10
Jenny Sinfield Collingwood 21:12
Jessica Winfield Herne Hill H21:17
Colleen de Matos-Ala Reigate Priory21:26
Victoria Williama South London21:26
Katie Garrod Epsom &E H21:42
Annette Helliwell Collingwood 21:42
Fenella Willis Herc. Wimb. 22:06
Rachel Gower Wimbledon W22:16
Shay Nolan Clapham Chas22:17
Patricia Peever Wimbledon W22:30
Alex Bridger Wimbledon W22:36
Emma Bisgrove Wimbledon W22:39
Heather Letley Herc. Wimb. 23:13
Charlotte Mason Epsom &E H23:22
Sarah Powell Wimbledon W23:46
Marilena De Luca Herc. Wimb. 23:46
Lucy Ashdown-Parks South London23:54
Sarah Harris Kingston & P24:18
Jane Pooley Wimbledon W24:46
Valerie Cooper Reigate Priory24:49
Irene Leitner Reigate Priory25:03
Jude Wheeler Collingwood 26:15
Kam Peters Reigate Priory28:06
Maggie Swinnerton Collingwood 28:31
Ria Trundley Collingwood 30:42

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