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Today's Date: 19 December 2018
Surrey County Cross-Country Championships 1982 - 1983

MEN OVER 50 - Wimbledon Common, 13 November 1982

1W Anderson M50Met PoliceAC32:37
2J Chandler M50Waverley H33:12
3J Heywood M50Herne Hill H33:18
4C Walker M50Belgrave H34:34
5D Brown M50Mitcham AC34:37
6R Belmore M55Waverley H34:53
7K Powley M50Ranelagh H35:01
8K Fotherby M50Ranelagh H35:16
9C Henn M50Belgrave H35:36
10D Sudbury M50South London36:33
11J Charman M50Mitcham AC36:54
12C Charnock M55Mitcham AC37:17
13R Brown M50South London37:34
14R Dare M55Ranelagh H38:43
15G Grayson M50South London39:01
16T Rowley M50Woking AC39:25
17K Crooke M50Croydon H39:42
18E Cosens M50Waverley H39:56
19J Fitzgerald M55Mitcham AC39:57
20J Dewing M50Waverley H40:15
21A Morris M50South London41:39
22R Compton M50Woking AC42:17
23A Fox M50Croydon H42:52
24A Goodwin M50South London45:54
25P Munn M55Mitcham AC46:20
26J Shave M55Mitcham AC46:46
1Waverley Harriers142
2Mitcham AC159
3Ranelagh Harriers162
4Belgrave Harriers191
5South London Harrier210

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