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Today's Date: 28 February 2021
Surrey County Cross-Country Championships 2019 - 2020

UNDER-13 GIRLS - Denbies, Dorking, 5 January 2020

1Tabitha BrownGuildford&G00:10:37
2Summer ChapmanWindsorSE&H00:10:52
3Robin SimonsGuildford&G00:10:54
4Eva O'HanlonHerne Hill H00:10:55
5Eva MaignanSouth London00:11:01
6Grace O'HanlonHerne Hill H00:11:08
7Zara GirlingEpsom & Ewell00:11:10
8Vivi MarshallHerne Hill H00:11:13
9Katie PyeGuildford&G00:11:16
10Abigail BushellGuildford&G00:11:16
11Daisy FurmingerHerne Hill H00:11:23
12Ava ClarkSouth London00:11:25
13Florence WhiteEpsom & Ewell00:11:28
14Katie FossCrawley AC00:11:30
15Lily BrownEpsom & Ewell00:11:32
16Eloisa SymondsWindsorSE&H00:11:34
17Anna ForsterHerne Hill H00:11:37
18Shakila KeableReigate Priory 00:11:38
19Lilah UnwinReigate Priory 00:11:42
20Emmeline OrbellAldershotF&D00:11:45
21Libby CantwellEpsom & Ewell00:11:46
22Izzy PerryHerne Hill H00:11:48
23Sophie ThorpeHerculesWimb00:11:52
24Margaret ForsterHerne Hill H00:11:53
25Eloise AshmoreHolland Sports00:11:55
26Annabel BaileyWindsorSE&H00:11:57
27Pollyanne StottReigate Priory 00:12:00
28Violet BeaumontWalton AC00:12:00
29Samantha MoonSouth London00:12:02
30Jemima HendersonAldershotF&D00:12:04
31Trinity ShawHerne Hill H00:12:12
32Rosanna WalkerKingston & Poly00:12:14
33Sophie ConwayHerculesWimb00:12:16
34Charlotte ConwayHerculesWimb00:12:16
35Eva PayneGuildford&G00:12:20
36Cara Koutzaroff-RichardsReigate Priory 00:12:22
37Estee NormanEpsom & Ewell00:12:22
38Sophia AndersonHerculesWimb00:12:24
39Ruby MassonHolland Sports00:12:28
40Rosalie LabanHerne Hill H00:12:29
41Alessia TurnerReigate Priory 00:12:31
42Isobel Cahill-SawfordEpsom & Ewell00:12:31
43Imogen FreemanWoking AC00:12:33
44Lucy WrightHerne Hill H00:12:36
45Elena HernandezHerculesWimb00:12:37
46Isabella DodsHerculesWimb00:12:37
47Maia MorrellSouth London00:12:40
48Jessica BoothSouth London00:12:43
49Abbey JeffcoatHerne Hill H00:12:46
50Jasmine BellCroydon H00:12:51
51Sienna Bernhard-YoungSouth London00:12:54
52Olivia WindardCamberley&Dist00:12:54
53Rose TaylorEpsom & Ewell00:12:57
54Evie WellerWalton AC00:12:58
55Isla NaidooEpsom & Ewell00:12:58
56Darcey-Rose MitchellStragglers00:12:59
57Hannah QuarryCamberley&Dist00:12:59
58Josie PerrinKingston & Poly00:13:00
59Ella ScraseReigate Priory 00:13:02
60Olivia D'almediaCroydon H00:13:02
61Holly AttwoodSutton&District00:13:04
62Heidi MurrayHolland Sports00:13:08
63Charlotte PelekaniReigate Priory 00:13:09
64Sophia BryantReigate Priory 00:13:11
65Maisie KayeReigate Priory 00:13:13
66Livvy ThompsonReigate Priory 00:13:17
67Alexa RogersHolland Sports00:13:18
68Molly TaylorSouth London00:13:19
69Zara McKeeCrawley AC00:13:24
70Emily SheardReigate Priory 00:13:25
71Laila MorrellSouth London00:13:31
72Cecilia Hayward -BhikhaHerne Hill H00:13:36
73Tiggy BoyceReigate Priory 00:13:36
74Fiona EbertBelgrave H00:13:43
75Lottie HarveyHerculesWimb00:13:44
76Harriette BrooksCamberley&Dist00:13:47
77Olivia VickersSouth London00:13:49
78Phoebe LawAldershotF&D00:13:52
79Katy HughesHerculesWimb00:14:13
80Yasmine BadawiReigate Priory 00:14:19
81Eva RydeReigate Priory 00:14:19
82Kate ElorantaCamberley&Dist00:15:39
1Guildford & Godalming AC23(1, 3, 9,10)
2Herne Hill Harriers29(4, 6, 8, 11)
3Epsom & Ewell Harriers56(7, 13, 15, 21)
4South London Harriers93(5, 12, 29, 47)
5Reigate Priory AC100(18, 19, 27, 36)
6Hercules Wimbledon AC128(23, 33, 34, 38)
7Camberley & District AC267(52, 57, 76, 82)

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