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Today's Date: 4 August 2020
Surrey County Cross-Country Relay Championships 2012 - 2013

Bruce Judd YA Cross-Country Relays, 27 October 2012, Stoke Park, Guildford
Under-13 Boys

 Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3
1Camberley & District AC 'A' 24:10Daniel Cooke (4)08:00Aiden Grainger (1)08:10James Fleming (1)08:00
2Windsor,Slough,Eton & Hounslow AC 'A' 24:57Sam Foreman (12)08:40Max O'Neill (3)07:59Art Croasdale (2)08:18
3Camberley & District AC 'B' 25:04Ethan Sears (6)08:14Matthew Oakley (7)08:49Alex Rodrigues (3)08:01
4Dorking & Mole Valley AC 'A' 25:11Sam Cliff (1)07:42Euan Bate (2)08:53Joe Edwards (4)08:36
5Guildford & Godalming AC 'A' 25:27Harry Boyd (2)07:45Simon Deung (5)09:09Michael Fieldus (5)08:33
6Oxted School 'A' 25:33Barnaby Schooling (10)08:36Jordan Chapman (8)08:40Christian Lee (6)08:17
7Kingston AC & Polytechnic Harriers 'C' 25:34Jorge Beltrao (8)08:25Morrison Cleaver (6)08:36Sam Shaw (7)08:33
8Sutton Runners 'A' 25:53Ryan Galvin (9)08:34Alex Galvin (9)08:50Owen Boyd (8)08:29
9Herne Hill Harriers 'A' 26:16Sam Moody (11)08:37Isaac Brown (4)08:05Ivan Barker (9)09:34
10Kingston AC & Polytechnic Harriers 'A' 26:28Aaron Bruce (5)08:12Gregor Hooke (12)09:23Michael Brazil (10)08:53
11Reigate Priory AC 'A' 26:43Hayden Young (13)08:44Chris Chalder (15)09:13Bradley Young (11)08:46
12Oxted School 'B' 26:46Harry McComb (24)09:27Robert Pilling (18)09:11T Morioka (12)08:08
-Dorking & Mole Valley AC 'B' *26:54Joe Palmer (14)08:51Cameron Barrett (19)09:49George Grassley (13)08:14
-Herne Hill Harriers 'B' *27:02Oscar Millard *(3)07:53David Moyse (10)09:33Johnny Moyse (14)09:36
13Camberley & District AC 'C' 27:14Sam Whitehead (16)08:52Adam Bonnett (13)08:58Jack Mawer (15)09:24
14Holland Sports AC 27:39Josh Watson (15)08:52Tom Knight (16)09:24Robert Pilling (16)09:23
-Reigate Priory AC 'B' *27:52Jack Broughton *(18)09:09Matthew Cove (17)09:16Ashley Best *(17)09:27
-Tiffin School * 27:58Alex Step (17)08:55Shivan Kapila (14)08:59Charlie Townend (18)10:04
-Windsor,Slough,Eton & Hounslow 'B' *28:04Marcus Shantry (7)08:20Josh Genco-Russo (11)09:09Seb Rapela (19)10:35
15Guildford & Godalming AC 'B' 28:12Alex Johnson (25)09:28Keone Pillay (21)09:36Bo Beynon (20)09:08
16Oxted School 'C' 28:34Luke Lawrence (28)10:08James Timson (22)09:14James Staton (21)09:12
-South London Harriers 'A' *28:52Oliver Zonfrillo *(26)09:40Daniel Williams (25)10:08Ben Brant (22)09:04
-Reigate Priory AC 'C' *29:14Theo Lewis *(21)09:13Daniel Evans *(26)10:39Nicholas Smith *(23)09:22
17Kingston AC & Polytechnic Harriers 'B' 29:15Ben Paton (23)09:23James Hinton (23)10:07George Chaplin (24)09:45
-Dorking & Mole Valley AC 'C' DNFCameron Smith *(19)09:10Tom Hall (20)09:43
-Sutton Runners 'B' DNFDario Kan (22)09:15Yasser Qureshi (24)10:27
-Croydon H / South London H *DNFLaurie Bedford *(27)09:59Marcus Stoute (27)10:42
-Dorking & Mole Valley AC 'D' *DNFGeorge Robert-Shaw *(20)09:13
-Guildford & Godalming AC 'C' DNFThomas Durbridge (29)10:50
-Oxted School 'D' DNFLuke Lawrence (30)11:00

The number in brackets after an athlete's name is the team's position at the end of the stage.

