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Todays Date: 26 Apr 2019
Surrey County Road Relay Championships 2011 - 2012

Surrey County Road Relays, 15 September 2012, Wimbledon Park
Men over 40

 Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3Stage 4
1South London H - A 01:05:50Dan Gillett (3)16:41Christian Lennard (1)16:00Phil Pearson (1)16:46Jim Burdett (1)16:23
2Herc. Wimb. AC 01:07:54Peter Lee (2)16:22Stewart Bond (4)17:27Peter Collins (3)17:15Stuart Fraser (2)16:50
3Thames H&H 01:08:10Dan Pescod (5)17:37Nick Mallynn (3)15:44Chris Hutber (4)18:46Chris Daniels (3)16:03
4The Stragglers 01:09:42Roy Reeder (1)16:20Paul Cheetham (2)16:35Nigel Rothwell (2)17:54Ian Callendar (4)18:53
5Collingwood AC - A 01:10:34Martin Lloyd (7)18:11Richard Fox (5)17:45Roger Bryant (6)17:56Neil Reissland (5)16:42
6Dorking &MV AC 01:12:17Robert Gill (8)18:17Howard Jones (6)17:52David Jackson (5)17:22Rob McCanfery (6)18:46
7Croydon H 01:12:19Andy Del Nevo (6)17:41Martin Roe (7)18:51Neil Aikman (7)17:46Alan Burn (7)18:01
8Epsom &E H 01:14:07Dave Sheldon (9)18:33Jeff Butler (8)18:01Simon Dean (8)18:17Bill Arbury (8)19:16
9Striders of Croydon 01:16:18Chris Morton (10)18:37Tom Littlewood (10)21:35Mick Turner (9)18:53Kizysztof Kuozia (9)17:13
10Walton AC 01:22:15Chrin Ness (4)17:35Malcolm Howard (11)22:48Dan Harry (10)19:55Jack Rutherford (10)21:57
11South London H - B 01:23:53Robin Dow (11)19:30Steve Vincent (9)20:04Stev Rigsdy (11)22:16Alison Carr (11)22:03
12Collingwood AC - B 01:29:42Jim Knight (12)27:20Gary Thompson (12)21:00Andy Asleben (12)19:17Richard Tanner (12)22:05

The number in brackets after an athlete's name is the team's position at the end of the stage.

Athletes and Teams shown with an * are non-scoring.

Individual Stage Times
Nick Mallynn Thames H&H15:44
Christian Lennard South London16:00
Chris Daniels Thames H&H16:03
Roy Reeder The Straggle16:20
Peter Lee Herc. Wimb. 16:22
Jim Burdett South London16:23
Paul Cheetham The Straggle16:35
Dan Gillett South London16:41
Neil Reissland Collingwood 16:42
Phil Pearson South London16:46
Stuart Fraser Herc. Wimb. 16:50
Kizysztof Kuozia Striders of 17:13
Peter Collins Herc. Wimb. 17:15
David Jackson Dorking &MV 17:22
Stewart Bond Herc. Wimb. 17:27
Chrin Ness Walton AC17:35
Dan Pescod Thames H&H17:37
Andy Del Nevo Croydon H17:41
Richard Fox Collingwood 17:45
Neil Aikman Croydon H17:46
Howard Jones Dorking &MV 17:52
Nigel Rothwell The Straggle17:54
Roger Bryant Collingwood 17:56
Jeff Butler Epsom &E H18:01
Alan Burn Croydon H18:01
Martin Lloyd Collingwood 18:11
Robert Gill Dorking &MV 18:17
Simon Dean Epsom &E H18:17
Dave Sheldon Epsom &E H18:33
Chris Morton Striders of 18:37
Chris Hutber Thames H&H18:46
Rob McCanfery Dorking &MV 18:46
Martin Roe Croydon H18:51
Mick Turner Striders of 18:53
Ian Callendar The Straggle18:53
Bill Arbury Epsom &E H19:16
Andy Asleben Collingwood 19:17
Robin Dow South London19:30
Dan Harry Walton AC19:55
Steve Vincent South London20:04
Gary Thompson Collingwood 21:00
Tom Littlewood Striders of 21:35
Jack Rutherford Walton AC21:57
Alison Carr South London22:03
Richard Tanner Collingwood 22:05
Stev Rigsdy South London22:16
Malcolm Howard Walton AC22:48
Jim Knight Collingwood 27:20

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