Athletes and Teams shown with an * are non-scoring.

Individual Stage Times
Sam Cliff DorkingMV07:42
Harry Boyd Guildford&G07:45
Oscar Millard *Herne Hill H07:53
Max O'Neill WindsorSE&H07:59
Daniel Cooke Camberley&Dist08:00
James Fleming Camberley&Dist08:00
Alex Rodrigues Camberley&Dist08:01
Isaac Brown Herne Hill H08:05
T Morioka Oxted School08:08
Aiden Grainger Camberley&Dist08:10
Aaron Bruce Kingston & Poly08:12
Ethan Sears Camberley&Dist08:14
George Grassley DorkingMV08:14
Christian Lee Oxted School08:17
Art Croasdale WindsorSE&H08:18
Marcus Shantry WindsorSE&H08:20
Jorge Beltrao Kingston & Poly08:25
Owen Boyd Sutton Runners08:29
Michael Fieldus Guildford&G08:33
Sam Shaw Kingston & Poly08:33
Ryan Galvin Sutton Runners08:34
Barnaby Schooling Oxted School08:36
Morrison Cleaver Kingston & Poly08:36
Joe Edwards DorkingMV08:36
Sam Moody Herne Hill H08:37
Sam Foreman WindsorSE&H08:40
Jordan Chapman Oxted School08:40
Hayden Young Reigate Priory08:44
Bradley Young Reigate Priory08:46
Matthew Oakley Camberley&Dist08:49
Alex Galvin Sutton Runners08:50
Joe Palmer DorkingMV08:51
Josh Watson Holland Sports08:52
Sam Whitehead Camberley&Dist08:52
Euan Bate DorkingMV08:53
Michael Brazil Kingston & Poly08:53
Alex Step Tiffin School08:55
Adam Bonnett Camberley&Dist08:58
Shivan Kapila Tiffin School08:59
Ben Brant South London09:04
Bo Beynon Guildford&G09:08
Jack Broughton *Reigate Priory09:09
Simon Deung Guildford&G09:09
Josh Genco-Russo WindsorSE&H09:09
Cameron Smith *DorkingMV09:10
Robert Pilling Oxted School09:11
James Staton Oxted School09:12
George Robert-Shaw *DorkingMV09:13
Theo Lewis *Reigate Priory09:13
Chris Chalder Reigate Priory09:13
James Timson Oxted School09:14
Dario Kan Sutton Runners09:15
Matthew Cove Reigate Priory09:16
Nicholas Smith *Reigate Priory09:22
Ben Paton Kingston & Poly09:23
Gregor Hooke Kingston & Poly09:23
Robert Pilling Holland Sports09:23
Tom Knight Holland Sports09:24
Jack Mawer Camberley&Dist09:24
Harry McComb Oxted School09:27
Ashley Best *Reigate Priory09:27
Alex Johnson Guildford&G09:28
David Moyse Herne Hill H09:33
Ivan Barker Herne Hill H09:34
Keone Pillay Guildford&G09:36
Johnny Moyse Herne Hill H09:36
Oliver Zonfrillo *South London09:40
Tom Hall DorkingMV09:43
George Chaplin Kingston & Poly09:45
Cameron Barrett DorkingMV09:49
Laurie Bedford *South London09:59
Charlie Townend Tiffin School10:04
James Hinton Kingston & Poly10:07
Luke Lawrence Oxted School10:08
Daniel Williams South London10:08
Yasser Qureshi Sutton Runners10:27
Seb Rapela WindsorSE&H10:35
Daniel Evans *Reigate Priory10:39
Marcus Stoute Croydon H10:42
Thomas Durbridge Guildford&G10:50
Luke Lawrence Oxted School11:00

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